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How the F&B Scenario changed with Covid 19

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KAUSHIK SARKAR F&B lecturer Culinary Academy of Indi


The Food and Beverage sector is one of the components of importance and significant in the hospitality industry. It may be a single run unit or associated with various categories of hotels. It deals with feeding people and selling the same in various forms namely restaurants, coffee shop, banquets, bistro, brasserie, cafeterias, etc. The Food and Beverage industry is considered to be one of the most profit-making industries

Various restaurants and other outlets in the hospitality sector sailed smoothly from the beginning of the year 2020, after a successful year in 2019. The country first started feeling the shaking effects of the global Covid-19 turmoil towards the end of February 2020, which worsened at the beginning of March. Various major restaurants in key cities around the world started declining with pace and as per the statistics it is estimated that the business in food and Beverage sector has declined by a staggering 45 percentage points compared to the previous year. Such a steep and unexpected decline in such a short period of time has never been witnessed in the past.


From the month of March this year, the global pandemic Covid – 19 became a threat and great challenge for the industry to survive due to outbreak of the deadly virus named Corona. Simultaneously it affected various industries globally which are directly or indirectly associated with Food and Beverage industry. This includes chain of suppliers of raw materials for preparing and processing the final product of food and beverage.

Before Covid-19, Food & Beverage industry was growing rapidly in numbers as there was demand of the on the go consumers and increasing trend of adoption of ready to eat food. However due to pandemic it got affected including the impact on work force, supply of raw material, incoming of tourists and travelers affecting the tourism world and other logistical aspects of the food and beverage industry. Automatically it affected the production, inventory and selling and distributions across the entire industry. Many lost their jobs due to the uncertainty of the situation which is still in existence and it is expected that it will persist for next two to three years or more.


Negative impact of Covid-19 is being seen around the globe including almost all the regions of France, Spain, Italy, Germany of Europe, entire United States of America, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan and Middle East countries of Asia. It is believed that countries of Europe and Asia are badly affected around the world. When about every industry in the world got affected by Covid there are few industries which are booming. Some sectors of health care units are one among them. They are falling short of demand.

Various food and beverage service outlets mainly restaurants whether multi-cuisine or specialty are rapidly losing their regular customers and clients and really striving hard to remain existence in the world of business. Many of the restaurants and food service outlets have started to convert fine dining restaurants to take away counters and also selling out the products by delivering it up to the residence of the customers. Some popular and famous restaurants are choosing to close down the entire unit keeping the health and safety issues in front line of the employees and also may be because of not being able to compete the huge competition to remain in existence in this competitive world. So now many of the food and beverage outlets are considering the importance of social distancing and trying to practice it in their day to day life.

Food & Beverage does not always mean that it needs to talk all about restaurants and other food and beverage eating outlets it also deals with food retail outlets and various charity organizations which tries to help the society or people under poverty or crisis by providing foods to the needy. This also got affected due to Covid-19. But governments of central and states are together trying make it available by putting some commodities under the essential goods so that it can fulfill the basic needs on primary basis till the situations comes to normal. Making the food grains and other commodities like vegetables and fruits available to both the rural and urban consumers is most critical challenge during this pandemic and lockdown period. Many state governments are trying to allow the free movement of the essential goods to the most affected areas. As this pandemic had a dual impact of online and offline food segments it has become problems for many consumers to get stock of goods and get piled up at their respective homes for emergency.


It is believed that larger impact of Covid-19 is yet to come and it may be seen after few months from now as day by day the positive cases are multiplying at a rapid pace. Referring to this context food and beverage companies needs to take very aggressive and very bold and decisive steps in order to save people from the risk of catastrophic loss from the crisis. If all these hurdles are overcome by F&B industries after the pandemic then surely a few years down the line, 2020 will be the example of how to deal with global epidemics in the age of technology.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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Rajesh Gupta on September 17, 2020:

Each and every aspect of food service post pandemic is explained well. Slowly industry is gearing up by following the similar norms. Keep writing article like this.

Abhishek Anand on September 12, 2020:

Very well written sir about the scenario which is currently the hotels and restaurants are facing.

Amjad Khan on September 12, 2020:

Nice to see and read a good article about how to manage our Food and Beverage Operations once we open post COVID. All the staff have to be trained to make sure that all COVID protocols are maintained at all times in food Business. Nice article CAI Chefs.

Amjad Khan

Chef in Saudia

Ramu B on September 11, 2020:

Yes we need to be more careful while serving the food to our guests post Covid 19 .Your article has given lot of insights into this aspect and once the restaurant in the hotels or the stand alone ones these will become the SOPs for the F& B Department.

BRAND CAI and team are a well motivated lot and being under the professional mentorship of Chef Sudhakar N Rao always come out with use information both in print as well as visual media. I am regularly watching all your videos on YouTube and instagram posts.

Ramu B

Chef in Bangalore.

N Andugula on September 11, 2020:

true,Food industry and Hotel industry are one of the worst hit industries by COVID-19

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