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How I Learned to Make Polish Cabbage Rolls: Golumpki: a Tribute to Alice Who Taught Me Her Specialty dish

My future Mother-In-Law was Amazing

Alice was a special and amazing lady. She could speak Lithuanian, Polish, Russian,
and English languages fluently.

Her parents moved to the United States when she was two years of age. Learning one language is difficult enough for most children, but to learn four is amazing.

Meeting an Amazing Lady

Before we were married, my fiancé took me to meet his mother. His mother, Alice had prepared dinner for us, her specialty.

Alice always prepared her special dish for all family get-togethers and special occasions, and I felt very much honored that she considered meeting me a special occasion.

Golumpki - Polish Cabbage Rolls

With a dab of Sour Cream, this is pure heaven

With a dab of Sour Cream, this is pure heaven

Cabbage Rolls - Golumpki

The Aroma was Making Me Hungry

When we arrived at Alice’s house, she had company. One of her friends from Lithuania brought a letter written in Polish for Alice to translate for her. That is how I learned of her ability to read, write and speak different languages.

After her visitor left, grandchildren began arriving or calling to request that their grandmother save them some of her special dish. I was not surprised the aroma was making me so hungry, I could hardly stand it.

Alice seemed to know something about everything, football, basketball and the players’ names and the positions they played. My fiancé got caught up on the coming and goings of his family, as his mother relayed the news of everyone.

Alice told me she would show me how to make her special dish

From the first bite, I knew that I had to learn to make this dish. When I ask Alice if I could have the recipe, I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she would show me how to make it.

Several weeks after I first met Alice she called and invited me to a party at her daughter’s home. She said she would be making her special dish to take with us and if I wanted to learn to make it she would be happy to show me how.