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Guava Blue Berry Ice-Cream

In my blogs you will find melange of dishes discovered of my own and some (foods and flavors) are influenced of our ancestors.

About Recipe

Guava Blue Berry ice cream is a sweetened frozen food can be your any time snack especially for your munchkin. Guava has a wonderful tropical aroma and taste. But the delicious blue berries has a unique tangy flavour of sweetness. When the duo combined some one will passionate and addictive to lick the ice-cream again and again.

You can fall in love and desire to ask for more. It gives a freshness taste to your taste bud but in such qualities there one bad thing is it melts very soon. So you need to finish it before you have not enjoyed it full.


  • To prepare guava ice cream you just need to skip the blueberries puree and follow the instructions below for ice cream. You just need to sprinkle berries over the guava ice cream to get the blunt sweetness of blueberries.
  • This Berry Ice Cream is one of the easiest ice cream recipe. Thick coconut milk and cream make the ice cream lightly creamy texture. You can use fresh blue berries rather than frozen, you just need to adjust the sugar measurement only.

Cook Time

Prep timeReady inYields

11 hours

11 hours



  • 1.5 cups guava, thick puree
  • 1 cup coconut milk, thick
  • 1 cup cream, fresh
  • 1 handful blue berries, frogen
  • sugar as per taste
  • salt pinch of


  • Clean and peel the guava. Chop them into small pieces and blend using slight water to form a puree. Use a strainer to separate the seeds.
  • In a blender add frozen berries along with little water to form a fine thick puree. Keep it a side. If you would like to prepare only guava ice cream then don’t use blue berry and follow the instructions with out berries.
  • Beat cream with a hand blender until stiff peaks or thick. Combine berries puree, coconut milk, guava puree, sugar, salt and whisk until combined. Pour the mixture into the whipped cream and whisk to combine the mixture evenly around 1 minute.
  • In a freezer safe container pour the prepared mixture and cover a wrap or air tight lid. Place the container in the freezer and allow the mixture to freeze for 2 hours. After 2 hrs remove container from the freezer and beat with a hand mixer or blender to break up ice crystals. Repeat the process for 2 to 3 times until the ice cream is thicken sufficiently and soft.
  • Pour it back into the airtight container and allow the ice cream to freeze until solid. Take the container out of the freezer remove the cover and scoop ice cream into bowls or cones. Serve and enjoy the delicacy !
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