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HUNGRY HOWIE'S Pizza Restaurant - A Fast Food Restaurant Review



Hungry Howie’s pizza restaurant is a place that young kids would like. Hungry Howie’s pizza restaurant uses colorful design and a cute cartoon logo. While the food prices are good at Hungry Howie's Pizza Restaurant, especially if you are using a Hungry Howie's coupon, the taste of the pizza at Hungry Howie’s pizza is very mediocre especially if the pizza from Hungry Howie's has been allowed to cool for a while and is not very hot.

My family and I have been curious about this chain of pizza places, Hungry Howie’s, for quite a while and finally decided to try eating pizza from Hungry Howie' Pizza Restaurant. The Hungry Howie’s Pizza Restaurant location that we visited is at a Battleground Avenue shopping plaza in Greensboro, North Carolina. A large assortment of stores share the same large parking lot with this Hungry Howie's Pizza Restaurant location. These stores near to Hungry Howie's fast food pizza restaurant include Earthfare supermarket, Jersey Mike’s sandwich shop, a US Post Office and more. The employees at this Hungry Howie’s Pizza Restaurant location were very polite and helpful. The customer service at this Hungry Howie's was good.

The small cheese pizza from Hungry Howie's Pizza Restaurant

Cheese pizza from HUNGRY HOWIE'S

Cheese pizza from HUNGRY HOWIE'S

A large variety of pizza toppings are offered at Hungry Howie's Pizza Restaurant

  • We do like the variety of pizza toppings that are offered at Hungry Howie’s and chose the Buffalo chicken pizza. Tasty Buffalo chicken is a topping that you would not necessarily be able to get at just any pizzeria. The Buffalo chicken pizza was quite tasty. The Buffalo chicken sauce at Hungry Howie’s was good.
  • A plain cheese pizza with no toppings from Hungry Howie’s Pizza is just okay.

With coupons in hand during our first visit to Hungry Howie’s Pizza restaurant, we were able to order 4 small pizzas for $16 (two small Buffalo chicken pizzas and two small plain cheese pizzas). A few slices of pizza were eaten at the Hungry Howie’s Pizza Restaurant and we took the rest of the pizza home.

There is good marketing in place for Hungry Howie's Pizza Restaurant

The marketing materials, logo and signage for Hungry Howie’s is all very eye catching and if you have young children, you might be sure to hear your kids asking, “Can we go there? Can we go there?” When you finally give in and go for a visit to try the food at Hungry Howie’s, you might not be all that impressed unfortunately. Nevertheless, your kids probably will like the experience of finally having their curiosity satisfied.

At HUNGRY HOWIE'S Pizza Restaurant

Dining-in accommodations at Hungry Howie’s are very modest and simple. You might find that most of the people seated at tables are just waiting to pick up to-go orders that they had previously called in for pick-up from Hungry Howie’s Pizza.

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The to-go pizza boxes are ample, thick and sturdy for transporting your food from Hungry Howie’s Pizza fast food pizza restaurant chain of stores.

Besides for pizza, Hungry Howie’s Pizza Restaurant also serves chicken wings, salads, and desserts such as a large chocolate chip cookie as food menu options. The only food menu item that our family has tried from Hungry Howie’s Pizza Restaurant so far is the pizza.

Hungry Howie's is a place that might get young children excited and happy

Restaurant food menu options and basic set up of the Hungry Howie’s Pizza restaurant can readily remind one of Jet’s Pizza, but for me, I definitely prefer Jet’s Pizza so I do not anticipate returning to Hungry Howie’s anytime too soon. The kids prefer the taste of Jet's Pizza as well.

Nevertheless, Hungry Howie’s Pizza is a place that might get young children excited and happy and Hungry Howie’s Pizza does frequently offer coupon deals in the marketing materials. These are some of the positive aspects about Hungry Howie’s Pizza. You are going to enjoy seeing your children so happy and excited to go to Hungry Howie’s.

Hungry Howie is a cute animated character and a bright and cheerful yellow color is plentiful in the Hungry Howie’s marketing materials, on the pizza boxes and other food boxes and in the interior design of the Hungry Howie’s fast food pizza restaurant locations.

HUNGRY HOWIE'S chain of fast food pizza restaurants

HUNGRY HOWIE'S Pizza Restaurant

Category Rating 

Food Prices at Hungry Howie's Pizza Restaurant / Food Value for the Money

3 out of 5 stars


Coupon Deals

4 out of 5 stars


Food Taste and Quality at Hungry Howie's Pizza Restaurant

3 out of 5 stars


Fast Food Restaurant Atmosphere - interior design, comfort, cleanliness

3 out of 5 stars


Customer Service

4 out of 5 stars


Hungry Howie's Pizza Restaurant Commercial

Hungry Howie's Franchise Promo Video

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