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Wholesome Avocado

Sadhana Mahato, 29, is a fervent enthusiast for cooking innovative recipes since she was 15 without compromising on taste and health.

Time saver, Delicious & Healthy protein meal recipe for beginners

The competitive, computer and technology driven life had already left us with no time to take good care of our health and provide balanced nutrition to our bodies and now due to the current outburst of a stronger variant of the Covid-19 virus (SARS-Cov-2), we have no other option but to eat home cooked meals.

This could be an advantage for all of us worldwide to provide our bodies with better nourishment than the much resorted to 'to-go' meals from restaurants which are full of empty calories, unhealthy fats and refined ingredients, or the frozen food which is prepared many months ago and is just a nutrition-less dead body with hardly any taste.

While this is a positive, many people resort to eating packaged foods that are heavily processed and are full of sodium and refined oils with either additional refined sugars or just an overload of spices that exceed and overpower the main base of the food. Hence I have come up with a recipe for my dear readers from all around the world that would satisfy your taste-buds as well as leave you with no guilt or cause stress to your digestive system. This recipe could be used when you have no time to cook and still need an essential balanced diet to fulfill nutritional requirements for your body and this recipe works for everyone, even if you're a beginner and absolutely have no idea on how to cook. It can be used as a meal as well as a snack, or after a workout as a protein supplement for preventing muscle loss. It can be used to gain muscle mass and healthy weight and with some changes it can also be used as a diet food. You can also use this recipe as a lunch box snack or as a meal for your growing kids and prevent them from snacking empty calories from Doritos or chips and nachos, or to nourish yourself after a long, tedious day of working.

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

15 min

20 min

35 min

250 grams of avocado will serve 2 adults

To cook Scrumptious Avocado meal/snack:



1 medium of about 250-300gms



1 medium



1 medium


Garlic cloves


You can add 1 or 2 more if you want a strong garlic flavor but I suggest to not overpower the base with spices




Smoke paprika powder

1 tsp


Tomato ketchup or

1 tbp


lime juice and sugar

1/2 tsp and 1/2 tbsp each respectively

If you don't like ketchup and prefer lemon juice.




Extra virgin or classic olive oil

4-5 tbsp or 3 tbsp

If you want to gain weight and like your onions to be roasted to a perfect brown- add more oil but if you're a weight watcher or like your onions a bit half cooked and light pinkish- add 3 tbsp of oil


As per taste, I used 1/2 Tsp





Cheddar cheese grated

As per the taste requirements, about 50-100 gms

To garnish

Tomato ketchup


For garnishing

Pine nuts & cashew nuts (roasted or raw, according to your taste preferences)

about a fistful, finely chopped

To give a crunch to the creamy mixture of avocado and cheese

Method to cook this light and nourishing meal

  1. Scoop the fully ripen avocado into a bowl (Make sure its not half raw as we want a creamy texture for this recipe).
  2. Gently press and mix it with a spoon or use a hand held mixer to blend it to a creamy texture.
  3. Take olive oil in a skillet and sauté minced garlic, ginger in it.
  4. When the garlic turns pinkish brown, add onions.
  5. When the onions are sautéed to your desired color, add tomatoes and let it simmer until its soft and cooked.
  6. Switch off the gas. Add smoked paprika and salt to the tempering.
  7. Add this tempering to the avocado mixture.
You can add green chutney (if you can but it from a Indian store or know how to make it) to the scooped avocado to make it more green and delicious. But it's completely optional*

You can add green chutney (if you can but it from a Indian store or know how to make it) to the scooped avocado to make it more green and delicious. But it's completely optional*

Sautéing garlic, onions, tomatoes in olive oil

Sautéing garlic, onions, tomatoes in olive oil

Step 2:

7. Mix properly the avocado mixture so that the salt and spices are incorporated perfectly in the scooped avocado.

8. Now add a bit of tomato ketchup or lemon juice with sugar to it so that the slight bitter and smelly taste of avocado is offset by a bit sourness and sweetness to make it palatable.

Pouring the tempering over scooped avocado.

Pouring the tempering over scooped avocado.

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The Final Step- Assembling

9. Now take some wholegrain, roasted crackers (I used khakhras- an Indian roasted whole wheat crisp that comes in varieties of savory flavors).

10. Now spoon some prepared avocado mixture on it, covering the cracker generously with it.

11. Add some grated cheddar cheese on it ( As avocado is very bland and buttery, a savory and salty cheese like cheddar would go well with it).

12. Add some finely chopped pine nuts and cashew nuts on it.

13. Finally drizzle some tomato ketchup on it.

*Optional*- If you can, visit an Indian store and buy fine gram flour noodles called 'nylon sev' which will give it the final crunch and also buttery savory texture.

And voila! You have a perfect post- workout/ post work meal or snack at home which is nourishing, nutritious, light yet filling and satisfying to your gut health.

Note: Scoop the avocado just when you are about to eat so that it stays fresh, doesn't lose it's color, taste and smells good with all it's nutrition intact.

*If you are a weight watcher, avoid drizzling ketchup over cheese and also in the avocado mixture as 1 tbsp of Heinz ketchup has 20 calories*

*If you don't eat fried food, avoid sprinkling the fine gram flour noodles for garnishing*

Assembling all the recipe components to prepare the Wholesome Avocado meal

Assembling all the recipe components to prepare the Wholesome Avocado meal

Tasty and healthy avocado meal ready in a jiffy!

Tasty and healthy avocado meal ready in a jiffy!


This recipe has avocado as a base and hence is rich in healthy fats coming from avocado and nuts, extra virgin olive oil but do not worry as it is a perfect nourishment to your body. It provides all the adequate nutrients and healthy fats needed to sustain a healthy muscle mass and prevent muscle wasting occurred due to exercising in the gym. It also helps in relieving fatigue and stress from the daily life. After all, to sustain a healthy life and to be energetic throughout your life, a proportionate amount of healthy fats are necessary. So enjoy guilt free!

Precautionary advise:

*Please note that the writer does not come from a medical advisory background and is not a nutritionist or a dietitian. She has stayed true to her observations, knowledge of reading a lot of books on health maintenance and experiences to provide accurate readings from her side. Please consult your doctor if you have serious ailments and are a patient of health issues such as cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

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