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How To Cook Delicious White Rice Stew With 200 Naira

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How Possible Is It?

It's very possible, how? Gino Pepper, King's Devon oil & B'mehtod are the secret. One of Nigeria's leading seasoning producing companies has put together almost all the ingredients needed to prepare a suitable stew not only for rice but also yam, bread and others.

And, King's on the other hand, also one of Nigeria's leading seasoning producing companies but specialized in refined vegetable oil manufacturing. B'method will be unveiled as you read on.

Our top secret ingredients

Awara Beske

Awara Beske

What you need to prepare your stew

  1. Gino pepper & onion: You can get this from a shop close to you or at any market around you, online store or Shoprite store nationwide. Cost is between 60 bucks, highest is 100 bucks
  2. Devon King's vegetable oil: You can get this at any store outlet close to you. Especially mandate or state market, it's not too expensive, just a sachet will cost you 50 bucks
  3. Seasoning (Maggi): It's not scarce, you can actually get it anywhere you go, even wares store will sell it to you, 2 or 3 pieces will cost between 10 to 15 bucks
  4. Salt: Most people have this but in case you don't have it, get the wrapped one for just 10 bucks or better still borrow from your neighbour as usual.
  5. Beske (Awara): This to some people is referred to as poor or average people's meat, Yes! You can say that again, but the truth is that there is nutrient in it because it's more natural than smoked fish you prefer and most importantly; it's very cheap

Ways To Prepare your Stew

  1. Find a bow and cut your Gino tomato pepper in it and add water to make it watery, just like you grind pepper and tomatoes together
  2. Pour your Devon King's vegetable oil in the pot, wait for a minutes and pour your tomato mixture in it
  3. Stir it and add one seasoning cube and salt
  4. After 2 minutes, add Beske (Awara) and stir to mix it well


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Food Is Ready...

200 Naira stew with white rice

200 Naira stew with white rice

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