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How to make Popcorn on the stove at Home in Five Minutes


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Popcorn has numerous medical advantages. Popcorn is an exemplary food. It has a larger number of cancer prevention agents than leafy foods, is a decent wellspring of fiber, and contains entire grains. You can likewise have it for breakfast

Popcorn ordinarily contains margarine, salt, sugar, and covered up synthetics.

Popcorn made Ingredients:

  • Corn half a cup
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 3 tablespoons of oil
  • And a pot

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

1 min

4 min

5 min


The recipe for making Popcorn:

  1. Firstly, stove on high flame and place the pot on it. Add three tablespoons of oil to the pot.
  2. Now add one teaspoon of salt and mix it with a spoon.

3. Now add corn to the pot and shake it from a spoon.


4. As soon as corn gets hot, close the lid tightly.

5. Now lid tightly on a low flame and wait until the sound of corn blossoms. Lift the lid a little and see.


6. Now lightly shake the pot. Make good corn popcorn.

7. When the popcorn sound stops, turn off the stove at this point.

8. Lift the lid in five to six seconds.


Popcorn are ready:



  1. Corn should not be watered, that is, should not be wet. If the corn is wet, it will not swell and will deteriorate
  2. Shake the spoon periodically until the corn is hot. So that the salt sticks well to the corn.
  3. Keep the flame of the stove low during cook time and do not open the lid completely otherwise the corn may jump out.

Advantages of Popcorn

1. Plan popcorn on the oven:

Air doesn't utilize oil in popcorn, which implies it has fewer calories. This is an extraordinary method to control your hunger. Not exclusively would you be able to get a decent speck from popcorn however you can make it in just five minutes? All you need is utensils, salt, and oil, and you'll have the option to make solid popcorn.

2. Use pecan, avocado, or olive oil to make popcorn:

When making popcorn in the oven, it is ideal to utilize pecan, avocado, or additional virgin olive oil. Canola oil is the second-most ideal decision. Flaxseed oil and raw grain oil ought not to be hot, so it isn't reasonable for popcorn. What's more, if you are utilizing palm oil and coconut oil, utilize exceptionally modest quantities of it since they are extremely immersed, and don't utilize corn, sunflower, and soybean oils by any means.

3. Nourishment in popcorn:

It's up to you how you eat popcorn. A popcorn cup has 30 calories. Be cautious, because once you begin adding garnishes, the calories will increment quickly.

4. Try not to plan popcorn in the microwave:

Popcorn is the unhealthiest decision in the microwave. It normally contains a great deal of salt, the taste is fake, and individuals frequently eat it, however, it is destructive to wellbeing.

5. Breaking point the corn pot:

Pot corn is generally blended in with refined sugar, salt, and oil, and fewer supplements are picked because it expands the number of calories and salt. Individuals ought to burn-through 2,300 mg of sodium day by day, which is one teaspoon. When the corn pot is pre-introduced, sodium and calories are hard to control.

6. Try not to add desserts and synthetic compounds:

Maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of desserts and synthetic compounds in popcorn, which is only one of the principal fixings in popcorn, as eating with desserts and synthetic substances is less solid. Albeit some of the time we desire desserts, we keep away from sweet popcorn since it is falsely sweet. Recall that truffle oil and different items are not typically unadulterated however contain synthetic and fake flavors. At the point when you are in the supermarket, you will consistently know the fixings in the crate.

7. Add a sound dainty layer to the popcorn:

Strongly perfect the popcorn by adding hot sauce to the popcorn or softening a couple of ounces of cheddar. You can eat popcorn with pickles or stew powder. Make certain to incorporate flavors and flavors, not all that much powder, flavors, or salt.

8. add protein to your eating regimen:

One approach to control the measure of popcorn and cause you to feel taller is to join it with protein. Take a stab at serving it with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 2 ounces of cheddar, or another protein source. You will get moment snacks.

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