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How to Keep Durian Fresh For Months

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This variety is hard to find


Durian the King of All Fruits that is hate by many and enjoy by majority of Asian is a seasonal fruit comes from the equatorial forest of Southeast Asia. The durian fruit season is around September until January, most abundance during the month of December. The variety also varies during different time of the year. Each season will be closed by the appearance of the yellow-skin-red-meat & the hard to open sharp-thorn-round fruit variety, locally know Buah Pakan & Buah Isu respectively.

For durian lover out there, the question is how to enjoy it beyond this period? The following method can be used if along the season you find certain variety to your liking and want to prolong your enjoyment of it or suddenly you find that the season is about to end and you just want to keep stock.

Frozen Durian

The best method is to deep freeze the durian pulp. This is done by opening the best durian and scoped the pulp with a spoon while the seed intake and place it in an ice cream container or any plastic ware that is suitable for containing frozen food. Then keep it at the top part of your freezer together with your ice cream.

Another commercial method is to keep the whole durian in a freezer in a constant temperature of 16 degree Celsius. How is this exactly done is a trade secret. This way the whole durian can be transported long distances and sold as if the fruit just come from an orchard nearby.

The frozen durian flesh/pulp can be enjoyed like any other ice cream or you can thaw it back into it original state to enjoy as if the durian is just opened from the fruit itself. One word of caution to those cold sensitive teeth the effect is just like eating any other ice cream.

Some say the taste is just like it original state without worrying your fingers getting into the thorn. I personally still go for the original durian leaving frozen one my second choice.

Malaysian exporter do actually nitrogen’s freezes the durian flesh in a nicely packed plastic container of several pieces each to be sold to Western market. They claim it as good as it is just opened from the fruit itself.

How long it will last? Probably it will last for about three months or so. For my personal case we could hardly make it to last a month or more, just can't resist enjoying the good taste of it.

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Other method would be by making preserved durian, locally know as tempoyak, and durian essence which is not the intention of this article.

Note: You still can enjoy the durian taste with Durian Ice Cream. Is the taste comes from original durian or just an artificial flavor that I am not too sure.

Durian is not really seasonal after all, for you still can enjoy it beyond the season by following a simple method of freezing it. A cryogenic durian would definitely last until the next season come about.

Good Durian

One of the best taste durian. Locally known as Durian Tembaga.

One of the best taste durian. Locally known as Durian Tembaga.

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Wemton from Lagos Nigeria. on December 10, 2019:

Very nice article. Helpful.

Kee Kim Khoo on July 25, 2019:

How to keep Durian fresh for month,no frozen or freeze, The condition of the shieflife is around Temperature control, moisture control and Ventilation control. The main point is kernels [DNA] This kind of equietment have been build in Mainland It is a good coolchain with harvesting .,carton designed,TMV container setting as well as the warehouse setting too B R khoo

Nagatang (author) from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia on November 18, 2013:

It Durian season....make sure you deep freeze your best durian to prolong your enjoyment.

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