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Home Style Sindhi Biryani

Home Style Sindhi Biryani

Biryani is the most famous, delicious, and flavorsome dish of Pakistan and India. In my opinion, this is the only dish that is made in every house and culture with variations in Pakistan and India. Originally Biryani is a Persian dish that was brought to the Indian sub-continent by the Mughals. Now, this dish is adaptive by every region according to their tastes.

Biryani is an intricate rice dish made with layers of rice and curried meat with lots of spices, herbs, and aroma. Some of the regional modifications and additions are potatoes, eggs, and vegetables, etc. Many types of Biryani are available like raw meat Biryani, White Biryani, Beef Biryani, and many more.

But here I only discuss the recipe of simple Sindhi Biryani made with home ingredients. I know many Biryani recipes are available on the internet but this recipe is somehow different because I elaborate this recipe as I made it in my kitchen. Anyone new in cooking can try it and hopefully will love it. Making a Biryani is a lengthy process but I must say it worth it. Now let's get started.


All Things we Need.

Cook time.

Cook time= 35 to 45 mins.

Steam time= 30 to 40 mins.

Total estimated time= 80 to 90 mins.


Chicken= 1 kg

Basmati rice= ¾ kg or 3 glass (soaked an hour before cooking)

Oil= half cup

Onions= 6 medium onions thinly sliced

Tomatoes= 8 Tomatoes roughly chopped

Lemons= 2 lemons juice

Mint= 2 table spoon of fresh leaves

Fresh Coriander= 2 tablespoons

Fresh green chilies= 3 chilies cut vertically

Ginger paste= 1 teaspoon

Garlic paste= 1 teaspoon

Yogurt= 1 cup

Dried pitted prunes= 5

Tamarind= 1 tablespoon dip in water to soft it


Salt= 2 teaspoons or to your taste for gravy and 3 teaspoons for boiling rice

Red powder chilies= 2 teaspoons

Turmeric= half teaspoon

Coriander powder= 1 teaspoon

Garam masala Powder= 1 teaspoon

Bay leaves (tez pat)= 3 whole

Green cardamom= 5 whole

Black cardamom= 2 whole

Cinnamon= 3 sticks

Nutmeg= 3 pieces

Mace= 3 pieces

Cloves= 6 pieces

Cumin seeds= 1 teaspoon

Kewra essence= half teaspoon

Yellow food color= half teaspoon dissolves in 5 tablespoons of water.



Marinate the Chicken.

Take a big bowl and add chicken to it. Now add all powdered spices salt, red chilies, coriander, turmeric, lemon juice, and yogurt. Mix all these well and rest it aside.


Barista means fried onions. Take a big pot and turn on the stove. Add oil to a pot and add all onions. Fry the onions until golden brown. Remove less than half onions.

Chicken curry.

Add marinated chicken in pot to the rest of the onions. Add ginger and garlic paste. Add green cardamom and cumin seeds. Fry the chicken until chicken is light brown. Add tomatoes and cook the curry until tomatoes dissolve completely and chicken is cooked. Add kewra essence, prunes, and tamarind and put it off the stove.

Rice preparation.

Take a big pot fill it with water above half and add salt, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, black cardamom, and mint leaves. Bring water to boil and add rice. Cook the rice until 90 percent cooked then strain the water completely.

Layering of Biryani.

Take a pot in which rice is boiled. Add half of the rice then add the above whole gravy and top it with the remaining rice. Garnish it with green chilies and coriander and add color in different parts. Cover it with a lid for steam. Steam it for 30 to 40 minutes on low flame. After that remove the lid and move the rice slightly. Dish it out and serve hot.


Tips and Tricks.

Many mistakes one can done in making Biryani and it's common. So be careful I'll help you with some.

-Onions should be golden brown, not dark brown otherwise curry will turn black later which is not appealing.

-Rice should be 90 percent cooked otherwise rice will become soggy when steamed.

-Seal the Biryani pot to steam it. Take a large foil, cover the pot opening with foil completely, and place a lid on top of it. This process seals the steam inside properly.

Finally, the Biryani is ready to eat. Serve it with salad and yogurt. Enjoy it while hot. Hopefully, this recipe is helpful for any home cook.


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