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How to Cook Sweet Potatoes: 2 Ways of Cooking Sweet Potatoes, Health Benefits, and Disadvantages

Anifar is an experienced Freelancer.She loves cooking and eating.She would like to share on how to cook sweet potatoes.

Instead of investing heavily in buying bread and mandazi for breakfast every day, it's high time to cut down your costs by preparing sweet potatoes for your family. They are very healthy with no fats and oils that are found in bread and mandazis. Sweet potatoes are very nice if well prepared. You can decide to boil them, cook them with other vegetables, or even bake them for a healthier alternative. Let’s move quickly to ways of preparing this sweet meal.

Delicious sweet potato meal.

Delicious sweet potato meal.

Method 1 of Cooking Sweet Potatoes

This method of cooking is simple since it does not involve much of your time in preparing it. However, the problem comes when it is time to eat. One needs to take time in removing the peels before eating and this can be very cumbersome. Others may even lose appetite in the process of removing the peels. Most preferred and used in traditional old days. But it’s a good way of preparing them even though most prefer removing the peels before cooking.

unpeeled sweet potatoes.

unpeeled sweet potatoes.

How to Cook

  1. Take your sweet potatoes directly from the farm or maybe the already harvested ones.
  2. Wash them and rinse them thoroughly to remove the mud.
  3. Arrange them well in a sufuria depending on the amount of sweet potatoes you have.
  4. In a bowl of water, dissolve enough salt and add it to the sufuria with the sweet potatoes.
  5. Look for nylon paper and cover the top part well.
  6. Cover with a lid, or you can alternatively use another sufuria that fits on top of the one that has sweet potatoes.
  7. Put them on the fire and let them cook for about 20 minutes.
  8. After all the water has finished, Remove them from the fire.
  9. Remove the lid and the nylon paper to leave them cool.
  10. After a short while, you can serve them with either tea, fresh milk, or fermented milk, which is even sweeter.
  11. You can also serve them omena stew, meat stew, or any stew of your liking.

Method 2 of Cooking Sweet Potatoes

This process takes a lot of time in preparation since you have to wash and peel your sweet potatoes first but it is the most liked and used method. It becomes easy to serve it with any stew since mixing it does not take a lot of time. It does not involve a lot of peeling during eating and one can comfortably eat with no stress to their satisfaction.

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Peeled sweet potatoes

Peeled sweet potatoes

How to cook:

  1. Take your sweet potatoes.
  2. Wash them well.
  3. Peel them well while you cut them into small pieces depending on the size you like.
  4. Wash them in clean water again and put the in a dry sufuria.
  5. Add salt to them and then put water but not too much since we don’t want it to be overcooked.
  6. For this, you may decide to over using nylon paper or not. It’s your choice as long as you use a lid that does not let air into the sweet potatoes while they cook.
  7. Put on the fire and let them cook for a few minutes.
  8. After all the water has finished, remove it from the fire and uncover it to cool first.
  9. Serve with tea, juice, and any stew of your liking.
  • Alternatively, you may decide to cut the sweet potatoes into very small pieces and cook them first.
  • After that, you may be having your well-cooked beans, peas, or meat stew in a large sufuria.
  • Take your cooked sweet potatoes and add them to your beans and stir them to mix well.
  • Serve with tea for breakfast or any other beverage that you like.
Sizeable sweet potatoes

Sizeable sweet potatoes

Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

  1. Decrease the chances of being obese-The purple sweet potatoes help in preventing the development of fat cells by lowering inflammation and cutting down on body weight hence reducing the risk of being obese.
  2. Help in regulating blood pressure-since sweet potatoes contain potassium, which is highly recommended for people with high blood pressure. Potassium will help in lowering the amount of sodium in the blood hence maintaining blood pressure.
  3. Good for heart health-sweet potatoes may lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and diabetes by maintaining blood sugar levels in the body. This will probably keep you away from attracting heart diseases.
  4. Sweet potatoes have high fiber which is important in helping in digestion, preventing constipation, lowering the risk of getting type 11 diabetes, and also helping in gut maintenance.
  5. Prevents diabetes intake of potatoes helps in lowering blood sugar levels in people with diabetes since they have a lower glycemic index compared to other types of foods. Research shows that sweet potatoes boost insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes type 11.
  6. Lowers the chances of getting cancer-since sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene(provitamin), they reduce the chances of cancer such as lung cancer and prostate cancer. The carotenoids, orange pigment, and anthocyanins, and the purple pigment present in sweet potatoes have antioxidant properties that help fight the cellular damage caused by free radicals hence increasing cancer risk. A high intake of sweet potatoes helps in preventing colorectal cancer due to the high content of fiber.
  7. Good for improving eye health-sweet potatoes contain Beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A which is important for the formation of Rhodes, the light detecting receptors. In addition to that, vitamin A and anthocyanins protect against damage to eye cells and decrease the chances of vision loss.

Disadvantages of Sweet Potatoes

  1. A high intake of sweet potatoes can lead to hypervitaminosis(vitamin A toxicity) due to the beta-carotene present in it which is converted to vitamin A. The excess vitamin A will accumulate in the liver even though not considered harmful, it will have an effect on your skin and nails by making them turn orange in color.
  2. Those people undergoing kidney problems should avoid the intake of sweet potatoes at all costs since their kidneys cannot remove excess potassium from their bodies. These can be harmful to their bodies when the potassium accumulates excessively. The high amount of oxalates present in sweet potatoes can increase the chances of getting kidney stones.
  3. Sweet potatoes contain potassium in them and when accompanied with other medications that have potassium too e.g., beta-blockers, it can cause excessive accumulation of it in the body which is very harmful.
  4. Those that have been restricted on taking carbohydrates in their diets, should avoid sweet potatoes and stick to the doctor’s advice to avoid causing further problems to their bodies.

Bottom Line

Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. This should not discourage you from taking sweet potatoes. What matters is the amount that you take into your body. Just regulate the amount of intake to enjoy its benefits to your body.

Sweet potatoes are healthy.

Sweet potatoes are healthy.

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