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Confessions of a Fast-Food Junkie & How I Conquered the Habit

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


A True Confession:

I love eating; I would snack in between meals. Therefore, I weigh much more, around 195 pounds by age 19. At this age, I was battling obesity, and my diabetes levels were up — and there were many — fast-food chains around to consider being my best friend, or thus, I thought.

The thing that made me stop and think was a friend, or should I say a so-called buddy called me “Fatso,” at that instant, it was like a wake-up moment. I had to admit to myself I was overweight, and I am a fast food and junk food junky, now desired to conquer the habit.

Despite my enthusiasm, it was hard. I know if I am to break an awful habit, and it will take patience and time, but most of all, willpower. Take it from a person who used to eat fast-food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It was natural for me to want to stop at the closest fast-food chain when I was hungry. But hard for me to notice, I am eating the wrong food, spending too much money, and I am a junky.


When you think of physical addictions, most people reflect on alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and drugs. After doing considerable research, I learned that I suffered from the same habits.

Not the addition of an alcoholic, gambler, or drug user, but I discovered my obsession and addiction was with fast-food and eating junk. I knew I had to cease being in denial and accept the fact before correcting my habit. I had to admit that I was a fast-food and junk food junky.

The word Junky defines someone as hopeless or ardently devoted to a controlled substance. Most often, this devotion resembles an addiction. It is sometimes difficult to recognize whether you are a fast-food junky, but once you have unleashed the secret, it is time to have a reality check.

There are several ways to know if you are a fast-food junk. Does your morning routine include a fast food stop for breakfast on your way to work?

Do you take a quick pick up from fast food during your lunch break? Do you keep junk food at your desk or in your bag to munch on when hunger strikes?

Do you pick up a fast food item on your way home from work, so you do not have to go home and make dinner? Does your mind always crave the delicious fast food you carelessly gobble up? If your answer to any or all these questions is ‘yes,’ I prove you are a fast-food junkie.


When you stick to a dominant fast-food routine, it can make your mind and body wholly dependent on a high-calorie diet. Now that your body is addicted to fast food, you experience late-night cravings that prompt you to enter your car and drive to the closest fast food to eat out.

However, being in denial of an overpowering addiction, you keep telling yourself that you are just getting something to eat to deal with the hunger. I had all these signs.

If you experience these factors, signs show you have an addiction to fast-food. My in-depth study of fast food shows that regular Fast-food consumption has a strong positive association with weight gain and insulin resistance, suggesting that fast food addiction increases the likelihood of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Through my experience, I have been in a position to deduce that breaking a food habit is not easy but very possible. It is a big challenge because fast food is readily available, and some fast-food centers are open 24/7. Also, fast-food comprises primarily unhealthy fats and calories, which are additive.

There are several ways to kick a fast-food habit. One way is to reduce the number of times you visit your regular fast-food hot spots. With this approach, if you regularly ate fast-food five times a week, you can now cut it down to 1-2 times a week.

The most efficient way is through planning a menu ahead of time. If you are genuinely adamant about stopping eating fast food, a strict plan of your food list can be critical. It is essential to know what you are having for breakfast in the morning and at dinner every night. In time, you realize that sticking to a planned diet is much cheaper than the regular fast food feasts.

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How I kick fast-food habit

After realizing I was a fast-food junky, it resolved me to quit. Therefore, I start my day by eating breakfast bars in the morning and stop picking up a breakfast biscuit at a fast-food chain.

For lunch, I pack and bring my food to eat in the cafeteria instead of needing to go out to a fast-food restaurant. For dinner, I would eat at home by planning my meal ahead of time.

I knew I had to stay rigid in my de-addiction and, so I stock up my pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods like fruit, granola bars, nuts, yogurt, raw vegetables, tuna, salmon, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

I eliminated junk food from my vicinity that helped reduce the temptation. When frying foods, I chose oil low in saturated fats. Also, oil high in polyunsaturated or polyunsaturated fats to cook.

Since I no longer eat at a fast-food restaurant, I now save myself a few extra bucks, plus eating healthier can improve my health and avoid medical complications. On my path to discovery, I have successfully gained a more positive lifestyle, and the sacrifice is useful to a lifetime.'/

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Are You a Fast Food Junkie?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Bacon & Cheese Angus Third Pounder
    • Jack in the box
    • McDonald's
    • Burger King
    • Wendy's
  2. How often do you eat fast food for dinner?
    • I sometimes eat fast food for dinner
    • I never eat fast food,at all
    • 1-4 nights a week
    • All week
  3. Which of the following restaurants is your favorite?
    • Burger King
    • Subway
    • McDonald's
    • Wendy's
    • I don't eat much dinner, so what ever is there
    • Any type of fast food
    • Captain D's
  4. Are you overweight?
    • I'm average weight
    • I'm below average weight
    • I'm a couple kg over the average weight
    • I'm definitely overweight
  5. At the supermarket you can find me in the:
    • Book.Magazines section
    • Electronic section
    • Fruit/vegetable section
    • Junk food section
  6. How often do you exercise each week?
    • Once a week
    • twice a weel
    • everyday
    • never
  7. Do you prefer dark or milk chocolate?
    • Dark chocolate
    • Milk chocolate
    • all favors
    • I don't eat chocolate

Answer Key

  1. Jack in the box
  2. I sometimes eat fast food for dinner
  3. Burger King
  4. I'm average weight
  5. Book.Magazines section
  6. Once a week
  7. Dark chocolate

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sojib on October 27, 2014:


mkhsojib on October 23, 2014:

The thought never enter my mind that I may be a fast food junky until I read your article. After reading your article learn I am a fast food junky and I am determine to change my eating habit and kick the habit thank you so much for writing this great article.

mkhsojib on October 23, 2014:

The thought never enter my mind that I may be a fast food junky until I read your article. After reading your article learn I am a fast food junky and I am determine to change my eating habit and kick the habit thank you so much for writing this great article.

Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae from Atlanta, GA on October 21, 2014:

This a a good article. I kicked my fast food habit a few years ago. I am looking great now because I have lost 20 pounds. I even brought sexy

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