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How to Improve Your Coffee Experience at Home - 5 Tips for Better Coffee

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Do I have to start getting expensive jugs and pans now? Not necessarily. You can play hi-fi without a 100-euro pouring jug or coffee scale. Many tools make it easy, but they don’t have to be high-end tools.

Listed below are five steps you can take to get started in terms of hi-fi without a huge amount of money. And with just the basic cooker you can find in your home.

1. Moisten the filter paper with hot water before dispensing coffee


This prevents the taste of the paper from getting into the finished product, ie the coffee you drink. If you are skeptical of the tip, then test the test: take two glasses of water on the table. Also put a filter bag in another glass.

Allow the glasses and bag to stand for three to four minutes, lift the bag off, and taste the water from both glasses. You will understand why this free little gimmick is recommended by anyone who is serious about coffee or makes it a profession.

2. Weigh both water and coffee


Do you visually pull the amount of coffee into the filter bag? Do you make a stronger morning coffee by putting one spoonful of extra? Not worth it. You can significantly improve your coffee by weighing both the amount of water and the amount of coffee you make. Especially in manual extraction methods, this is emphasized, but is also fully applicable when cooking with Moccamaster.

Of course, you need a scale for weighing. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be an Hario of eighties for the weighing to be successful. Prisms, Tokmanni and kitchen utensils are available in a couple of dozen. A gram with a gram accuracy is good, a 0.1 gram scale is even better.

3. Grind the coffee beans just before brewing


Of course, you need a coffee grinder to grind. Immediately, you should forget about the kitchen grinders with a shredding blade, with them the experiment of hi-fi dying immediately dies. Placing in a conical blade mill is a placement in much better coffee cups. Cone-blade mills are now available for less than a hundred and are excellent equipment for their price.

There is nothing to prevent you from immediately investing several hundred in a plate-blade mill, but if you want to start with hi-fi solutions with budget solutions, then, for example, there are a couple of different versions of cone-blade mills in Amazon collections.

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4. Stir before serving


This is often forgotten. That is, when all the coffee has drained into the pan, lift the lid of the pan and even spin it a few times with a spoon before pouring it into the cups. The stronger extraction at the bottom mixes with the “weaker” extraction at the surface and the end result is more equal for all drinkers. Otherwise, those who get to the bottom of the pan may have to make a little grimace. Or at least inject an unbridled amount of milk - or even sugar - into the coffee.

5. Do not stand the coffee in the pan on the hotplate


Gas stations know this and everyone knows what is being said about gas station coffee. That is, if there are more cups or pots left in the pan at a time so that you can enjoy the next cup only after a while, then pour the coffee into a thermos jug rather than store it in the pan with a hot plate in the kettle.

The hotplate burns coffee and makes it a “tar” -like disgust familiar from workplace coffee rooms. In a thermos, the coffee stays warm for longer, as long as it is intact.

Finally, an extra tip if you want to get into new coffees and even try small roasters:

Give the new coffee a chance

One-time tasting is not enough. Coffee has more flavors and odor-causing compounds than wines, so it’s pretty clear that once tasted, the coffee doesn’t give the whole truth. Spend time smelling coffee both beans and ground and Taste your coffee over time, carefully and in a hurry.

Allow the coffee to cool slightly, as in many cases the flavors only come out or are at their best. With too hot coffee, you just burn your mouth and you don’t taste anything.

Have a nice coffee!

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