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How to Make Chicken Adobo With Potatoes

Chicken adobo is one of our popular traditional dishes in the Philippines. Every household in my country loves cooking chicken curry.

Chicken Adobo - Filipino Traditional Food

As a Filipino, chicken adobo with potatoes is my favourite food. With this recipe, you can use chicken meat, pork meat, and beef as well. But personally, I prefer chicken and pork meat for this dish. Try all the three meats and see which you prefer. It is very simple food to prepare and maybe take an hour or less to cook and healthy to eat as well.

Ideally, Adobo should be cooked in low heat for an hour or so but nowadays time is so precious so we can't be waiting that long and if we are hungry, we can't wait for it to cook for more than an hour or so. It will taste much better though if cooked slowly or if it takes longer to simmer.

How to Cook Chicken Adobo with Potatoes

Chicken adobo with potatoes

Chicken adobo with potatoes

Chicken adobo with potatoes

Chicken adobo with potatoes

Chicken adobo Recipe

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

15 min

1 hour

1 hour 15 min

serves six people

Chicken Adobo Ingredients

  • 1 whole chicken or chicken pieces, cut into pieces as you like
  • 4 or more pieces garlic cloves, flattened and skin off
  • 10 pieces or more black peppercorns, left as whole
  • 1 spoonful white malt vinegar, to be added last
  • 7 or 8 pieces cut into half potatoes, (optional)
  • a cup of dark or light soy sauce
  • 5 or 6 cups water, or add more if not enough
  • 2 spoonful vegetable or olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon or as you like salt
  • 3 or 4 pieces laurel leaves
  • 1 whole onion(bulb)

How to Cook Chicken Adobo with Potatoes

  1. Wash the chicken and cut it into small pieces as you like. Then marinade it with soy sauce, salt, ground black pepper and crushed garlic and set aside. Then peel the potatoes and slice them into half or as you wish. Flatten the garlic pieces with the use of a flat spatula and remove skin.
  2. Start cooking by putting some vegetable oil in a saucepan then add the garlic, stirring until the garlic turns brown a little then add chicken pieces, whole black peppercorns and sliced potatoes. Add enough water to cover the chicken and potatoes and let it cook stirring once and a while. It takes about an hour to cook at least. Cook it slowly on a low heat.
  3. When the chicken meat and potatoes are tender add the soy sauce, salt and add malt vinegar(this is optional, try it first if you like) and then lower the setting of your cooker. Leave it to cook more. After 10 minutes, your adobo is ready to eat. Taste it if it needs more soy sauce or vinegar then you can add some more.
  4. Adobo is usually accompanied with rice but if you prefer you can eat it with the potatoes already with the adobo. Just add some separate cooked vegetables.
  5. While the chicken is cooking, cook the rice in another saucepan about 7 or 8 cups. Wash the rice, then flatten it by your hand at the bottom of the saucepan.Then measure how deep the rice is from the bottom of the saucepan by using your 4 fingers dipped then your big thumb to determine how deep the rice is then lift your fingers, put it at the level of the rice then add water to the same level. If the level of rice is two inches from bottom of saucepan then add same amount of water on top.
  6. Cook vegetables separately if you like, any veg that you fancy.

Lazy Way of Cooking Chicken Adobo

There is a lazy way of cooking chicken adobo. Take all the ingredients of chicken adobo as described above, put them all in the saucepan and add water and cook it with low heat. After half an hour, check and see if it needs more soy sauce or salt, add if need be. Continue the cooking process until the chicken and potatoes are cooked. This is the lazy way of cooking the chicken adobo. This helps when you have not got much time to cook or if you are doing other things.

How much Chicken you should Use in Chicken Adobo

You don't have to use a whole chicken at all , you can use chicken pieces such as drumsticks, thighs, wings, the breasts or the bony parts of the chicken. Use a whole chicken if cooking for friends or a family of 4 or more people. More economical that way. If you cooked too much, you can freeze some of it for future use.

I prefer using pork with the chicken as well. You can combine the two meat for better flavour. But there are so many ways of cooking this adobo dish really. You can remove the potatoes if you prefer just the meat for adobo. Some recipes they add carrots, potatoes and ginger as well.

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Filipino Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo with Garlic and Potatoes

Chicken Adobo is a very popular dish in my country(Philippines). If you go to a Filipino party, you will always find this kind of dish prepared and served. Originally, this adobo is prepared without the potato but I think people try to experiment cooking adobo with potatoes. Sometimes it tastes better without the potatoes but I like both ways of cooking it. You can omit the potatoes if you are not keen on them.

I also cook it with onions and garlic. I think it is the garlic that makes this dish taste so good and smells so good that you want to eat it straightaway when you smell it while cooking. Some people obviously are not keen on garlic. You can omit this and just use onion bulbs. You can try both with the garlic and without the garlic and see which you prefer. You can use both the white onion and red onion bulbs.

This dish is so easy to learn how to cook it. I hope this recipe is to your satisfaction. Please add any comments you may have down below. Thank you.

Filipino Chicken adobo

Chicken Adobo with Potatoes

Chicken Adobo with Potatoes

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Chicken Adobo Recipe

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on July 30, 2013:

Hi! VKP, thank you for stopping by. I think you will like this recipe.

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Never Tried Chicken With Potatoes . It seems that i have to try this one out. Great Recipe

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