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How to Clean Aroma Rice Cooker



Before purchasing an aroma rice cooker, make sure you know how to clean aroma rice cooker. Do you have an aroma rice cooker to use for multipurpose in your household kitchen? Or, are you planning to buy it?

There are bottomless options available in the market, like aroma rice cooker under 100 or even higher. After all, it depends on your budget, preference, and your household requirements. However, no matter what types of aroma rice cooker you will pick, it is essential to take care of them by cleaning them appropriately and regularly.

How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker?

Before finally start cooking, make sure you have read all the manual instructions given by the manufacturing company — because different manufacturers manufacture their product differently. What does well to one brand may not favor the other brand. But there are some common steps, which are nearly similar for most of them and it is easy to follow them. We will bring up each of them step by step. Just read ahead!

Step 1—Open the Rice Cooker

At the top of the rice cooker, you will notice a "Lid Release" switch. It is necessary to push the button to open this kitchen electric cookware. Make sure the cable of rice cooker is not plugged-in to the power source to avoid any kind of electric shock.

Step 2—Take Out the Pot

Take out the inner pot from the aroma rice cooker conscientiously.

Step 3—Determine the Amount of Rice You Need

Most aroma rice cookers come with a measuring cup, which helps you determine how much rice you will need. Use the cup to measure the amount of rice you will need based on how many people you will feed and pour the rice into the device's inner pot.

Step 4—Take Out the Pot

After pouring your desired amount of rice into the inner container, it is time to pour water into the pot to rinse. Use your hands to stir the rice properly and clean them multiple times by changing the water until the rice becomes reasonably clear. Make sure not to drop rice while pouring the dirty water from the container.

Step 5—Add Appropriate Amount of Water

Here comes the essential part. Use the measuring cup to include a relevant level of water into the inner container. To cook perfect rice, you want to add the ideal amount of water, depending on the white rice or brown rice.

Some may need big proportional water while others need medium level. On top of that, the size standard of aroma rice cookers may vary due to different brands. The best thing you can do is following the instruction manual to add the perfect amount of water.

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Step 6—Close the lid

After adding the correct amount of water, put back the inner container inside the rice cooker and close the lid. And, then connect the plugged-in cable to the power source carefully.

Step 7—Turn on the Aroma Rice Cooker

You will notice two types of buttons on the aroma rice cooker: one is the "White Rice" button, and another one is the "Brown Rice" button. You will press one of the controls based on the type of rice you have included inside the container.

After pressing the button, you will wait for a few minutes until it shows "Keep-Warm" on the panel board. Then you will wait 5-10 minutes and open the lid of the aroma rice cooker and take out the inner pot to pour the rice on a kitchen bowl or container.

We have already mentioned how to cook rice in an aroma rice cooker. The same goes for cooking vegetables. You will follow the exact step by step method to cook it. But instead of pressing the "White Rice" or "Brown Rice" button, you will tap on the "Steam/Cook" button. That's all the difference you will notice.

How to Clean Aroma Rice Cooker?

Cleaning an aroma rice cooker isn't a challenging task — in fact, it is a fun and smart thing you will love to do. Before cleaning your aroma rice cooker, you want to be 100% sure that it isn't connected to the power source. Let the kitchen appliance cool down completely if you just cooked something a while ago.

Cleaning the Inner Pot

Please take out the inner container from the rice cooker and wash it with hot, soapy water. You can use a sponge or any soft cleanse to rub the surface of the inner pot. Make sure not to pressure excessively — you may damage the quality of the inner container. After washing it, rinse and wash it with clean water. And then wipe it with fresh fabric.

Cleaning the Underneath of the Lid

It is better to clean the lid underneath each time you cook something on the rice cooker. Separate the cover's interior part from the shaft by delicately pulling it towards the outside and keeping it in a water container to wash it concisely. Then, first, wipe it with a moist fabric and use a dry cloth to make it dry by rubbing the lid. When it becomes fully try, put the lid back to the cooker.

Cleaning the Heating Plate

Make sure the heating plate is completely cool before you want to clean it. Use a moist fabric to rub the surface of the heating plate and avoid pressuring aggressively. And, then use another dry cloth to remove the dampness from the heating plate.

Final Thought

Knowing how to clean an aroma rice cooker will help you keep your electric gadget safe and boost the cooker's lifespan by taking care of it effectively. One thing you must remember that never use any harsh chemical or solution to clean the aroma rice cooker. It may ruin the nonstick coatings of the rice cooker. Furthermore, avoid using any dishwasher to clean them because most aroma rice cookers are not dishwasher safe.

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