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How to Calculate and Make your own Nutrition Labels for Free

sample nutrition facts, the values are taken from recipe calculator

sample nutrition facts, the values are taken from recipe calculator


For those who are very conscious on their diet, Nutrition Facts of every food should always be calculated.

For some who are selling foods and recipe books, its a plus if the customer find the nutrition facts together with the food ingredients.

In most countries it is a mandatory to state the nutrition facts or nutritional value of packaged or prepared foods.

The law was implemented to protect the consumer and help them choose and decide what kind of food to eat to maintain healthy diet.

Steps to Calculate Nutrition Facts of Food Ingredients

  1. Go to Recipe Calculator
  2. If you want to save and share your recipe on their website you can do so, but if you only want to compute for the nutrition value of your recipe, you don't need to log in and register.
  3. Click Add an Ingredient and a new window will pop up.
  4. Enter you Ingredients and search.
  5. After you select the ingredients, enter the volume or size of ingredients
  6. Click "add food".
  7. If you want to add another, do not close the window, back to step 4 and add again another ingredients.
  8. When you are done, click "Calculate Nutritional Info" on the main page
  9. A new window will pop about "nutrition facts" and It will indicate 1 serving.
  10. Note that the computation was for whole ingredients so, If your serving is 6 medium size muffins, just divide the nutrition facts by 6 and you can get the nutrition facts of each muffins.

Why recipe calculator?

I personally recommend Recipe Calculator because you don't need to log in and register before you can compute the nutrition facts. I understand that some are hesitant to give their personal information so I think this website fits for everyone. The website is user friendly and easy to understand. You can also try if you don't have any recipe calculator yet.

For those who like to have nutrition facts on their recipe, here is how you can make it on Hubpages.

Steps to Make your Own Nutrition Facts in Hubpages

  1. While on edit mode, add "Nutrition" capsule from special layout option.
  2. Fill the entries with nutrition facts computed from recipe calculator.
  3. If your recipe makes serving for 6, divide the nutrition facts by 6.
  4. After you finished click "save"
  5. It will automatically make a form for nutrition facts.

If you have finished products you want to sell or give to your family and friends, you can print the nutrition facts and paste on your product so they will know the nutritional value they can get after they ate the prepared or packaged food.

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