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Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Gary's Quick Steak Chicken

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Hot Sandwiches

Who doesn't enjoy a hot sandwich? The French Dip, a Philly Cheese-steak, hot pastrami, and even a simple grilled cheese. There is something about heated food that is more appealing than anything non-perishable or that comes from a refrigerator. Sandwiches are quick and easy. They can be healthy as well. Add some lettuce, tomato, onion, you have a side salad all packed in with your favorite meat and cheese between two slices of (your favorite) bread.

It sounds almost too healthy to be true.

In a day and age when prices are hitting a ceiling and many lines are long, the convenience of making at home is just too easy. Certainly, it always tastes better when someone makes food for you, even a sandwich. (I'm not quite sure why that is). The convenience of not having to leave home and cooking your food to order are a few of the reasons why you might want to try this product.


In order to make this product, the following are recommended. I cooked mine on a skillet and used a bagel for the bread option. Cook times will vary depending upon the level of heat and your elevation etc. Recommend to cook on a flat surface or a pan (not an outdoor grill). Use a little cooking spray, oil or butter for flavor.


Gary's Quick Steak Chicken

Cheese (I'm using provolone)




Green Bell Pepper

Bread (your choice)


Other Seasonings: Rosemary, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Paprika etc.

Worcestershire sauce



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Some things you might want to bring with you to the table

Ultimately, how what you put in is up to you

Ultimately, how what you put in is up to you

Simple Instructions

Heat pan or cooking surface on medium-high heat. Glaze lightly with oil or cooking spray (if desired)

Place brick of chicken on top of hot surface

Season lightly - add worcestshire sauce if desired

Cook about two to three minutes

Flip chicken. Repeat seasoning. Cook two mins

Break chicken apart. Add vegies

Mix and cook until meat is done. Should be pretty quick.

(Recomendations for cooking poultry are that the meat is above 160 degrees)

Top with cheese. Turn off heat.

Prep bread.

Move the meat over. Add toppings. Close sandwich.


I believe that all anyone in this life wants is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.

— Liz Lemon


Just Some Notes

Keep in mind, this is just one of the things you can do with this product. You can up things up and go ethnic with chicken teriyaki, go a little south of the border and make enchiladas, or grill it up plain for a salad. I'll have to work on some more discoveries.

It's a pretty good quality product and saves you the work of cutting up your own chicken. And it cooks up pretty quick.

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried this or done something on your own with Gary's. I like their selection and it is one of the better easy prep, frozen items on the market. At least in my opinion.

Also, don't overcook the chicken or under prepare it either. That is something I cannot provide instruction on other than to say cook out all the pink and make sure its close to 165 or so. I think I said 160 earlier....

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