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Fresh and simple fish taco recipe

Simple, easy, fresh and delicious…you can’t beat a fish taco on a hot summer's day.

I'd never claim the as follows directions to be the definitive fish taco recipe, and like any iconic food, there are thousands of very tasty variations around a central theme; but these are simple, honest, delicious and we have sold thousands of these over the years.

A good fish taco of course starts with good fresh fish. Fish in many shapes and sizes will do nicely, but you’re looking for something white and sweet and firm, and as such cod, halibut, mahi-mahi, tilapia and any number of others will all do quite nicely.

A true and proper fish taco requires an excellent fresh made corn tortilla…hot off the comal, but if you don’t have any hot fresh corn tortillas on hand, I'd suggest fresh flour tortillas as an easier and acceptable substitute. Corn tortillas are wondrous healthy toothsome bits of goodness, but the prepackaged stuff most of us endure from the supermarket is to my taste unappealingly mealy.

Fish tacos

1lb white fish fillets, cut ½ inch thick seasoned with salt and black pepper, and dredged in flour (you don't want the fish much thicker than ½ inch as it both takes too long to fry, and as well reduces the proportion of tasty and crunchy fried coating from the tacos.

8 flour or fresh corn tortillas

¼ onion minced

1 cup of white cabbage shaved finely

½ cup of mayonnaise mixed with ½ cup of yoghurt

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1 big tomato chopped (You only want to add a smattering of tomato to each tortilla, as too much tomato seems to overwhelm the balance, and overpowers the fish and harmony of tastes)

Your favorite tomato based Mexican hot sauce

Heat some oil in a large and heavy frying pan, and when hot, add you fish fillets shaking the pan at the beginning so that they don't stick.

Sauté in hot oil for about 2 minutes per side, and remove. Slice into chunks, squeeze a generous amount of fresh lime juice over the fish, and taste and re season for salt.

Arrange across all the tortillas the cabbage, onion, tomato, mayo sauce. Add the fish, and a good spoon of hot sauce…and roll em up!

Serve with the fresh tomato or tomatillo salsa

The fish in a fish taco is often deep fried, but I think that a sauté works as well, and is much easier for most home cooks; often apprehensive about large quantities of boiling fat in their kitchens.

Simplicity and freshness, the two hallmarks of an excellent fish taco.


suziecat7 from Asheville, NC on January 23, 2010:

Fish on sale next week - tacos!!! Thanks.

jeanett on May 19, 2009:

omg/!!!!i made this and it's sooooo delicious!!!!!!!!

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