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Halwa Sweet Dessert Recipe

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Sweets carrot Dessert

"Gajar ka halwa "whose name makes you want to eat it now. Carrots start being available as soon as the winter season comes. In this way, carrots are available in many places throughout the year, but what is the matter in the winter season, where is it in such a season. What to say about carrots of this time. They look so good in taste and color that what to say.
Gajar ka Halwa is now started in every house. It is liked by everyone. It is also beneficial.
Everyone makes Gajar Ka Halwa in their own way.
In fact, carrot halwa tastes delicious no matter how it is made.
There are innumerable methods of making it.
Today I have also brought it. A different type of recipe whose taste is very amazing.
I like it a lot. Let's make carrot halwa just like confectionery.
Khoya Wala Gajar Ka Halwa


4 cups grated carrots

1/4 cup ghee

6/7 tsp sugar (according to you)

1/2 cup crushed mawa (khoya)

Almond pieces for garnishing

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To make gajar ka halwa, heat ghee in a non stick pan.

Now add carrots and cook for 10 minutes while stirring continuously.

Now add sugar to it, sugar can be added more or less according to its sweetness, now cook it on medium flame while stirring it well.

Now it is the turn of the mawa (khoya), now add khoya and cook it for 2 minutes.
If you want, you can add cardamom powder to it.

Delicious Gajar Ka Halwa is ready.

Now serve it garnished with a piece of almond.

It's not easy at all Gajar ka Halwa.

So what's the delay, make it and sit with the family and enjoy the carrot halwa.

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