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Food Handling Class – The Moment of Truth

It is true that the healthcare food service has room for improvement. Customers showed nothing but the best quality food possible. They should be assured that the food they consume in restaurants and grocery store dose not land them in the hospital. For this reason, food handling classes were developed by healthcare and food professionals in the healthcare governmental department of states and countries worldwide.

It is the responsibility of these professionals to educate fellow workers in the industry as well as consumers on the standard food handling practices through these food handling courses. Quality food handling procedures do not start and end with the preparation and serving procedures. In food service establishments, the food handling procedure is a team work where everyone’s role is as important as the other, regardless of how little work each one contributes. The consumers should also be given some level of control over the food they order which sometimes could be difficult when there is little communication allowed.

The trick is to develop better ways to improve the communication between the customers and the staff regarding meal options available to the customers, the system of service the restaurant offers and the clinical procedures to ensure the safety of the food the customer is about to eat before a meal is served. A good food service establishment will take these important but seemly simple processes.

Food service establishments with trained staffs who have completed a food handling class will values the importance of marketing their meals by establishing effective communication. This builds credibility for the food service establishment. Any food service business can think about entrepreneurial development communicative ways to incorporate branding of its service and products.

Any food service business management or director needs to think more as a marketer than a director. It is the responsibility of the food service director to delegate daily responsibilities to staffs regarding services. However, the staffs should have completed food handling classes so as to be aware of safety practices of food handling such as: following proper hygiene, proper cooking and preparation of food procedures and storage procedures. This will help the director in communicating the responsibilities to each member of the team in areas such as: safe food handling, food delivery and purchase before preparation, menu planning, personal performance and so on.

In summary, a food service establishment that thinks more as a marketer tries to meet up with the expectations of the customers thereby not only ensuring that they are served quality and safe food, but also offer excellent services which will make the customer comfortable to come back for more.

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It could be very challenging to meet up with the expectations of customers. It requires personal dedication, a marketer’s approach and most of all training. Food handling class is a great way to meet up with this challenge. The class will not only get you approved by the health care and food authority of the state in which your food service business is located, but also it determines the existence of the food service business.

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