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Homemade Vegetable Salad

Veggies to use in making an healthy vegetable salad

Vegetable salad which we all know in all parts of the world can be made with different types of veggies. In Nigeria, salads is always a big part of the food menu in every occasion such as weddings, birthdays, house warming etc. Adding aesthetic when slicing or dicing your veggies makes it more attractive to eat when you see it.

There are different ways of making salads in Nigeria but I will be talking about how I make my own salad and the veggies I like using.

Veggies used :

* Carrot, the carrot is very important and plays a major role in the salad making

* Cabbage

* Cucumber

* Green Bell pepper

* Onion ( Optional)

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* Sweet Corn

* Tomatoes ( Optional)

* Lettuce ( Optional)

All these listed are the veggies I like using when making a vegetable salad.

I hope this helps you in preparing yours. Next time I will talk about how to design the veggies on a tray to make it more attractive.

Thank you.


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