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Homemade Cereal Porridge Recipe for Infants and Children – Tasty and Nutritious Mixed Grain Porridge

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tasty and nutritious cereal porridge for babies

tasty and nutritious cereal porridge for babies

South Indian 'navdhanya' cereal mix recipe for infants and babies

In South India, children are given navdhanya, the nine grains mix powder. Nine different types of grain are powdered and this mixture is given to babies and infants in porridge form. It is very nutritious. Mixed grain porridge is best for infants and children as they will be benefited from the nutrition of all the nine grains.

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Mixed grain recipe, the best summer food for infants and babies

This mixed grain porridge is very suitable to give to infants and children in summer. Ingredients like barley, sago and ragi would cool their body, helping them stand the summer. Children would also like the taste of this porridge. Children as well as adults can have this nutritious drink daily. When you do not get time for preparing breakfast, you can try this quick healthy breakfast porridge. Mixed grain porridge is rich with all the health benefits of the nine different grains.

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Mixed grain porridge better than readymade packed cereal for babies

I used to give canned cereal for my baby when he was six months old. But I found canned cereal unhealthy as baby frequently had colic problems during those days. Particularly canned food with milk is very unhealthy and causes gas and indigestion. Baby was constipated several times. I stopped canned cereal and started preparing cereal powder at home. From seventh month onwards I began giving cereal mix for my baby. The colic problem disappeared after stopping the readymade canned food. I would say that home made mixed grain cereal is more healthy and nutritious compared to canned cereal available in the market. I will explain to you how to prepare mixed grain powder. Take ingredients as explained below

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A delicious and healthy cereal recipe for infants – mixed grain porridge recipe

Brown rice – 200 g

Broken wheat – 200 g

Ragi – 200 g

Barley – 2 tablespoon

Corn – 5 tablespoon

Green Gram – 50 gram

Roasted Channa Dal – 100 g

Sago (javvarisi) – 2 tablespoon

White beans – 5 tablespoon

Raisins and cashew nuts can be added to enhance taste and nutrition. But for infants raisins and cashew nuts should be powdered before adding to porridge.

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How to prepare nine grain cereal mixture?

Lightly fry the above ingredients in a frying pan (do not add oil or anything). Do not fry for long time. Just fry for few minutes. This is to preserve the cereal from getting spoiled from mould. Powder the fried cereals in a mixer grinder. Keep in clean jars. A single teaspoon of powder is enough for infants of six months old. Older children can be given more, a glassful of porridge.

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How to prepare cereal porridge for infant and babies

Boil 100ml milk (cook it for 10 minutes, so that milk if properly boiled). Take a teaspoonful of cereal powder and mix it in 25 ml of water. Stir well and pour into the boiling milk. Cook for few minutes. Add sugar. This porridge can be given to infants and children daily. For giving to infants of 6 months old, make a loose porridge with enough milk. Do not make it too thick.

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priyanka on October 13, 2015:

pls advice how to clean all the grains you have mentioned ...


Ravi and Swastha from London, Canada on June 27, 2015:

Very good recipe. We will try for our kid :) Voted up & useful. Thanks !

sangeethaprem. on September 02, 2014:

Verry helpful.

dhannyya (author) on October 21, 2012:

no Zaina..Tuvar dal cannot be used in this recipe...tuvar is just for making dishes like sambar..

zaina on October 18, 2012:

can i use Tuvvar dal instead of chana dal?

dhannyya (author) on June 09, 2012:

@MsDora..thanks for the comment

you know? one day i just tried testing my baby's canned cereal..i had such a terrible belly upset that i understood the real feelings of my baby:)

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on June 08, 2012:

I grew up on porridge and cannot appreciate box cereals. Your mixed grain recipe looks healthy and I would recommend it. Thanks for sharing.

Saira Sheikh from London, United Kingdom on June 08, 2012:

Thanks :)

dhannyya (author) on June 08, 2012:

thank you articlesocean for the comment..u can give this porridge to your child daily..

Saira Sheikh from London, United Kingdom on June 08, 2012:

I would love to try this for my 8 month old son. Thanks for sharing. Very useful !

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