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How to Store Strawberries in the Freezer

Thelma is a Filipina expat living in Germany. She is a very creative person, shares tips and DIY about anything she has done in life.

Fresh harvested strawberries.

Fresh harvested strawberries.

Summer Time, Harvest Time

Summer in Germany is a time for me to enjoy harvesting strawberries from a farm in a country side. I don´t own the farm, but some farms nearby allow the public to harvest their strawberries for a cheaper price. Cheaper than when you buy them in the supermarket. Sometimes my relatives from The Netherlands accompanied me in harvesting, another time with my friend and her small children.

Harvesting strawberries is fun especially when you have small children with you. They don´t usually eat the fruits, they just enjoy collecting them.

How to Harvest Srawberries from a Farm

  • Look at some farms in your place through your local newspapers who are selling strawberries for public to harvest.
  • Whenever you go to a farm for harvesting strawberries, bring a basket, a bowl, a plastic bag, a tote or whatever you have for putting the harvested fruits.
  • At the entrance, the owner of the farm will weight your basket or your plastic bag for later use. The weight of the basket will be deducted from the weight of the basket full of strawberries.
  • The owner of the farm will show you where you can harvest the strawberries.
  • You are allowed to eat strawberries for free while you are harvesting. (Well, that is common here in Germany). I suppose, you can eat as much as you want.
  • When you are finished harvesting, you have to bring your harvested strawberries to the entrance where you have started. The owner will weight the harvested fruits with basket and will deduct the weight of the basket before it was filled with strawberries.
  • Then you can pay the amount of the strawberries you have harvested.
My happy friend with her fresh harvested strawberries.

My happy friend with her fresh harvested strawberries.

Preparing the Strawberries for Freezing

  1. Select the good strawberries with full bright red color.
  2. Hull and Wash the strawberries in a strainer or a colander.
  3. Cut out the damaged parts of the fruits and throw them in the bin.
  4. Pat dry the strawberries with a piece of kitchen paper.
  5. Separate the strawberries with cuttings from the good ones. These can be blended for making a sauce, juice or a smoothie.

Ziploc Bags

How to Store Strawberries in the Freezer

1.Freezing the whole strawberries

  • Lightly sugar the hulled, washed and pat dried strawberries. Put the strawberries on a baking sheet on top of a flat container or baking form. Line them without touching each other. Put them in the freezer until they are stone hard. When they are hard, put them in a tupperware or in a "ziploc" plastic bag. Freezing this way, it´s easy for you to get the right amount of strawberries you need. Get off the air from the freezing bag and label the bag with the name and date of the day it was made.Then store them in a freezer until you need some for your ice cream, fruit drinks, smoothies and for baking cakes or cupcakes.


  • Put the clean strawberries in a bowl. Sugar them lightly and mix them carefully with your hands or with a tablespoon. Then put them in a resealable plastic bag or in a tupperware. Label them with a name and date of freezing and store them in a freezer for later use.

2. Freezing the pureed strawberries

  • Blend the hulled and washed strawberries in a blender and blend. Pour the exact amount of pureed strawberries you want in a tupperware or in a Ziploc bag. Label them and store them in a freezer for later use in making smoothies, ice cream, cakes and cupcakes.

3. Freezing the juice of strawberries

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  • Put the hulled, washed and pat dried strawberries in a juicer. Pour the strawberry juice into small tupperwares or in an ice cube tray. Store them in the freezer for later use.

4. Freezing sliced strawberries with sugar syrup

  • Put the hulled, washed and pat dried strawberries in a pan. Add sugar. (1 cup strawberries = 1/4 cup sugar) Stir carefully while the heat of the stove is low. The sugar will disolve and the juice of the strawberries will come out. Put the heat off when you think the sugar has fully dissolved and no more crystal sugar around the