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Good Health Veggie Straws

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Finn lives in California's central valley. He enjoys writing food reviews.


I have a secret to tell



Guess what?


You heard of these things called veggie straws? Hmmm?

yeah. i have

Well, I have something to tell you.


vegetables should be eaten every day

vegetables should be eaten every day

Tell Me More Please

Well. I have to let you in on something. I know you came here because you are one of those people seeking a healthy snacking alternative. You are someone who is hoping to find something that tastes good and is healthy for you. Of course you are. Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth, trying to find that city called Utopia where no one has to worry about mosquitoes and bottled water grows on trees.

If you've perused the chip aisle, I know you've stumbled across these. Colorful samples in delightful shapes with images of carrots, onions, and spinach on the packages.

Wow you think. They have finally come up with red onions or snow peas in a form that I can not only carry with me, but enjoy eating. These are not only tasty, but they must fulfill some of the daily nutritional requirements for humans.

And, you can eat a whole bag and know that you did yourself a favor.


Well...I guess that depends.



Well, looking at the label, i notice that there is a measurable amount of potassium and iron in this product.I don't even really know exactly what potassium is, but I've seen it listed on many nutritional information labels and I am under the impression therefore that it is good for you.

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Isn't it?

Aren't vegetables supposed to be a good source of potassium and iron and riboflavin and several other polysyllabic substances whose names look good on packaging and you like to repeat when you're at the Saturday evening library party?

Well, at least there isn't an overabundance of carbs, sugars, various saturated fats and kerosene in these things.

So let's take a closer look.....

C'mon. Flip that bag up a little.

And read some more.

Wow. And I mean WOW

Well, one thing you need to know about the ingredients labels on any product you buy at the store.

The first name on the list is the main substance that goes into the product. So when you see something like "Potato Starch" and "Dehydrated potato" you know that is what makes up most of what is inside. Sure, there are a few vegetable powders and pastes, but those are near the end, after all the poly-saturated fats and sunflower juices etc. The means, they are awarded the least amount of care.

So these veggie straws....are basically a potato chip.

And one other thing I noticed. There is a warning on this bag that basically says, if you eat what is inside, you can eventually develop cancer. So, not only are these vegetable straws actually potato chips, but you are buying a carcinogen which you will unknowingly chomp down until you need another bag.


In conclusion

Well, I have to say that I was a little disappointed when I found out that veggie straws (or chips) really do not contain a healthy dosage of fruits/vegetables. I thought I was doing my body a favor by eating these.

Are they any good? Well, that is subjective. They do have a slight off taste that maybe might make you think of a carrot or a tomato, but honestly, they are pretty bland.

Do I feel duped. Yes of course. I thought I could eat these everyday and get away with it. In fact, even as I write this, I am in a state of disbelief. I am still trying to figure out the color design and how to tell the carrots from the tomatoes.

crunch crunch

What gets me most of all, is the label about cancer...

So. I guess I'll let you decide for yourself.


© 2022 Finn

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