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How to Buy the Perfect Wine Gift for Your Girlfriend in Three Easy Steps

Advanced sommelier and lover of all things fine and wine, I live and work in the beautiful Niagara wine country of Ontario, Canada.

Hey guys, are you looking for a great gift for that wine-loving lady in your life? Look no further, I am going to give you some quick tips that will ensure your wine gift is a massive hit. By following the three steps outlined below, you are sure to impress with your thoughtful gift of wine!


Step 1 – Make Sure She Likes Wine

How sure are you that she actually likes wine? Does she order wine when you go out? Does she ever open the bottles she has around the house, or have they been sitting in the fridge since 2016?

If you are sure she truly likes and appreciates wine, it is a safe bet for a gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated. You may now proceed to step 2.

Step 2 – Determine the Type of Wine She Likes

Once you have established firmly that your girlfriend drinks and enjoys wine, you next need to figure out what kind of wine she enjoys most.

We start by breaking it down to red or white. Then, if white – sweet or dry? Note: "dry" is wine speak for “not sweet”. Red wine is usually pretty dry, whereas white wine can be very dry, very sweet, or anything in between.

A preference as simple as “dry white”, “sweet white”, or “red” is enough to go on to buy a pretty great wine gift! Now that you have determined this, you are fully prepared to proceed to step 3.

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A thoughtful wine gift is a great idea for a wine lover!

A thoughtful wine gift is a great idea for a wine lover!

Step 3 – Buy the Gift

After ensuring you have the basic preference of white or red and dry or sweet, proceed to the closest wine shop. Here you will be asked a few more clarifying questions by any competent wine sales professional, to determine your budget, number of bottles needed, etc. Within your budget, you should be directed to a few different options for great wines for your lady to try.

Depending on how adventurous she is, you may want to stick with what she knows and loves. For example, if she only ever drinks Pinot Grigio, perhaps stick with that grape variety.

Whereas if she collects interesting wines and pairs different wines with different foods perhaps something new, unique, or interesting is more her style. The wine shop staff should know their products well enough to direct you to exactly either tried-and-true products or new and exciting offerings, whatever style you think would be most suited to her personality.

You now have all the information that it takes to buy great wine gifts for your girlfriend. Cheers, and happy gifting!

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