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How to Make Carrot Chips

How to Dehydrate Carrots in the Oven

It is becoming more and more of a trend to cook and eat organic, healthy snacks. Another thing that is very popular is discovering new recipes for vegetables to make great, easy snacks for children.

These types of recipes are kid friendly as well, which means you can get your children involved in the process of cooking. Which kids love to do, and enjoying eating their creations as well.

Carrots are sweet and taste really good when dried ! Not to mention the incredible health benefit and vitamins.

You can go to the Dollar Store or a craft store and get aprons and personalize them for each child. Or a special "cooking t-shirt" is a fun idea as well. No matter what you are planning on making it can be a moment you kids will remember !


How to Make Carrot Chips in a Dehydrator

You can also make carrot chips in a dehydrator. This process is very simple, but takes much more time for the dehydrator to pull the moisture out of the carrots. Because carrots are hard by nature, it will take even longer.

All you do is cut them into thin slices. You can slice them thicker, but remember the thicker the carrot the longer the time in the dehydrator.

Just place them onto the dehydrator, and set for 15 hours. After this time has gone by. Simply check the carrots, and see if they're still moist or pliable. If so put it on for 5 more hours at a time. Until you get the desired consistency.

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sharyn on March 07, 2015:

Can't wait to try them. So easy and so healthy

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