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Pork Adobo Recipe (Filipino Pork Casserole)

Pork adobo is another famous Filipino dish in the Philippines. It is simple to prepare and cook and a very tasty Filipino dish.

Pork Casserole or Pork Adobo

Pork Adobo Filipino Recipe

Pork Adobo makes a change from chicken adobo. Also pork are cheaper to buy and it is very tasty when cooked properly. I like cooking this sort of adobo because it is delicious. Pork adobo is so easy to prepare and cook. This is also a popular dish amongst Filipinos like the chicken adobo. It is a succulent dish especially if you use the belly part of the pig for this recipe which is widely used by Filipinos like me.

With pork adobo, you can also boil eggs and serve it with this recipe.

Tips on Cooking Filipino Pork Adobo

I am going to show how the pork adobo is cooked by using the photos that I took when I was cooking our dinner. I think it is better to use photos to illustrate how it's done. It does heIp. I find that if I marinade the pork pieces for an hour or overnight with soy sauce, ground black pepper, a little salt, and crushed garlic before cooking, it tastes so much better.

Also if you use the pork belly for this recipe, it is even more delicious. The only snag is, it is full of fatty tissues. I suppose if you only cook it now and again it would not hurt. I prefer to use this bits of the pig because it is very tasty when cook this way. I mean if you want to use the lean meat of the pig, that is fine as well. It depends on your personal choice really. Try using different parts of the pig and experiment which part taste better.

Pictures showing how to cook pork adobo

Cooked adobo with tasty thick sauce

Cooked adobo with tasty thick sauce

Pork adobo, rice and vegetables

Pork adobo, rice and vegetables

Adding the water

Adding the water

Browning the meat

Browning the meat

Sautéing the onions and garlic

Sautéing the onions and garlic

Ingredients of Pork adobo in photos

Ingredients of Pork adobo in photos

Cook Time for Pork Adobo

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

10 min

50 min

1 hour

Serves 2 people

Ingredients for Pork Adobo

  • 3 or more slices Pork Meat, cut up to small pieces
  • 5 or 6 Tablespoon soy sauce
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 4 cloves garlic, diced
  • 1/2 onions, diced
  • 2 tablespoon cooking oil
  • 5 pieces potatoes, cut up into two halves
  • 2 tablespoon vinegar, white malt
  • 2 or 3 pieces bayleafs
  • 8 pieces blackpeppercorn
  • 1 tablespoon sugar

How to cook Pork adobo

  1. Saute the garlic and onions until soft in cooking oil. You can add ginger too if you like.
  2. Followed by the pork meat, stir and brown the meat.
  3. When meat is brown, add the soy sauce,salt and pepper, whole black peppercorns, bay leafs, sugar and potatoes. Keep stirring for a few minutes then add water enough to cover the ingredients.
  4. Leave to cook in low heat until meat is tender and sauce is thickened. When potatoes and meat are cooked, taste and see if it needs more of the different ingredients if not, add the white malt vinegar and cook for a few more minutes.
  5. While waiting for the meat to cook, you cook the rice and the vegetables that you like to go with your pork adobo.

Tips for Cooking Rice

When cooking rice make sure you don't put too much water otherwise the rice becomes like a rice pudding. You don't want your rice to become mushy and wet. My tip is to use a rice cooker that way it doesn't burn at the bottom of the saucepan and the rice cooks perfectly. Also cooking rice is much easier in a rice cooker.

Always wash the rice though before cooking.The only thing you have to remember is getting the measurement of the rice to a perfect equivalent with the water so rice won't be too mushy. I use 1 cup rice measure and 2 cups water or if you want the rice to be drier you can use 1 cup rice to 1 and 1/2 cup water. Hope this helps.

Pork Adobo

Filipino Pork Adobo

Filipino Chicken adobo

Pork Adobo

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© 2013 Linda Bryen

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Filipino Pork Adobo Recipe

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on February 07, 2018:

Thank you Mary for reading my hub and your comment. You can also use chicken if you prefer.

Mary Wickison from Brazil on February 07, 2018:

This is something I will try. I need to add more things to my cooking repertoire. Currently, I am stuck in a rut.

I would have never thought of adding vinegar.

Thanks for the recipe.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on April 01, 2015:

Thank you Peg Cole for your kind comment and for liking my pork adobo recipe. Yes, this is not difficult to cook.

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on March 31, 2015:

This recipe sounds delicious and not too difficult. I like meals that cook to perfection over time after a few minutes of prep. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on February 09, 2015:

Thank you poetryman6969, for your kind comment. I love chicken or pork adobo as you can see.

poetryman6969 on February 09, 2015:

Love pork adobo with hard boiled eggs. I can take or leave the rice.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on January 30, 2015:

Gustong-gusto ko rin ito at saka chicken adobo. Thanks for reading my hubs. I shall read yours too.

Ireno Alcala from Bicol, Philippines on January 29, 2015:

It's my favorite, kabayan! You better my Tropical Cooking series, too. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on June 02, 2013:

Hi! travmaj, this is really an easy recipe to cook. Like the chicken adobo I like this dish. Thanks for your kind comment too.

travmaj from australia on June 02, 2013:

Nice step by step guide through your photos - this seems like a very easy and tasty recipe. Good rice tips too. Best...

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