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Food and Beverage Service Method



Table Service – this is a service to customer at a laid cover.

  1. Service by a waiter/waitress
  • Silver/English service – presentation and service of food to a customer by waiting staff from a food flat or dish.
  1. Family
  • Main courses plated with vegetables, placed in multi-portion dishes on tables for customers to help themselves. Any sauces are usually offered.
  1. Plate/American
  • Service of pre-plated foods to customers, now widely used in many establishments and in banqueting.
  1. Russian/Butler
  • Presentation of food for customers to help themselves.
  1. French
  • Food served onto customer’s plate at a side table or from a trolley (Gueridon).
  • Also may include carving, cooking and flambé dishes, preparation of salads and dressings.

Bar Counter – service to customers seated at a bar counter (usually U shaped) on stools.

Assisted Service – a combination of table service and self service. Some parts of the meal are served to seated customers; other parts collected by the customers.

Self Service

  1. Cafeteria counter – customers lining up in a queue at a service counter choosing the menu items they require at different points. The customer places items on a tray.
  2. Free flow – selection as in a counter service. Customers move at will to random service point exiting via a payment point.
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Single Point Service – this is the service of customers at a single point where they consume on the premises or they take away.

a.       Take away – customer orders are served from a single point usually at a counter, customer normally consumes the food off the premises.

b.      Drive Thrus – is a term of take away where the customer drives the vehicle pass a payment point then makes to a collection point.

c.       Fast food – normally service at a counter, service is quick. Take away or consume on the premises. Menu offered usually wide ranging.

d.      Kiosks – service provided by outstations during peak demand in specific locations.

e.       Food court – is a group of autonomous counters where customers may either order and eat or buy from a number of counters and cut in separate eating area or take away.

Specialized (or in situ) – service to customers in areas not primarily designed for service.

a.       tray – service a meal of part of a meal in a tray to the customers in situ.e.g. hospitals and aircrafts.

b.      Trolley – service of food and beverage from a trolley away from dining areas. Used in an aircraft and in trains.

c.       Home delivery – food and beverage delivered to customer’s home or place of work.


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