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Food Review: McDonald's BTS Meal

Shey Saints was born on January 30, 1981 in the Philippines. She has completed her Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.



McDonald’s BTS Meal was launched in the United States and South Korea in May, 2021. In the Philippines, it was launched on June 18, 2021 and I ordered it the next day. At first, I was hesitant to buy it because I felt that P270 is a bit pricey for a snack with 10 pieces chicken McNuggets, two types of dip, medium fries, and a medium coke. But of course, that didn’t hinder me from supporting the BTS Meal because I’m an ARMY.

So, I decided to order the BTS Meal through FoodPanda, and initially wanted to order additional burger because I thought that maybe it won’t fill my big tummy, but then I ended up just ordering the BTS Meal alone to give benefit of a doubt. When it got delivered and I started eating, I was instantly captivated by the cajun sauce, as well as the sweet chili sauce because they tasted awesome! (I’m not exaggerating, both sauces were really tasty and addictive!) And to think, I wasn’t even a fan of chicken McNuggets, however, with the Korean sauces, the BTS Meal was all worth it! On top of that, the meal was really satisfactory because it filled my belly. I thought that I would only be ordering it one time, but I don’t think so; I will definitely order it again!

On the other hand, while ARMYs around the world are going crazy because the two sauces that BTS handpicked themselves made the BTS Meal so special and satisfactory, haters are wasting their time trying to sabotage the meal. They are flooding social media with hateful remarks instead of doing valuable things like reflecting on themselves. The fact that they are so mad about the happiness of BTS, ARMY, and the people who weren’t even fans but bought and enjoyed the BTS Meal, is so indicative of their mental state. They are so fueled by jealousy, and that is pitiful, but I couldn’t care less. If that is how they want to live their life until they die, then let them die full of hatred and jealousy. In the meantime, I’m just enjoying streaming the five Butter versions of BTS on Spotify, which by the way, is still number one on the BillBoard Hot 100 on its fourth week.

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ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on June 25, 2021:

That's cool

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