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How to Make Carrot Pudding- Gajar Ka Halawa


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Shredded Carrot





Ready to Eat - Gajar Ka Halawa

Ready to Eat - Gajar Ka Halawa

How to Make Carrot Pudding

The Carrot Pudding ( Gajar Halawa) is one of the delicious sweets of winter. In India people eat lot of sweets and every home like to cook it. The selection of carrot is the first step for best quality final product. Carrot must be sweet and of medium size so they are easy for shredding. Selection of full cream milk and cream are second important ingredient . It must of good quality. Dry fruits must be clean and fresh. This will produce and excellent Pudding.

Select good quality medium size carrots. Clean them very well. Peel them and remove both ends of carrot. Shred them using shredder or manual. When you are done with shredding then keep it aside.

Clean all dry fruits. Then put almonds in hot water or boiling water for 10 minutes and remove the cover. Cut the dry fruits into small pieces and fry them well in cow's ghee. Keep aside; we will put it in the carrot when it cooked well.

Put ghee in pot, when ghee is hot put the shredded carrot in it. The pot should be on low flame. Fry it well till well cooked and become soft. While frying the shredded carrot stir it continuously. It will take at least 20-25 minutes to become soft and fully cooked.

(Remember to stir continuously.It will not burn from bottom. It must be cooked on low flame.)

When the carrots are fully cooked and become soft mix milk stirring well. Keep on low flame, when till it boil. Put cream and stir well. Continue to heat it low flame till milk and cream dry out and it become soft paste like pudding. At this stage ghee will separate from carrot mix and it is almost ready.
When it is well dried mix sugar in it stirring continuously. Sugar must not touch bottom of the pot. Stir well and mix it till it dissolves fully. Continue to stir it till all water there dries up.

Now put Shan Carrot Pudding Mix (Shan Gajar Halawa Mix) in the pot. Stirring continuously on low flame. This is just to improve the taste. It will be very tasty and delicious. Mix well till evenly distributed.

Next put all fried dry fruits in the pot. Stir well till mixed fully and distributed evenly. This will improve the look and nutritional of carrot pudding.

The next item is Saffron, mix saffron in little water or directly if there is enough liquidity in pudding. Then put it. Stir well. This is the final input.

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

1 hour

2 hours

3 hours

Serves 15 people 150 gm


  • 1 kg Carrot, Good Quality Medium Size Sweet Carrot
  • 500 gm Sugar
  • 1 liter Milk, Fresh Full Cream Milk
  • 250 gm Cream, Milk Cream
  • 250 gm Ghee, Cow Ghee
  • 250 gm Shaan Carrot Desert Mix, Shaan Gajaar Halawa Mix
  • 50 gm Almonds
  • 50 gm Cashew
  • 50 gm Walnut
  • 50 gm Pistachew
  • 20 gm Chiroji
  • 1 gm Saffron
  • 20 gm Cardmom
  • 20 gm Cinnamom

The Process to Make Gajar Halawa

  1. Clean, peel and shred the carrot.
  2. Get ready with all dry fruits , fry them well in ghee and keep aside.
  3. Put ghee in the pot in medium heat. Put shredded carrot when ghee is hot. Fry well till it become soft and cooked.
  4. Now put milk and cream in the cooked carrot stirring continuously. Dry the milk and cream completely.
  5. Now add shan carrot mix. It will give more test and make it soft and tasty. Stir well so that it is evenly mix.
  6. Put all dry fruits into cooked carrot and stir well so that it is evenly distributed.
  7. Mix the saffron in water and put it in the cooked carrot stirring continuously.
  8. Cooked well stirring continuously till it become thick and all milk dried and it become thick paste.

How to Make Gajar Ka Halawa


Zia Ahmed (author) from Kuwait on December 01, 2012:

@Sxibenet - thanks a lot.

Maggie Griess from Ontario, Canada on December 01, 2012:

This is an amazing recipe with a wonderful combination of flavors! Thank you for sharing this with us.