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Home-Made Fruit Jelly Cake, Simple Method Step by Step Episode 2

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Simple Cake: 20 Easy and Tasty Homemade Recipe

When you think of childhood, it is common to miss breakfast at Grandma's house. And what could not be missed was the homemade and super cute cake that only she could make. They were simple cakes with no filler or toppings, but whose special ingredients were raucous and loving.

The point is that the preparation of these special cakes is simpler than you think, and they can be easily reproduced even without cooking experience.

The variety of cake fillings and flavors is huge, not to mention the various toppings, colors and shapes used in party cakes. In the case of simple cakes, the choices range from the most traditional, such as cornmeal and chocolate, to the more "complex" ones, such as those taking the fruit in a recipe.

See a selection of cake recipes that carry simple, inexpensive ingredients, choose your favorite ones to try at home and cheer yourself up.

1. Cornmeal Cake: To begin with the list of cake recipes, which are the taste of childhood apart from being simple, there is nothing better than a corneal cake. This recipe combines the characteristic taste of cornmeal with the practicality of a blender and results in a cake that is easy to prepare and even easy to eat.


2. Carrot Cake: One of Grandma's most traditional dishes is carrot cake, always with that piece of dry chocolate. In addition to delicious, carrot cake is nutritious and super simple to prepare, for those who live alone and enjoy a good homemade cake.

3. Chocolate Cake: One of the most beloved homemade cakes is hard to find who does not like Kadli Chocolate Cake. Usually with a brigadier topping (famous? Nega nuts?), Chocolate cake can be served as a dessert or as a main course. Success is guaranteed in afternoon coffee and among adults and children.

4. Corn Cake: Still conforming to most traditional recipes, we have Green Corn Cake recipe. This is quite simple, as it comes down to grinding corn and uses a mixer to mix with other ingredients. Easy, cute and delicious!

5. Orange Cake: Super Light and Kali, Orange Cake recipe goes well for both breakfast and afternoon, as Orange is as sweet as the main recipe and balanced with the sour tone of this fruit. This cake with a cup of latte is a beautiful combination!


6. Pear Cake: Another very light recipe, but with a mild contrast of flavors, such as when the pear is caramelized, topped with a whiskey syrup. The result promises to be amazing, worth a test!

7. Banana Cake: Neutral batter with a banana flavor in the background combined with a caramelized banana topping. The balance is perfect and the result, in addition to delicious, is super beautiful.

8. Passion Fruit Cake: This is yet another blender recipe, with practicality as its specialty. In addition to easy, the cake brings a memorable taste to passion fruit in a smooth way and combines its acidity with the fruit's jelly candy used as a topping.

9. Lemon Cake: The method of making lemon cake by mixing lemon tart and sweet cake is a great choice for those who like a soft and balanced taste. This cake is accompanied by a white frosting with lemon zest, which leaves the result, in addition to delicious, very beautiful.

10. Kaska Guava Cake: With a notable taste of guava, this recipe mixes light drinks such as chamomile tea, as well as practical cooking and family gatherings at the table. Be sure to test!


11. Tingling Cake: This recipe is also "everything beats in a blender and is a recipe", perfect for those who like cakes, but don't have time to be in the kitchen. The Anthill Cake recipe combines a neutral batter (vanilla, yogurt, coconut) with sprinkles (which are added before the batter is baked). The result is a smooth and beautiful cake to eat with your mouth and eyes.

12. Coconut Cake: With a wet texture, this coconut recipe is great for serving in afternoon coffins and getting praise from visitors. In addition to the cake being delicious, it is easy to reproduce and easy icing as well.

13. Iced Cake: Refreshing, cute and wet, this is how iced cake recipe can be told. This is a great dessert or tart for hot days, another recipe that pleases the whole family and is easy to prepare.

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14. Cassava Cake: This cake is a "mix everything and keep it in the oven" type, just beat all the ingredients in a blender for the flour and bake for the syrup, mix the ingredients and bring to the fire until thickened. In addition to being practical, this recipe has a light texture and a citrus touch of orange syrup. It is worth a try!

15. Yogurt Cake: Easy to remember (and make), this is the recipe when the urge to eat cake comes in the middle of market shopping. According to the owner of the recipe is it? Yogurt Cake, a great choice for a family afternoon coffee.


16. Apple Cake: The combination of apple and cinnamon always works well and is the basis of this combination. Goes well on cold days with a cup of coffee. The taste is mild and the aroma leaves the neighbors in the mood as well.

17. Vanilla Cake: Because it has a mild and mild flavor, the vanilla cake goes well with various drinks (tea, coffee, juice) and can be combined with jelly and fruit syrup, this table. But there is a real clown.

18. Strawberry Cake: This recipe is gluten free because wheat flour is replaced with almond flour. In addition it combines the taste of strawberries and cornmeal and brings an orange cream recipe, which according to the owner of the recipe is the perfect accompaniment to this cake. Although it contains many components and has many preparation stages, this is offset by the final taste of the recipe.

19. Nut Cake: With a healthy air, this recipe is free of oil and butter. The wet effect of the cake is due to the natural yogurt (added to the cake) and the special touch is a result of the texture of the nuts. It is worth testing at home!

20. Pineapple Cake: This recipe is for stuffed Pineapple Cake, but for those less experienced in the kitchen it is possible that they do not cook the dough and use all the topping cream. The recipe is made from ingredients that combine a lot: pineapple and coconut, so this is a great choice to share with those you like best.

Tips for preparing an ideal cake

  • For the recipe to work and your cake is delicious and with an attractive appearance, you need to take some care during the execution of the recipe, as well as when removing from the oven. Know what are these tips and tricks that can increase your chances of success of your cake and how to apply them properly.
  • Respect the remedies contained in the recipe: Following the instructions and using the right amount of ingredients is essential for the recipe to work. To avoid mistakes, use a measuring container or scale and avoid increasing or decreasing the recipe.
  • Be aware of oven temperature: Another point that interferes with the result of the cake is the temperature of the oven. Follow the recipe instructions for preheating, temperature, baking time and avoid opening the oven before the cake is baked more or less, but remember to consider the power of your oven. These signs prevent the cake from burning, neither fully cooking, nor withering.
  • Consider the characteristics of the shape: It is very important that the shape and thickness of the shape match your recipe. The thick shape prevents the edges of the cake from burning and the dough should be covered from the height of the pan to ½ to the sides. In addition, the greasing process is important because it prevents the bottom of the cake from burning and makes the cake unmaking process easier.
  • Use a thermal glove to remove the cake from the oven: Once you have checked that the cake is actually baked (you can use a toothpick test) it is time to remove it from the oven. Remember to protect your hands well to avoid any risk of burns.
  • Make sure the cake is cold: To prevent the cake from wok or wok, allow it to cool completely. Also, when you still try to unmake the hot cake, you risk burning.
  • Now with these tips and cake flavors your afternoon coffee will be even more delicious, just get inspired and get your hands dirty, don't forget to add a good dose of love to the recipe and draw the family to sip with you!

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Sp Greaney from Ireland on June 18, 2020:

Good list of cakes there, some I've never heard of. Nice idea there of adding in some cooking tips for some of the cakes as well. Good advice.

Amazing Goal (author) from United state of American on April 30, 2020:

thanks mom pamela

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on April 29, 2020:

What a wonderful and yummy list of homemade cakes!

I love simple cakes, and avoid icing, because of the added calories.

Thank you for sharing the tips and suggestions.

Mitara N from South Africa on April 28, 2020:

A delightful quick and easy variety of cakes....

Excellent ideas, thank you for sharing

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on April 28, 2020:

A nice list of cakes and suggestions for times and extras to serve with them..

JC Scull on April 28, 2020:

Yum Yum. I am forwarding this article to my daughter. Maybe I can get her to make this for me this week.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on April 28, 2020:

I think your tips for making the best cakes are very good. You listed a nice vaqriety of cakes also.

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