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Garde Manger-Healthy & immunity driven cold foods


Author is Chef Syed Abdul Attique works as Chef Instructor at Culinary Academy Of India

Covid-19 around the world has made people to think twice before they go out and eat anything. The closure of hotels around the world stopped food lovers from entering the hotels and enjoying their food. The cold food like salads, salmons, sausages, cheese makings, pickled food, cold sauces.


The cold food is preserved and kept safely from bacteria. Freezing is done in sea food to kill parasites. The suppliers of such food should be well versed in supplying such items that require utmost care in delivering them is such covid-19 situation as such food is served raw. The hotels have their trusted suppliers but still there is a need for the hotels to provide staff training to check such orders and keep safely. Utmost care is necessary in serving cold meat or fish. A diet-friendly salad or cold food should be a well-balanced combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


Cold salads are rich in nutrition and according to the present situation; these salads can be made rich with nutrition and micro-nutrients that can boost the immune system. The present demand of customers and people who are choosing to quarantine at 5-star hotels needs such salads with topping of vitamin’ C and other citrus food that can increase their immunity levels. People are looking for protein diets these days that are offered by hotel industry. Salad leaves can be cooked and other items that have covers are safe to eat raw like cucumbers, carrots, onions and celery and tomato and other salads can be washed thoroughly before making salads.


Choose from avocados, nuts or different kinds of seeds like chia and sunflower to make the salad nutritious. Chefs can choose a grilled, steamed or sautéed portion of protein for the salad instead of a fried one, be it chicken, fish, tofu, paneer or eggs. Vinaigrette based dressings are suggested for salad instead of creamy ones. Dark coloured vegetables can give good colour and good appealing. A salad or other different-coloured vegetables, such as spinach; sweet potatoes; and red, green, orange, or yellow peppers fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, or non-dairy products such as almond or rice milk, different-coloured fruits, including apples, bananas, and grapes lean beef, pork, or other protein foods, such as chicken, seafood, eggs, tofu, or beans whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, whole -wheat bread, and whole-grain cornmeal.


Manasa Rajan, coach at Cure fit, a health and fitness start-up, said: “More people trying salads as their healthier go-to meals are a significantly positive trend. With eating vegetables that are raw and lightly cooked, we have a better understanding of what we eat and how it impacts our health.” She added that salads in general nowadays have more of a health focus rather than a purely culinary one.

When the food is over cooked it loses its nutrients, so to keep up the nutrients, cold food serving is healthy and safe when served with utmost care and precautions. Salads made with salmon, shrimps, sprouts, hazelnuts, black berry, chicken, beans, avocado, apple, and pomegranate and so on are very nutritious and tasty. There is a need to take precautions in cold kitchen along with maintenance and quality control.The virus spreads from person to person through droplets but it is not proved anywhere that it spreads with food. So it is important to make the people aware that virus does not spread with food but it is necessary to eat with clean hands.

Cold food has low calorie and high protein with high fibre and is in demand these days as lot of people have become diet conscious. The cold meat is highly nutritious with macronutrients that enhance the immune system. It is recommended to take 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight. Tuna, turkey, cottage cheese, spinach, eggs, lentils, peas,and yoghurtare rich in protein that is used in cold food preparation. Cold deserts made with seasonal fruits also have lot of value.

Colourful and appealing food is one of the elements of Garde Manger or cold food. The food displays consists of vegetable and fruit carvings along with cold meats and salads decorated using various food items that look very colourful and appealing to the people. The food displays are made using lot of creativity using different types of fruits and vegetable and even the trays and glass are used in display that gives lot of colours, shapes, and textures that people generally like.


Lot of choice is available in cold food as there is large varietypresented in the form ofcold soups, fresh fruits, canned fruits, vegetables, salads and appetizers and ice sculptures and butter sculptures make the presentation more appealing. The cold meat is displayed with ready cuts and it also gives people choice to make their own cuts. Even salads can be self made by selecting various fruits and vegetables with nuts as toppings. There is a myth in this covid-19 situation that cold food is not good for health but in fact it gives more nutrition and micronutrients. There is a need for the hotel industry to make people aware of the importance of cold food and display pictures in the dining area and also can keep leaflets of cold food with nutritional values in the rooms.

Cold buffets were very popular among continental cuisine made by garde manger chefs and is now world popular and one of the important department in hotel industry. Transition in food can be seen through cold food with food styling with various plate presentations. The garde manger chefs are taught in their course to provide food along with taking care of the health and well-being of customers. Chefs should be aware of the impact of cold food on their customers.Cold food with artistic presentations remains safe and garnished with nutritional value and traditional greens and herbs that give a visual appeal and lot of flavour.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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