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How To Make A Beer Hamper

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I decided to make my partner a beer hamper for Christmas as an alternative to the limited options already available. You can buy pre made hampers, but they are often overpriced for such a little amount. For example, a "hamper" containing just 5 bottles costs more than this one, which has 12 bottles in it, all hand picked. Of course, this version takes a little more work, but does ensure a more personalised, thoughtful gift.

By making my own Beer Hamper, I was able to include my partner's known favourites as well as brands that he had never tried, and I'm glad to say he was very impressed with the gift overall. If you have a beer lover in your life, this would be an ideal gift for them.


You Will Need

  • Choice of Beers/ Ales
  • Box that holds all bottles snugly
  • Gift Wrap
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Tissue Paper
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Cellophane Wrap (optional)

1- Prepare

Firstly, make sure that all of the bottles fit in the box. You don't want to get to the end of the process only to find out you need to re-do everything, or leave out some of your well picked bottles. The bottles should sit fairly snugly, not much wobble and unable to fall over. The box should be around 3/4 of the height of the bottles.

You should ensure that you have everything you need close by as it can be difficult to find the scissors while holding a pit of cellophane in place, and extremely frustrating if it all falls apart.


2- Trim The Box

To ensure that the bottles are displayed nicely when the packaging is removed, you should cut off the folded edges at the top of the box using some sharp scissors.

This will leave you with a nice open top box.

3- Wrap

Now, wrap the box with gift wrap. You don't have to cover the inside- remembering that most of the packaging will probably be discarded anyway.

Once the box is covered, loosely stick some tissue paper inside each side of the box with approximately half of the sheet hanging over at the top. This will be used to disguise the contents.

** Tip **

To neatly wrap the corners at the top, cut the overlapping paper at the top of the box towards the corners at a 45' angle, the fold the excess inside the box and tape into place. *see pics*

Don't worry too much about your wrapping skills- the cellophane will hide some sins!

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4- Add The Bottles

Plae the bottles inside the box. Arrange as desired- remembering that the taller bottles will look better at the back for display purposes, but you will be able to determine how best to position them.

Place a further sheet of tissue paper over the bottles to disguise the contents- we don't want it to be completely obvious!

pinch and twist

pinch and twist

5- Wrap with Cellophane

This step is what really gives the hamper its Wow factor. It is optional, but really gives a more professional finish, and a roll of cellophane will last you quite some time.

Cut a length of cellophane and place it on the floor horizontally. Cut another length as above, and place it vertically, so the pieces are crossed over in an x shape. The lengths of cellophane should be approximately 3x the length of the box so that there is plenty of it left to gather.

Place the box on top of the cellophane, where the 2 sections meet.

Gather the cellophane above the hamper and use a twisting motion to wrap everything up (see photos for further illustration) and seal it together by wrapping some curling ribbon around the narrow part of the gathering.

Using clear tape, stick down any untidy parts of the cellophane and then decorate with curling ribbon.

Your hamper is complete!


Handling Tips

  • Don't lift by the cellophane, it will undo all of your hard work and may break.
  • Lift from under the box, as you would with a regular crate of beer.
  • Try not to carry the hamper in front of the recipient- the clinking may give it away.

Alternative Uses

Remember that you can use this same method to make a hamper of any kind. Wine, alco-pops, miniature spirits- there are so many possibilities with the same method. Alter your gift wrap to match the occasion, and you are well on your way to making thoughtful, personalised gifts for all of the family.

You can also use this method to make your own food hampers for a fraction of the cost of store- bought versions. The only thing that limits you is your budget and the size of the box you would like to use!

© 2016 Lynsey Hart

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