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Healthiest energy drinks

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The NEW Zero Ultra Pink Edition!

The NEW Zero Ultra Pink Edition!


The healthiest energy drinks

Energy drinks have gone from 0-60 in the last 10 years and sales are continuing to rise on a supersonic rate. Various brands such as Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, Full throttle, AMP, Xyience are all trying to compete for energy drink supremacy.

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Energy drinks are one of today's biggest sponsors when it comes to sports such as Off-Road Racing, NASCAR, Surfing, Rally Racing, Snow boarding, Skate boarding, Roller Skating, BMX biking, and many, many more sports are being sponsored by these brands. Xyience in particular is a huge sponsor of the UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship. While Redbull, Monster & Rockstar are huge sponsors for pretty much everything.


Energy drink sales hit roughly $12.5 Billion dollars last year, yes, Billion. On a day to day basis, it is probably very unlikely that you go all day without seeing at least one energy drink can while conducting your daily routine. Weather the can be ice cold sitting in a cooler at the gas station or supermarket, or empty in a near by trash can or laying on the ground as you drive to work. Energy drinks are so popular now, that they are a part of almost everyone's day, in some way shape or form. However, with all of these energy drinks and the supplements and ingredients that they contain, critics state that they are bad for people who consume them regularly, and granted, they DO have a lot of sugar.

Personally, I am not a coffee drinker, I never have been nor will I ever be a coffee drinker. I am a die hard energy drink consumer, and I will drink and like pretty much all of them. I have lived off of energy drinks for the past 6 or so years, on a daily basis, and there is nothing wrong with me, my doctors say that I am fine and I have nothing to worry about. I can honestly probably give credit to the healthier energy drinks that I consume rather than the fully loaded, sugar crammed energy drinks that are what got all of these companies started. Due to all of the critics and people saying that these drinks aren't safe, brands such as Redbull, Monster, Rockstar have come up with various flavors that are sugar free, and flavors that have followed the trend of "Zeros" (Meaning Zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbohydrates). This article, is all about those sugar free and "zero" labels, helping you, the reader, to identifiy which of those energy drinks are going to be the better tasting, and better for your body drinks to consume, when you need that extra boost throughout your day.


Monster - Zero Ultra Blends

Monster Zero Ultra (White & Blue) - Both have a slightly lower sugar and caffeine content to their regular black & green counterparts. Due to its lower content of sugar and caffeine, the Zero Ultra White and Zero Ultra Blue blends do not provide a huge overwhelming buzz, but it does give a decent lift comparable to the regular strength monsters, without the harsh crash that comes from the higher amounts of sugar. Zero Ultra blends are becoming more and more popular as the days go by, these are great tasting energy drinks with great benefits for your health and energy levels alike.


The Red Bull Total Zero

When it comes to Red Bull - They have developed a "Total Zero" version of their world famous energy drink. Contrary to its predacessor, the "sugar" free version which most people will agree tasted awful. The "Total Zero" version actually has a much better flavor, on top of that. The Total Zero version has 0 grams of sugar, 0 grams of carbohydrate, and 0 calories. Which brings life back into the Red Bull Era.


Rockstar - Zero Carb

Rockstars' way of keeping up with the trend on the healthier versions of energy drinks have come out with the Zero Carbohydrate version of their product. The Rockstar zero carb. has one of the highest contents of caffeine (360 milligrams) found in the healthier energy drinks. The zero carb. also still has a great taste and won't damage your diet!


Full Throttle - Sugar Free

Full throttle sugar free is another great tasting energy drink in sugar free form. The full throttle really delivers a kick, and allows the user to really kick it up a notch. Full throttle today is sort of falling behind the upkeep when it comes to energy drinks due to their publicity not being as great as monster's or rockstar's however, they are definitely under rated and worth drinking when you need to step up into that extra gear!

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AMP - Sugar Free

AMP was the mountain dew of energy drinks when it originally was placed on the shelves. The great taste kept people coming back, but due to the health kick era we are currently in. AMP had to create some sugar free versions of their great tasting energy drinks. Unlike a lot of energy drinks, AMP was able to come up with a low sugar, low calorie, and GREAT tasting drink derived from their original energy drinks.


Xyience - The king of HEALTHY energy drinks

Xyience is a heavy hitter when it comes to the healthier versions of energy drinks. A huge sponsor of the UFC, ALL of Xyience energy drinks are free of sugar, low calories and healthy for you to consume. The also come in a very large variety of different flavors. If you want a healthy energy drink that gives you a natural kick, definitely choose Xyience.


Energy Drinks

Needless to say, energy drinks are in a way, taking over the world. The picture above is just a portion of the worlds different brands of energy drinks. As you can see, there are, well a lot, for lack of better terminology.

My suggestion to everyone, is to avoid the sugar loaded, normal versions of energy drinks. This not only cuts down calories, carbohydrates and sugar, but the sugar free versions of energy drinks allow the user to avoid that unwanted sugar crash a few hours after consuming the drink itself. Sugar free is the way to go, for physical and mental health reasons.

Thanks for reading!

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panther on November 09, 2015:

All of these are SO bad for you! They calcify your stomach!

Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on May 26, 2015:

Nice hub. I wonder what Monster's Zero Pink tastes like?

Dil Vil from India on August 08, 2013:

Good hub, thank you for sharing :)

PoeticPhilosophy from Canada on August 07, 2013:

loool, great hub, beautifully written. I don't think any energy drink is healthy though. I use to drink 3 a day PLUS Coffee on top of it, it almost killed me. But thanks for this awesome hub :)

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