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How to Cook a Soft Boiled Egg

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When it comes to breakfast, eggs are a very popular dish. There are many ways to prepare eggs. The more popular choices are omelets, eggs sunny side up (or over-easy), or hard boiled eggs.

I love eggs any which way, but my most favorite way to enjoy them is soft boiled—when the whites are firm but not too hard and the yolk is liquid. A soft boiled egg is delicious, nutritious, and safe to eat.

soft boiled egg

soft boiled egg

How to cook a soft boiled egg?

Cooking a soft boiled egg is easy. Fill a small pot with water, put it on medium heat, and let it come to a boil. To speed up the process, you can boil water in a kettle first and then pour that water into the pot. When the water starts boiling, gently place the egg into the pot using a spoon. Let it cook for 4.5 minutes. When time is up, carefully take out the egg and place it into an egg holder or onto a plate if you don't have one.

Sometimes if the egg is jumbo size, cooking it for 4.5 minutes may not be enough, so you may need to let it cook for another 30 seconds.

Ways to enjoy a soft boiled egg

There are a few ways to eat a soft boiled egg:

You can crack the egg in half, remove the yolk and the egg whites into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, if you prefer, mix, and enjoy. Another thing you can do is eat the egg out of an egg holder. To begin, simply hit the top part of the egg with a teaspoon (but not too hard) to crack the shell. Then remove the cracked top shell so there is enough opening to insert your teaspoon into. Discard the shell. When done, gently ease the tip of your teaspoon into the top of the egg whites and move the teaspoon all the way through to the other side. Remove the top part of the egg (the egg whites) and eat it. Now you are ready to enjoy the rest of the egg. If you don't want to do that you can also take a sharp knife and carefully cut the top of the egg off. If you do that, scoop out the egg whites from the shell before discarding.

Instead of eating a soft boiled egg by itself, you can also pare it with a beet salad or a side dish of sautéed zucchini or eggplant. That is what I love to do. You can also pair a soft boiled egg with buttered toast or fresh white bread topped with either Greek caviar spread, red or black caviar, or zucchini or eggplant spreads. You can't go wrong either way.

soft boiled egg

soft boiled egg

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Adam from Denver, CO on August 11, 2017:

Very helpful! Next I'll have to try them deep fried the way Snooze Eatery does them!

Cooper Harrison from San Francisco, CA on April 18, 2017:

Going to try this today - thanks!

Lena Kovadlo (author) from Staten Island, NY on October 06, 2013:

You are welcome!

Vishakha Bajaj on September 20, 2013:

Thanks for sharing this hub.

Lena Kovadlo (author) from Staten Island, NY on April 09, 2013:

You are welcome Regis! Do you like soft boiled eggs?

rauffray from BC, Canada on August 11, 2012:

Thank you, Lena!

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