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How long do you boil canned corn to get it perfectly soft


How long do you boil canned corn to get it perfectly soft

Corns are one of the most affordable and only fresh grains available. You can get them on the cob, which is farm fresh corn. Otherwise you can have it in cans with different varieties like baby corn, popcorn, sweet corn, etc. These canned corns are used for different purposes like in cooking, garnishing, dieting and many more. But people like to have them soft and juicy for their meals other than pop corns. For cornmeal, canned corn is widely used with butter and margarine as a side dish. Corn is considered to be very healthy as it helps in digestion and provides energy to the human body.

Canned corns are easy to handle and takes less time in getting ready to serve. As far as timing is concerned, it hardly takes 2 to 3 minutes resulting in sweetly soft corn. Canned corns are soaked in syrup which helps in prolonging the freshness and taste of the corn in the can. There are different methods for making a canned corn soft by boiling

1. Boiling the corn in the Syrup:

Majority of the chefs advise to boil the corn in the same syrup, which is in the can for about 2 minutes. The argument they give is that the syrup contains the nutrients of the corn plus it has just right quantity of water required to make corn soft and excess heating can turn the corn crunchy.

2. Buttering the Corn:

Second opinion for making soft corn is to wash the corn with fresh water and put it into a pot having little water in it. Make sure the water is boiling, then cover the pot with lid and leave it for 2 minutes. After that, drain the water out and pour some butter in it with some salt. It will turn the corn soft and juicy.

3. Keep Inspecting with the Fork:

Third way of getting the corn soft is to boil the corn for 3 minutes at full flame. Pierce the fork in one grain; you will have an idea how much soft corn it is. If it requires time, keep it boiling and test again unless you get the desired softness.

4. Never use starch in water:

Some people mix starch in water before boiling the canned corn in it, which is not correct. Always use fresh water for boiling the canned corn, as it will give you much better results.

5. Boiling then Steaming:

This is a professional approach making canned corn soft because fresh corn is not available round the year so people use the combination of boiling and steaming. It takes some time than normal but the softness is remarkably good. For this, wash the corn with fresh water and keep it boiling for 5 minutes. Then stain it out and keep it in a steamy pot having a rack on boiling steamy water. Place the corns in it for 15 to 20 minutes and the corn is ready to serve. It will be soft as well as juicy.



gsurvivor (author) on July 06, 2012:

Thanks Heather! Canned corn is just affordable and convenient to keep around-- so many people have it in the cabinet. If people want to use canned corn, there's no reason not to make it as flavorful as possible.

Heather Jacobs on July 05, 2012:

Very interesting hub! I guess I never think about strategies for making the perfect corn from a can, but now that I have read your article I will think about it more. Vote up and useful!

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