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How To Make Your Own Tiny Kitchen (The Basics)

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Tiny KFC

Tiny Kitchen And Tiny Food

Isn't it so adorable? They made a tiny version of Kentucky Friend Chicken in the video above! The second I first saw a tiny kitchen video, I fell in love with them. They made me want to make my own tiny kitchen. I know a lot of other people feel the same way, I've read it in the comments of these videos. Either they just want to have fun at home, making tiny sized food for their dolls (or hamsters) as a way to relax or maybe they want to make their own youtube channels where they cook tiny food.

The problem is. there are a lot of fake kitchens for dollhouses and barbies out there, but in order to have a tiny kitchen, you need working appliances that are small. Fake plastic ones won't do. Most of these appliances are fake because they are made for kids and kids aren't usually allowed to play with real fire because they might burn themselves. Toy companies haven't yet caught on that there are a lot of teenagers and adults who want to have a tiny kitchen, which makes the appliances you need really hard to find, unless you get creative.

While gathering the ingredients for a tiny kitchen and preparing them might take longer than usual, since they are so small and our fingers are so awkwardly large in comparison, I've read that the food actually cooks quickly using tea candles. I thought this would be the time consuming part, that the tiny food would take forever to cook, but that is not the case. That's actually the easy part, finding the appliances that you can use is the hard part.

The original tiny kitchen channel on youtube was created in Japan and the appliances were made one of a kind, which is why it's so hard to find any sort of replica of them.

Tastemade, the creators of tiny kitchen, decided to sell a tiny stove for awhile and they were taking pre-orders, but it has been taken down now.

There are a lot of things that make up a kitchen other than the stove, like refrigerators, ovens, tiny mixing bowls, tiny baking pans, and a whole lot more.

Tastemade has created some of their utensils using aluminum foil and paper clips. They mold them into whatever they need. But some of them also look custom made, like their tiny cooking knife, for instance.

If you aren't that crafty or you realize that you'd also like a tiny oven to go along with the stovetop (which is impossible to make with aluminum foil and paper clips), then read on.

After many weeks of searching, I've compiled a list of essential things you can buy and use to create your own tiny kitchens.



This is where I got some of my information about Tastemade and Tiny Kitchens. Go here to learn more and to see some pictures of the food:

The rest of the information, including what products you should use, I found online by myself and through binge watching adorable tiny kitchen videos!


1. The Heat

Most cooking for tiny kitchens is done using tea candles. They are such small candles that you wouldn't think that they'd produce enough heat to cook tiny food, but they can actually cook larger pieces of food, even raw meat, quicker than you'd think. Fire is fire after all. Your tiny food usually cooks in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

Tea candles are actually used very often to keep larger amounts of food warm, like if you have a buffet at your house and you don't want the food to get cold while guests are serving themselves or to keep dip warm that is supposed to remain hot. They get their name "tea" candles because their most frequent use is keeping tea warm in its kettle. They're also often used in special decorative containers, either to light them up and make them look pretty or to warm up incense that is kept inside of them.

As you can tell, they produce a lot of heat, if they are able to keep all those things warm. In large quantities, they can even cook large amounts of food. There are tea candle ovens made specifically for that purpose, but when you're cooking tiny food, you need only one of them.

Just light the tea candle, place it underneath the area you want to be warm, put your food in a pot or a pan, and keep your eye on it so it doesn't burn. Burning can happen quickly, especially the tinier the food you want to make is. The good thing, though, about cooking tiny food, is its easy to get new ingredients if you mess up and start all over again. It will probably take a lot of practice to perfect tiny cooking.

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Just make sure you actually buy something to put your tea candle in rather than cooking the tiny food directly over the open flame. It will probably work to do that, but it won't look as pretty or the same as cooking over a tiny stove top and you might accidentally burn yourself.

You're also going to need some lighters to light your tea candles. You can use any lighter or match really, but I'd recommend one that is long so you can put the tea candle inside the stove first and easily light it from the outside, so you don't burn yourself putting the tea candles in. Here's some the kind I would recommend you getting:

Just copy and paste the link into your browser to see what I mean. You don't have to get them on Amazon, although you might as well if you're buying other things there. They can be found in most grocery stores.

2. The Stovetop

While there are a lot of miniature toy versions of kitchens made, almost none of them are workable when it comes to cooking tiny food. Their pieces are usually made from plastic and if you used a tea candle inside a plastic oven, you'd probably melt it instead of cooking anything.

But I found this miniature wood cooking stove that is made of metal instead. It's used in all of the videos on the "Walking With Giants" youtube channel, where Gary Noon makes food in his tiny kitchen for all of us to watch.

Here's a link to his youtube channel, if you are curious, and/or want to see how tiny kitchens work:

Here's also a link to the original tiny kitchen channel, where this trend started:

The original tiny kitchen channel makes other things besides tiny food.


The great thing about this stove is that it comes with its own pots, pans, and spatula that you can use to cook the food. Those can be hard to find because you need pots and pans that are super small, not made of plastic, and fit the stove just right. It also has removable disks where the pots and pans will sit on the stove, so that they can cook food from the heat of the tea candle directly, rather than through another layer of metal, which is why it's so important to have pots and pans that fit it right.

Gary Noon seems to be able to cook very well using this stove top. The only problem is, you'll also need a working oven for baking. Not everything can be cooked on the stove.

On first glance, you might think it has a stove underneath because it has a little latched door that you can open and put things inside, but that latched door is for putting tea candles inside, not for cooking things in an oven. It's not going to work to just shove the food inside next to the tea candles.

An Alternate Stove (This One Is Slightly Smaller)

3. The Oven

The problem with making a tiny oven is that there are no tiny ovens available whatsoever. Even the "Tiny Kitchen" store is not making one. The oven part of their tiny stove is where you put the tea candle, it's not where you put the food you are cooking and you can tell this is true when you watch their videos and see they have an electric tiny oven that is custom made and not available to the public.

So, to get a tiny oven, you are going to have to be creative. You need some kind of base to cook with first. The one I linked to above is a good option or you can also use a tea kettle warmer, which I will link to here:

This will be the part of the oven that you put the tea candle on, the part that will keep the whole thing warm, but you also need something that will look like an oven to cook the actual food in.

Then, you need something that is going to look sort of like an oven. The link above doesn't look like an oven right now, but if you take off the pot on top of it, use the bottom part as the part you cook in for the top of your stove, and place it on top of one of those tea kettle warmers I talked about earlier, it will look much more like an oven.

It will look like an open oven, but that's okay. The food will still cook, like it does in the "Walking With Giants" open oven. The tea candle is warm enough to cook a tiny amount of food even in an open space.

To further decorate, you might consider drawing a cute little stove top on top of this oven like a regular oven, although it's probably not warm enough that far away from the tea candle to actually cook anything. You can try, but that's all up to you. I mostly suggest it for decorative purposes only.

4. The Knife

There aren't any actual tiny knives being sold, but there are a lot of X-acto knife blades being sold and they look like tiny knives found in any kitchen to the untrained eye. They also have the added benefit of coming in several different shapes, so you can choose the right ones and use them as if they were the different types of knives in your kitchen. I chose the one above because it looks the most like most of the tiny knives I've seen in the tiny kitchen videos I've watched. I've also linked an alternative possible knife below in case you are looking for something pointier.

The best part about them is that they are actually really sharp and once they dull, they are easy to replace, unlike some of the other things you'll want to buy for your tiny kitchen. These are cheap, sharp, and easy to use!

If you buy a tiny knife for your tiny kitchen, then you are also going to need a tiny cutting board. You can always cut food on a giant counter top and giant cutting board, but that breaks the illusion of tiny cooking. This cutting board is just the right height for your knife and tiny kitchen. It's also inexpensive. It's made of wood instead of plastic. It seems sturdy and like it's up to the task of having food cut and prepared on it.

Every video I've seen of someone who has a tiny kitchen also includes a tiny cutting board that looks very similar to this one.

6. Stir Your Recipes Together

You need some bowls and utensils for mixing together your recipes before you cook them. This set of utensils seems like one of the best purchases because not only does it have wooden spoons made from real wood, but also a whisk to go along with it for mixing things like scrambled eggs.

The added benefit is that you can use these spoons as spatulas, too, if need be. The stove I linked to above had only one spatula that came with it, but sometimes you want to cook multiple things at once and need different utensils to do so. This set gives you options.

It also comes with a cute little holder that you can put your other spatula in when not in use, so you don't have to make the holder for all your kitchen utensils yourself or your countertops. This holder will keep them all together and make them less easy to lose.

The problem with anything that has tiny parts is that it can be so easy to misplace things!

I like these mixing bowls because they are made of aluminum. They are better quality then some regular mixing bowls for dolls made out of plastic (and probably harmful chemicals) and they are inexpensive as well.

They are the right height for cooking tiny recipes. The advantage of making the tiny recipes in a little bowl rather than a big one is it will be easier to mix them in a bowl that's the right size (with the right little utensils) because it's so small. Otherwise, you're going to have to mix large food in a large bowl, then divide it into miniature pieces and therefore breaking the illusion of the tiny kitchen. These size bowls will help you keep the proportions as low as they need to be and there's multiple of them in case you need more than one for a recipe.

7. Roll The Dough

Lots of recipes need rolling pins: pies, biscuits, cookies, and maybe even pizza. Most of these recipes are baking recipes, so if you want to do tiny baking, a tiny rolling pin is a must-have for your collection.

If you decide to only buy the tiny stove top and do zero baking, you won't need this rolling pin for the time being, but if you change your mind ever, you're definitely going to need it. (I was so tempted to make a pun there and right "knead" it! You're groaning, I know!)

8. Grating The Cheese

When I saw some of these tiny kitchen videos, I was very impressed by how adorable their tiny cheese graters were and wished I could have one because it's so cute. I wondered where they got one that was actually sharp and worked. I was pretty sure they weren't custom made because they were sort of too big scale wise for the rest of the tiny appliances and utensils, but were still adorable and fit in.

I thought about it for awhile and I figured it out. They're actually just garlic graters, which is why they are so small.

I've never actually grated any garlic. I always chop it up the old-fashioned way with a knife, but this seems like a handy thing to have whether you're wanting to grate cheese for a tiny kitchen or garlic for a regular one. So this is the one item that has the added benefit of you being able to use it in either your tiny kitchen or your regular sized one!

Also, like a lot of the things on this list, it is surprisingly inexpensive. If you wait for the tiny kitchen trend to grow and wind up buying things specifically made for tiny kitchens, they're probably going to be way more expensive than finding little things like this on your own that you can creatively imagine being used to make a tiny kitchen. When people figure out a trend and decide to sell something for it, they usually way over price it, which is why the tiny stove top (both the Amazon one and the one on the tastemade website) are the most expensive things on this list. It's better to just find things like this that have a variety of different purposes that you creatively re-imagined could fit into your tiny kitchen.

9. Baking Pans

You have pots and pans for the stove top, but you're also going to need casserole dishes and cookie sheets if you want to cook things in the oven you put together. Luckily, there are tiny pans out there, made from the same things regular pans are made of, like aluminum and ceramic, that you can use to cook things in the oven with.

If you're not a big fan of cooking that way, then there's also always the option of buying aluminum foil straight and folding it together to make your own pan, although the pan won't be as sturdy, will probably have to be remade every time you cook, and might bend in strange ways as you're taking the food in and out of the oven. It's better to have actual sturdy pans that will be easy to use and will help your food retain its shape.

Tiny Wedding Cake

Are Tiny Kitchens Practical?

No part of making a tiny kitchen is practical, there's no purpose in making a tiny wedding cake in the video above, but it's not meant to be practical. It's meant to be something crafty and adorable, something you do to relieve your stress for fun.

I am still waiting for the day when someone decides to make a tiny kitchen youtube channel where they specifically make things to feed to their hamster. I remember seeing an adorable video online once of someone making a very tiny burrito for their hamster to eat and how he stored it in his cheek. It was very cute!

In the mean time, Shane Dawson once tried to make a tiny rainbow cake for his cat, in true Shane Dawson fashion, and that was adorable enough in and of itself. (Watch that video below.)

Tiny Refrigerators, Grills, And More

Be sure to read the next part of this article "How To Make Your Own Tiny Kitchen (Beyond The Basics)" to read about how to get your own tiny refrigerator, tiny grill to barbecue, tiny table and dishes to serve the food, and more!

If you're looking for any other tiny utensils that I didn't list here or in my other article, please let me know and I will try to help you find what you are looking for. Who knows? Someone else might be looking for the same thing!

And if you've found some products online that you think would work better for a tiny kitchen than the ones I listed below, please also tell me in the comments (and add whether or not you give me permission to put the item in this article, to update it for everyone.) Putting a tiny kitchen together is definitely not an easy task and suggestions are welcome!

Also, make sure to read my special article about how to get tiny food for your tiny kitchen and several articles I will make about all the tiny kitchen youtube channels and why people are in love with the tiny kitchen trend,

If You Wind Up Making Your Own Tiny Kitchen...

Please make a video of it or at least take a picture and link to me in the comments below. I am obsessed with tiny kitchens. If I had the disposable income and time, I'd likely have one of my own and I really would love to see any of your creations using one.

You can also tag me with your pictures or video on my social media pages. To find me on various social media sites, just visit my profile page, find the link to my website, and the links to all of my social media profiles are on the homepage in little icons at the top (there are also a few linked at the bottom of the page as well.)

Thanks for reading and good luck making your tiny kitchens!

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