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Forbidden Food for G6PD Cases

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In our family, there has been a rising trend in G6PD diagnosed cases in my 2 nephews and my niece. G6PD is Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency. It is a condition inherited and passed on through the X chromosome and is said to be a common deficiency of human enzyme. This deficiency causes red blood cells not to function normally. It may result to hemolytic anemia if the person is exposed to certain medicines, food or even infections.

When we got our first (diagnosed) case of G6PD in the family, it seemed so unreal. Since we didn’t have prior experience of this deficiency, we didn’t know how to react. What made it worse was that our first case was classified as “severe”, that is, exposure to the prohibited medicines and food may cause death to the child. So we started educating ourselves about this deficiency. We found out which medicines were not allowed on the child, and even which vitamins should not be taken in excess. Most of all, we found out which food was not allowed for the G6PD child. Our research has led us to the following food generally not allowed for them:

Peanuts, one of the forbidden foods

Peanuts, one of the forbidden foods

    G6PD Deficiency, a disorder affecting the X-chromosome, was once thought to affect only men. G6PD Deficiency is now known to affect women much more than originally thought.

Fava Beans. This is the number one “no-no” food for the child and has been proven to trigger the symptoms. This is so related to the deficiency that G6PD may be sometimes referred to as “favism” in reference to this food.

Legumes. Beans, black beans, etc., this is another group of foods that must be avoided by children / adults with G6PD.

Soya or Soy. This is an additive to some common food that we eat, including ice cream, burgers, pizzas, chocolate, doughnuts and other food products. It may go by different names but it is definitely one of those food or food additives that should be avoided if one has G6PD.

Peanuts. Peanuts (in particular) and legumes (in general) are found everywhere, including peanut butter, cereals, sauces and salad dressings. Legumes are vegetables and are, supposed to be, in general, good for ones’ health. Peanuts are known as “brain food” and are becoming more popular with recently-discovered antioxidant qualities. But for G6PD cases, avoiding these foods is highly recommended.

Menthol-Flavored Candies and Food. People with G6PD are not advised to not only eat menthol-flavored candies and food, they are not allowed to inhale this substance as well! Menthol can be found in various candies, in mouthwashes, toothpaste and gums. For children with G6PD, it is doubly hard to avoid menthol-flavored candies but avoiding these is not a matter of choice for them but a matter of survival.

Note There are times when these food can be found as ingredients in certain processed foods. Like peanuts in chocolates or soy added as meat extenders or in butter. The key here is to read the ingredients carefully to check for these food. When you see them, avoid these food at all cost. Better to be safe than sorry.

The above are the food my nephews and niece are not allowed to eat. They are a lot fewer than the medications not allowed for people with G6PD (the list of medications is almost one page long while the above is like only a half page) but they are no less dangerous. Knowing this has made us more conscious in terms of reading food labels and checking the ingredients. The children are also taught at a very young age to choose the food that they eat (my two and a half year old niece already knows that she cannot eat peanuts!). Lastly, their parents made sure that the people around them (especially their doctors, teachers and classmates) were advised that these children need to avoid certain foods. This is to ensure that we gain their cooperation. Children with G6PD may grow up to live healthy, normal lives and this is what we hope for them (my nephews and niece) as they grow older and more adept in handling their deficiency.

Note: The facts I wrote here are all based on consultations with my niece / nephew's pediatrician and the websites I have provided links to on the right side of my hub. Although the Internet is a great place to look for information on G6PD, my advice is still to consult your child's doctor. G6PD may be relatively unknown for people outside the medicine profession but I have found that, in general, doctors are very well aware of this condition.



Anthony Ian on May 11, 2020:

How about strawberry flavored candies or stick o?

Apple on May 09, 2020:

Can a g6pd kid eat pistachios?

Edrich on December 29, 2019:

Can people diagnosed with it, can eat chocolates?

Edwin Alcantara from California on November 06, 2019:

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Very useful info. Good to know. My aunt has a lot of unique food restrictions too.

Allison Ramsey on May 25, 2019:

My self, spouse and son has G6PD. MY daughter does not. She is aware it is on the X chromosome and she reads often. Soy knocks my son out after having it (soy naps). I ate peanuts all the time (daily consumption). In August 2015 at work I felt a throbbing deep in my right arm. It then swoll up. In 2018 I found out I had an Aortic tear that was old. I am not sure, and Vascular MD cannot say when it may have occurred. All I will say is; do not eat or take things you should not have if Dx. with G6PD.

Temmy Adey on August 06, 2017:

Pls can someone with g6pd eat flour and wheat?

Cheng on June 18, 2017:

Hi. Thanks for this information. It helped me a lot. I'm actually worried because my son is diagnosed and positive with G6pd. Can u pls email me for all the foods and medicine that they are not allowed to take. Thanks.

RyanAlexis on April 05, 2017:

My son have G6PD deficiency and I want to know where did he get it. I have read about this condition that it can be genetically acquired. Can we (me and my wife) have a test to determine whether one of us is G6PD deficeint even if we are already adult? my email is

Murph on March 12, 2017:

I have g6pd but wasn't diagnosed until my 20's I am 30 now so I have consumed most of the foods on the list for the majority of my life but I just want to inform people just because you have no reaction right away from these foods doesn't mean that they aren't doing damage g6pd is not a food allergy these are things that can cause complications so you should try to avoid them as much as possible because they can eventually take a toll on your body I am currently experiencing this first hand

Faizan on August 27, 2016:

hi everyone! i m G6PD deficient now i'm almost 20 now! lot of things are new for me in this info regarding prohibited in my case. i wasn't aware that peanuts are also not suitable for me but i m eating these all of my life did not get into any trouble!

Although i m prohibited from Pizza's,red beans some other thing and medicines like disprin some others are not allowed!

sha on August 11, 2016:

hi my son is also diagnosed with G6PD after the newborn screening test. I read your article about how dangerous it is if they eat foods that are not allowed for them. his only 2yrs old, i am worried. any you are right better safe than sorry. can you please send me some lists of foods, meds, drinks that, are not allowed for them to eat and take? heres my email,: thank you appreciate it.

Stephenn on June 30, 2016:

How do i know if had mild or serve one?

Eytan on August 11, 2015:

Hi, I just got diagnosed with G6PD deficiency at age 33. Probably the mediterenian type. I'm Israeli, and here the doctors only tell you not to eat fava beans and avoid mouthballs. there is a list of forbiden drugs too. BUT they never heard of a problem with soy, peanuts or other foods. I'm eating soy and peanuts all my life and never was hospitalized because of that. having said that, my RBC count is always on the lower border of the norm and so is the hemoglobin (no signs of B12 or Iron deficiency). I suspect that the soy and other problematic foods are causing me low level hemolysis and that I have low levels of energy due to this. IS THERE ANY CLINICAL STUDY THAT PROVES THAT SOY OR PEANUTS CAUSES HEMOLYSIS TO G6PD DEFICIENT PEOPLE???

jhozi on January 26, 2015:

I was advised by my pedia to have a reconfirmatory test for my 10days old it already 100% that he will have g6pd? My email is

Ash Casona on October 11, 2014:

Hi Im ash my brother have G6PD case...

And we don't know what are the things or foods that are forbidden to him his 11 years old please email me the list the main list of the forbidden foods Thank you very much.

Thong on June 27, 2014:

My daughter has g6pd also can someone please send me an email of the list of food, drugs and chemicals to avoid. Thank you so much. Here's my email

Charmaine on June 02, 2014:

Hi my son is 1yr old already..Im still worried.. Can u please email me the complete list of foods & medicines to be avoided..thanks you..

janet on March 31, 2014:

hi! my 2 month old son was confirmed with G6PD deficiency, how can i determine that his case is severe or mild? his confirmatory result is 0.11.

he's milk is S26 gold and i found out that it contain soy lecithin and soybean oil, is it safe for him? please email to me the c0mplete list of foods and medicines to be avoided. my email ad is thank you

jaalbores on March 04, 2014:

hello,my son too has a g6pd defficiency..he's 2 months old now..can I please have a list of complete food and chemical intake list?including their generic names..thanks ahead,your reply is much appreciated..thank you..

Vince on March 01, 2014:

I am a G6PD person, i consumed everything you listed except the first one in large amount yet i survived!!!

killjoy82 on February 15, 2014:

My father has always told me that our family on his side carries this disorder called, "favism". I really never paid much attention about it because I didn't know what it was. Well life went on and I got my degree in nursing and I've always been a person that's lives to do research but all my dad ever said was that only the makes of the family are affected and the females are the carriers, so I thought no big deal. Until..... in 2011 I was dx with sarcoidosis. Like G6PD it it's an auto immune disorder that the white blood cells can attack any part of the body and cause grandulomas to form in the body's organs. Well after normal treatment didn't work and my disease moved from my lungs to my central nervous system, which is now neurosarcoidosis, I switched doctors and am now being seen at Duke and they told me that from my past medical history which includes, shingles @12, mild stroke @ 15, just a bunch of medical problems my whole life that I've probably had sarcoidosis since I was a child. Well I start thinking about the FAVISM my dad always talked about and found that women who are rarely affected by G6PD tend to develop chronic grandulomas diseases, in which sarcoidosis it's in that group. So diss anyone have any info on that? Cuz right now I'm on chemotherapy to try and manage the sarcoidosis that has now taken over my entire body. And I can't find any info anywhere that states that having G6PD and developing sarcoidosis, makes it harder to treat the sarcoidosis. The doctors don't know. And I certainly don't have the resources to go to these high profile hospitals like UCLA, or the Mayo Clinic to find out. If anyone can't help point me to some answers it'd greatly appreciate it!

apple pagala on January 09, 2014:

pls email all the food, medicines and chemicals to be avoided by my g6pd def. baby. thank you. on December 30, 2013:

I have a 6months old son g6pd + and he start teething..Please give me some medicines for cough and cold..we are taking green it safe to give him too?

Mister on December 18, 2013:

may son have a g6pd is it okay if he eat a coco crunch?? it has soy licthin

marivic joaquin on December 05, 2013:

my nephew have g6pd..we are so sad

jaja on December 04, 2013:

what are the psychological effect of having a child with G6PD??

april on August 25, 2013:

my daughter has G6pd as well. she is now 8 years old. it has been a journey. but she is doing well and visits her cardiologist, hematologist, and neurologist every 6 months. but most doctors have never heard of it. and are always afraid to give her medicines when she is sick. that is what gets on my nerves. i have yet to find a doctor who will take out that extra time to care for my daughter. i just make sure she stays away from other sick children and follow her very strick diet.

another concerned parent:(

rachelle on August 13, 2013:

hello po meron po akong anak n g6pd 3months old ngsto ko lng po sna mlman lht ng list ng pagkaen n hndi nia pwede kaenin tnx.po

theresa 061227 on August 02, 2013:

my son is going 6 months old and positive in g6pd, it is good for him to eat food with soy lecithin ingredients?pls help me...

flor on June 25, 2013:

hi im Mrs. Florida Tumabiene, my son is G6PD. can you email me at the foods that he eat to avoid irritation...

maria terresa on April 08, 2013:

my son is a g6pd,he is now 2yrs old.he is doing great,but sometimes he is sentive and irritable of some stuff, is this possible of the food he intake?Is yougart (yakult)is safe to him?.can you please email me some medines, food that is to be wrill i know if he is severe and mild g6pd?please keep me update about this email is you.

Marc on April 08, 2013:

thanks for this information. A nephew has g6pd. Great to be informed.

Koosha on February 26, 2013:

Hi guys, I'm 14 years old and just found out from my doctor that I have G6PD and that it will stay with me till the rest of my life. I'm researching places to see what to avoid and I see I have a tough road ahead of me. Wish me luck :) on February 21, 2013:


my daughter diagnosed that she has a g6pd but why is it she in not reacting to the food that she is eating which is to be avoided for is normal for her to eat those food.

zetzui on February 19, 2013:

my son was confirmed to have g6pd as well.. I tried not to give him in every possible way all prohibited foods & chemicals but he seems to have a problem with his digestion. He suffers from diarhhea for almost a month now.. No infection was found on his stool when we have him check.. I want to know if it has somehing to do with him having a g6pd def.. and pls email me ragrding on how i can determine if it is severe or mild? his confirmatory result was 0.158 ( thank you..

mitch on February 18, 2013:

my son was diagnosed with g6pd it is ok to take a formula milk have a soyabean oil (s-26 gold)

Eileen Tong on January 17, 2013:

All I know here is G6PD mostly affect boys, not girls.

,muhammad suliman on December 20, 2012:

i am 25 year and i recently know that i am g6pd defficient . me fall in tention that what i do now to take care of myself ,i live in rural area ,no one properly know g6pd, but after searching net ,i am fully satisfied and thanks to hub author.

Jane Castillo on November 21, 2012:

im jane castillo. my child is 2 years old now and his grandmother takes care of him because im in my work daily.i want to know complete lists of foods ang chemicals and drugs to be avoided of having this syndorme..please email me at

thank you so much...godbless.

miss.zellia on October 30, 2012:

I am 53 my son done a test 2 go overseas and he is a carrier from me but I"m just finding out through my son. after 18yrs. of not knowing that we have g6pd. I injuried my foot an I had pica I ate ice lots of it the Dr. said my bloodct was low and I needed a bld. transfussion that was in 1994 I have retired in Fl. no Dr. did not ever tell me or look in 2 g6pd I have had 39transfuissins 90units of blood all I have is g6pd I"m 53 . I have 2 start all over again my next Trf is in Dec. my bldct stays so low . I can"t use silverware or eat can food or red meat is this part of having d6pd? I'm so scared 2 eat it's like waking up 2knowing what I have all that the Dr's have put me and my family specially my 24old son and his wife. I cried after I read all of the e-mail I have only find out about this g6pd 2 days ago. I hope somebody is going 2 read this and help me 4 I died from something that is new on this planet, thank you 4 letting me put this on line.

Chocolatechit101 on September 14, 2012:

Hi! Just want to know clearly if soya is a kind of fava beans... My 4year old daughter starts her school this month here in Taiwan. But the school and even the doctors here said that SOYA is OK. I'm really confused because in my list which I got from the Philippines(g6pd confirmatory center) SOYA is forbidden! Pls help!

rannie on September 04, 2012:

my son was diagnosed with g6pd through newborn screening. We can't find a pedia/doctor to whom we can consult on his condition can you please email me at with list of Pedia doctor who are g6pd experts in Manila and the test he must undergo to determine if he is severe or mild g6pd case

Bien on August 01, 2012:

Just wanna ask if yoghurt is safe for baby with g6pd deficiency? thank you so much. pls email me at

Chris on June 28, 2012:

And a last thing football starts:

if you read in websites about G6PD foods to eat is so funny.

I lough so much.

Eat vegetables, fruits garlic onions and organic.


My name is Chris I m a human. In 100% of cases about you want to be healthy no matter G6PD or not these are the same advices. And I followed them even if I do not have G6PD.

If you do not had G6PD you don't want to be helathy? or you could if you do not eat vegetables fruits drink much water etc every day?

What has G6PD to do with it?

Eat helthy thats all. And you will be 100 years old and don't even remmebr again about G6PD. And as for fava beans i do not think that 90% of people they do not have G6PD ever see it in aplate in their life.

Is ridiculous!

Chris on June 28, 2012:

Ah and an advice for some of you:

1. Don't belive everything you read in internet

2. G6PD mediteranian type ( in my family are 5 people ) some they don't even know they had it is harmless if you do not eat fava beans and take wrong medications. Just go to and get the list to avoid about meds. Don't trust the doctor see what he gave you in prescription.

3. Some people eat Mac donalds and crappy food for years. then when their health is bad complain that the reason is the G6PD deficiency. Thats crazy. Even if you don't have G6PD you are going to get after some years ill if your diet is chicken mac nuggets and coca cola. ( my mom 83 years old eats everything not exactly healthy but cook at home and of course eat in restourants ourside once a week for example crappy food for 83 years)

4. if you are tired because you sleep 5 hours a day for 2 months is not G6PD responsible for your bad health shape.

5. If you have others types of anemia then of course is a problem G6PD makes it worse. I m sorry for you is difficult but is anemia to bleame and not G6PD.

6. Drug indistry is a scam. If was no money thing there may be only a 5% of today's medicine in the market. The other 95% are there just to make money and destroy your health.

! For someone of 38 of mine and 83 years experience of my mother

Chris on June 28, 2012:

I am 38 and my family knew about my G6PD before even I was born. I speak for the mediterenian type I am greek. i do not even buther till now to tst if is severe mild or whatever but I know i have it.

I do not ever eat fava beans. I ate so many times beans (normal beans) and feel so healthy. I m 38 and i eat beans and everything from my 3 years old. G6PD is a genetic thing because of malaria. Our body maked us klike that so we are immune to malaria.

my mother has it too. She is curently 83 years old helthy woman. I do not understand this panic. Is like an alergy. Ok you cant take every crap medicine that is in the market. may be better so you have tot ake only the good meds. Ibuprofen is harmless compared to Aspirin that sells crazy. is a better medicine. Why I have to feel bad that i can not take it.

And if even i need a very strong antiviotic.. anything that comes from penicillin the mother of antibiotics, Lincochin, etc is 100% safe and allowed.

the only problem i had till now is that iu feel may be special.

I m not allowed to eat favabeans(BIG DEAL), and some crapy medicin and in return I have immunity to malaria and even may be smaller chances to get a cancer...

I think is a fair trade. Stop panicking. G&PD is like an Alergie. 30% of Spanien greeks and Italians have it. Is just in your mind. If you feel tired find the reason why and don't think for every think that happens that G6PD is responsible...

Karen on June 10, 2012:

Hello! my mom was diagnosed with g6pd and she's having a really bad time with food right now... So by any case, do you have a complete lists of foods and medicines that she shouldn't take or eat? Any information about it would be great.. My e-mail is Thank You!

NK on May 13, 2012:

My dad was recently discovered to be G6PD deficient. His level is 0.5 while normal range is 4.5 - 13.5 U/g Hb activity. So it is as severe as it gets. He is 74 and has eaten legumes all his life as well as peanuts. I think this list is exaggerated. Our body survives on oxidation. If the defiant folks could not tolerate any oxcident, they would be dead before you could count to 10.

Wendy on April 29, 2012:

Best, and most up to date information available: I have been a member for 15+ years and there are new items on the list (since last year even). Please be informed. There are lists and brochures you can print, the site is free. There is even a list of all the ways "Fava" is written/spoken around the world on the site.

Mike on April 27, 2012:

Hy to all , today i just found out that my 3yrs old son has a g6pd but plz can u help me which medicines , foods , fruits he should not take plz help me thanks

sally on April 25, 2012:

i have a daughter turning 10 months old...she has g6pd too...thanks for the information listed above..hope you could post other foods that are to be avoided...

M.G on April 23, 2012:

My son is going threw some test he was in hospital for 3 days and the doctors are telling me it looks like he has G6Pd, thanks for all d information as before i never heard of this

NK on April 12, 2012:

My son is G6PD deficient and I come from Mediterranean background where this disease is prevalent. As another poster has mentioned, fava beans and mothballs and of course some medication are the main things to avoid. Our traditional diet is full of other legumes and it has been so for centuries and I don't believe one has to avoid them all. Have you actually seen research papers that show hemolytic crisis as the result of consumption of other legumes except fava beans?

M Jones on April 05, 2012:

Thanks for the info, Im a 35 male and had some blood work done, my G6PD was 1.0, how can I raise this number, and also can you provide me with info on Meds and Food to avoid,( I exercise on a reg. don't take any supplements, take mostly vit,B-complex, D3, Fish and Flaxseed oils, Zija. I heard COQ10 is an avoid. Please advise Thanks.

Raza on March 25, 2012:

Kindly guide me which food and fruits are eat if G6pd deficiency, mail me at

ABDUL REHMAN on March 19, 2012:


STEPH IRENE on March 16, 2012:



tons of thanks!

evlomy on March 14, 2012:

My grandfather discovered he had G6PD after eating fava beans for the first lime when he was 65. He ended up in hospital having blood transfusions until they found out what was wrong with him. He served. I have three children, my eldest has be diagnosed with G6PD, he is allergic to milk and drinks soy and has an innocent heart murmur. Reading comments to this site makes me realise that I need to change my sons diet, especially to benefit his future. Thank you

avic on March 13, 2012:

i have a 1yr old son with can i determine if it is severe or mild?his confirmatory result was a breastfeeding mother should i avoid also the foods and drugs which is forbidden for him.pls me @

Chack on March 12, 2012:

@ Carlos - you need to see a metabolic physician for metabolic disorders.

My son is turning 6 months and he both have g6pd and galactosemia. Very conflicting in terms of the prohibited foods etc. Now, even he has g6pd, our doctor still had to switch his milk to a soy based formula be because he has galactosemia. She informed us that to date, there is still no clear evidence that soy based formula can have an adverse effect to g6pd deficients. But still he is under observation while on a soy based formula. There are a lot of websites which provides information about this disorder and by making sure to see your metabolic physician as scheduled, your kids will be fine.

angel on March 07, 2012:


my 2 months son also has g6pd, but i don't know if he is severe or mild? How can i know? please help me to know how and what are the foods and drugs that should be avoided? please email me at / u so much

Anna on March 02, 2012:

My son also has G6PD deficiency, only discovered when he ate fava (broad beans) at a friend's and had such a severe crisis that he had to have a blood transfusion. I would like to point out that there are many different types of this deficiency and sufferers can be affected by different things, the only constant being broad (fava) beans. Medication is not an issue for us as I have only ever given homeopathic and herbal medicines but I have noticed that although he can eat all of the foods you mention (except fava beans) he is affected by many artificial food additives and preservatives which give him terrible headaches. Even eating too many cold meats (which contain nitrates) can cause a problem and especially orange coloured foods. Every case seems to be different but many things will cause only a symptom and few a full blown crisis. My son knows what things affect him and won't eat them or if something he likes (like salami) will eat in moderation.

Even though my uncle was a sufferer in the 1940's, it was not known then that it was a genetic condition or that it was passef through the mother so, my mother and I had no idea we were carriers and it explains why we get excruciating headaches when we eat or drink certain things, red wine in particular. I give my son the schuessler salt Ferrum Phos which helped considerably with his recovery from the crisis and also helps when he gets his headaches. This is a very manageable condition so please do not get too distresses if your child os diagnosed with this. My uncle's treatment in the 40's consisted of eating stewed pears, and we have come a long way since then and now know more about the triggers and symptoms.

A x

mark neo on February 27, 2012:

OMG pati pala mani bawal ! sampalok din bawal nku halos lahat ng food eh bawal

CARLOS on February 16, 2012:


carlos on February 16, 2012:


Shajeel Yahya on February 14, 2012:

Well i had to find out about this the hard way....i was 13 when my blood cells broke down and i started peeing blood...doctors were baffled and thought it was kidney failure...but then my family doctor deduced that it was g6pd after finding out that my last meal was a huuuge bowl of fava bean....a lot of blood was, an uncle and a cousin donated and saved my life...thankful to the doctor

P.s fuck u fava bean

Jake Lo on February 14, 2012:

I don't know but maybe those foods just affect people of the "severe" cases because I have only avoided fava beans and have constantly consumed the other foodstuffs or products for 18 years now(I'm almost 19) and nothing has happened to me at all. It's true.

zadrach on February 11, 2012:

about soya lecithin in formula milk u dnt have to worry ab0ut it because soya lecithin is already pr0cessed and n0t purely soya. About soy oil it has only one or two pinch per can and its just a little am0unt to trigger hem0lytic anemia. Unless if it is soy s0urce milk like for example isomil (abott), nursoy(wyeth) and etc.

zadrach on February 10, 2012:

hello. I have a 5m0nths old son he is turning to 6m0nths. I am worried about the safe solid that i will give to him. He is diagn0sed with 1.9 hb. How can i kn0w that it is mild and severe? Can anybody help me and answer me this. Im just woried about the c0nditi0n of my s0n. He undergo 2 abd0minal operation due to urachal cyst. Hes d0in fine n0w and my only problem n0w is g6pd since it is a l0ng life c0nditi0n.. Im begging u guyz to answer my questi0n. Here's my email ad

thanks God speed

Sweet_poison on February 08, 2012:

R carbonated drinks harmful for G6Pd patients ?

ailyn on January 30, 2012:

hi,my son was diagnosed w g6pd def.i want to have a lists of food to be avoided,i need coz his already 3 years old...pls give me email is

jim on January 04, 2012:

i 5months old baby has a g6pd i started feeding him sold food what kind of should i give him? what is the risk if he eats the food that is bad for him????? thank you.

ghousia iram on December 26, 2011:

hi,my new born has g6pd.I am feeding him so i want to have the list of food to be avoided by the patient and for mothers feeding their child.i am having trouble to find the proper list.what about soy oil coz every thing including formula milk has soy oil.will it effect the baby if i take it and what is the risk?my email is thank u and mery xmas.

tona mercado on December 24, 2011:

hi! i just gave birth nov 5 2011 ang my daughter was diagnosed to have g6pd deficiency. i found your story very educating. my husband and i are very worried. we don't know how to care for our baby. i want to know if she has a mild or severe case of g6pd. what the the medicines, foods and not allowed for her. i heard henna is also forbidden for people with g6pd. i always dye my hair with henna. will it be harmful for her? please help. thanks. God bless.

vangie on December 22, 2011:

how can we determine if the deficiency is mild or severe..pls. e-mail me ""

thanks a lot in advance...

aj on December 22, 2011:

hi!my son was diagnosed with G6PD def, i just got the result today. we'll still bring him to the screening center for the confirmatory test, but i want to be cautious. i am breastfeeding him and want to know if i will also have to avoid some of the foods and drugs that a person with G6Pd def avoids. kindly email me.. you

ranel paguntalan on December 14, 2011:

my 2weeks old baby is also positive in g6pd pls send me also a list of food,drugs,chemical to be avoided.thanks pls. send it to my email and how will i know if he is mild or severe?

Izza on December 13, 2011:

my daughter has G6PD, how will i know if she's mild case or severe? kindly send me information about it. thanks in advance.

marilyn monje on December 01, 2011:

how do i know if my grandson is a mild g6pd or severe g6pd

gino on November 26, 2011:

All I was told as a kid was to avoid asprin, fava beans, and mothballs. I didn't reaize I had G6PD deficiency until recently after I had a reaction, shortness of breath and muscle weakness, to ibuprofen. As to the food restrictions they haven't been an issue. My advice would be to inform your kids to their condition so that they make informed choices and avoid negative reactions. It seems that reactions are specific to individuals and people can have no/mild reactions to some items and serious reactions to others.

grace on November 05, 2011:


my daughter has g6pd,she is 2 yrs and 4months now,i just want to know what vitamins and food is best for her, and what is not. Thank you very much and Godbless. Please reply at Thanks on November 02, 2011:

hi ako ay mat anak n may d6pd. salamat sa information na bigay mo.

clifton thomas on October 29, 2011:

i have G6PD for 11 years now and i'm okay with it

marivic salvador on October 28, 2011:

my daughter is turning8yrs old this coming dec, she has g6pd, and im worried for her because, she has thi body, and i don't know what, vitamins or food is the best for her, and what is not. pls reply at tnx

sheralyn on October 27, 2011:

I`m a mother of four year old son with g6pd.I worry a lot about his health.How can I know that my sons` case is severe or not?Please help me.ty

Jon on October 25, 2011:


You are better off asking your doctor for details on the results. The value you have mentioned does not mean much for anyone unless it is compared to values for a person who is not G6PD deficient.


The G6PD deficient gene is carried on the X chromosome, meaning the mother is the carrier, or positive for it.

As a mildly G6PD deficient person, my parents have told me that it isn't difficult. All a parent needs to know is what to avoid. It isn't as much of a hassle as other allergies (my cousin has a severe peanut allergy where skin contact causes anaphylactic shock, and cannot consume beef, pork or milk). The general outline for me was no aspirin/fava bean/sulfa drug and avoid contact with mothballs.

I have had no negative symptoms to soy/peanuts/pinto bean/black bean/kidney bean consumption and have competed in athletic events after having them for lunch or as a snack. I will admit that tolerance can differ from person to person.

Reactions to NSAIDs such as acetaminophen/ibuprofen should be monitored carefully. Some people cannot tolerate those drugs and some doctors will be careful about asking G6PD deficient people to consume them. I have had no negative effects to over the counter drugs.

TracyAnn0312 on October 14, 2011:

my son has also g6pd case. And i was worried for the foods he eat.

Ramakant on October 09, 2011:

you have provided enough information.thanks a lot.

howie T on October 09, 2011:

Thank you....thank you for these information maam.

brian on October 06, 2011:

my son was diagnosed in G6PD, the result of confirmatory test was 2.19 U/g Hb is this positive?

If positive, is this severe case of G6PD?

please email me at

vilma on October 04, 2011:

pls.send me a list of food,fruits and drinks not to be taken of ny son,and also milk that is safe to be taken and how can i know if its is mild and severe.thanks so much..and more power

hannah on September 18, 2011:

my 11days old niece just had undergone newborn screening test 24 hours after birth and was positive with g6pd. tomorrow we will take a confirmatory test to make sure.we are worried. my brother is 20 and my sister-in-law is just 17. Now I am taking every information on what should be avoided just in case, but we are praying its otherwise. thank you for the information.....

lorna on September 17, 2011:

i have an 8-yr old son who has this deficiency. i don't allow him to eat all kinds of nuts, including sesame seeds. with his case its not only g6pd but with severe nuts allergy. at an early age of 3, I taught him to recognize the words NUTS, SOYA and LECITHIN. this really helps and most of the time before buying any food i always asked him to read the ingredients before getting it.

leo on September 13, 2011:

hi my son is diagnosed with G6Pd. my husband is Macedonian,and I am Japanese background. we went to a blood test to check which one is a carrier.but, we are all come my son got this deficiency....we can not believe.. Also we take him to a hematologist and she told us as long as he avoids fava beans, it would be fine. soy is fine too. I don't know what is right information. I am breastfeeding and eat whatever i want including soy products, nuts and extra. my son is growng healthy.

grace on September 13, 2011:

my 6 mos old baby boy was diagnosed with G6pd, at first I was scared and frustrated, knowing that my son cant have a normal life. but then i realized that i should not be sad instead, because he only depends on me. so i am begging you to please send me a list of foods particularly fruits not to be taken by him. and Also a milk formula that is safe for g6pd carrier. thanks to u in advance.

APPLETJ0717 on September 06, 2011:

My son and daughter were g6pd deficient. How do I know that it is mild or severe? pls. help me! thanks!

yvonne on September 06, 2011:

My 3 yrs old son is a g6pd deficient, it worries me a lot! please email me @ the complete list of foods & drugs to be avoided.

Thanks & more power

lyndon on September 02, 2011:

this is my email ad-

lyndon on September 02, 2011:

hi. thank you for the information, it can help me to understand about g6pd, because my son have it, he is 1month old right now,can you email me more information regarding the foods and things to avoid, and how to know if its mild or severe. thanks.

Girly on September 01, 2011:

my son was 2 months old. he was diagnosed with g6pd. the confirmatory test result was 2.5 u/g Hb. Is this severe?

I also want to know the lists of foods and drugs that not allowed for him..please e-mail me at

Thank you.

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