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Strange Meals and Exotic Foods From Countries All Over the World


YES!! People Really Eat These Exotic Foods!!

There are many weird and strange, exotic foods people eat around the world. Most of us continue our lives without ever really thinking about more than our usual dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of us, however get bored of eating the same thing on a regular basis.

Maybe you just want to give your taste buds an adventure for a day, or are curious as to why people enjoy eating, snails.. or Crickets and tarantulas. They aren't what you'll find at your local restaurant. These are exotic delicacies from around the world.

Yes, people really eat this. Perhaps someone has let you in on a secret cure which comes from a strange and exotic food. Whatever the case here's a few of the best strange and exotic foods to make your stomach growl, and your mouth water... Well, maybe.

Crickets on a stick

Fried Crickets on a Stick.

Fried Crickets on a Stick.

For those who wont eat the real ones!


Crickets can be enjoyed as a candy similar to a lollipop in which it is covered in chocolate and put onto a stick. May also be used as part of a dish to accompany pasta and salad.

Depending on where you go they will be prepared differently and offered to you in their own way. There are some who eat them alive, imagine them fighting and squirming while you chew.

You usually don't worry about having to trap them from hopping away, some like to play with their food, but most prefer to offer their customers already cooked critters from the menu.

Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins

This is mainly from the Asian cuisine and one of the strangest of them all, at least to me it is. I refuse to even attempt eating something completely surrounded on it's outer body by sharp needles.

However in some countries like Asia it can be found almost anywhere just like someone might find burgers in the United States.

Also part of the Italian cuisine, they are eaten by cutting them open in half in which only one side contains the edible gonads, or organ that produces eggs, after draining out the liquid, enjoy! Just watch out for those prickly thorns. You also only eat the females, as the males don't have the organs for producing eggs.

Fried Tarantula

Ready to Eat, Tarantulas on a plate.

Ready to Eat, Tarantulas on a plate.


Creepy crawly spiders, mainly the Tarantula, are eaten in certain places the same way we eat fried chicken or a pizza on a Sunday afternoon. Hunted in the wilderness and pulled right out of there spider holes / burrows in the ground.

This is the same Tarantula which have killed people with one bite inserting enough of the toxic poison in its body to paralyze a human and shut down the entire body.

A bit of garlic, some sugar, and oil then roasted over fire till crispy and tender, the locals in Cambodia love them. Crispy, gooey and crunchy, with a texture somewhere in between chicken and snapper meat. Do you think you can handle just one?? Try them for dessert, they are prepared covered in chocolate as well.

Lose weight eating food


Cooked Snails with Special Utensils.

Cooked Snails with Special Utensils.

Snails for Lunch Anyone?

Otherwise known as "Escargot" snails have long been an addition to many dishes around the world. With complex cooking recipes recommended to be prepared only by professionals who know what they are doing, just don't try scooping a few snails up from your backyard.

Not all species are eaten so you can get VERY VERY sick if your not careful.

Instead try it out at a restaurant which serves Escargot. They will most likely have a few different recipes to offer from the cook. Usually accompanied by buttery garlic sauce for flavor or a house special sauce as well.

The most interesting part is they provide special utensils to eat the snails, a pair of tongs to hold the snails along with a small two prong fork to scoop out the meat. So don't be afraid to try them, you might like them so much you'll be asking for the recipe!

Frog legs on the grill

Seasoned Frog Legs Being Grilled before Eating.

Seasoned Frog Legs Being Grilled before Eating.

Frog Legs

Wow delicious, and it's true, these taste like chicken except sweeter! That's what I was thinking after biting into a chunky frog leg for the very first time. Soft and tender, sweet and juicy, frog legs are becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

A plate consisted of 12 frog legs pretty much served fried like they were chicken tenders from a fast food joint with ketchup to go along with them. A side of French fries with an ice cold drink, a bag of chips and I had a nice meal for lunch.

These were Bullfrogs which according to the chef, in this restaurant, is the most commonly eaten frog in the southern United States. A spicy mayonnaise was offered with the frog legs as well. Pretty soon you might find this meal at your local food court.

Bull Testicles!

Also known as "Rocky Mountain oysters" Bull nuts are the aphrodisiac of some middle eastern countries. They can have a texture somewhat like veal or cutlets. Are nothing like chicken, and there are many positive health benefits from eating these like,

its an Aphrodisiac

Boosts your testosterone levels

Increases mental stamina

Uplift in physical endurance

they can be fried like chicken nuggets or cooked as you would meatloaf.

Ketchup and mayonnaise is a good combination for condiment as they are usually served with a cocktail sauce.


Jack on April 29, 2016:

I like frog legs, after all I live in the south. But I think that you may be right after all someone had to try all this for the first time.

Lady Jen Palven from Philippines on November 02, 2012:

Oh my gosh!the crickets are so @.@..Why do they love eating this kind of foods?I can't take those foods..

tamron on June 12, 2012:

Nice Job on your article much better. I ate a grub worm and it tasted like a yoke in an egg and kind of chewy not bad though.

luisj305 (author) from Florida on May 07, 2012:

Yeah , it's pretty weird thinking about who thought up the idea of trying these out for the first time.The Cambodians first ate the spiders and other insects during a time of war when food was scarce,after it was over,they just stuck with it.

Thanks for the visit Ms.Dora ;)

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 07, 2012:

Well, while I'm not trying to try any of these foods, I marvel at the wisdom and creativity of the professionals who work with them. Voted interesting!

luisj305 (author) from Florida on May 07, 2012:

Yeah , it's so strange,but people around the world probably think the same about some things we use in a recipe and consider normal,like cheese,eggs or chicken!!

Thanks for the visit oceansider!

oceansider on May 06, 2012:

The frogs legs don't seem that bad to me....they're not gross or anything....I guess I just think of those as unusual, but not disgusting or anything. But, the tarantula...wow! I can't even imagine trying to eat that!!! ....or the crickets or sea urchins either. Now as far as snails go, I don't know, I just remember seeing my grandpa cooking them in a big pot once when I was a little girl, and I didn't eat them, but they made a really weird sound when they were boiling, and I thought...I'll never eat snails, and I never have & don't think I will ever want to!!

This is a very interesting hub, it's so different, what a good idea! Voted up and interesting!


Ninabrooks736 on May 06, 2012:

I’ve gone through your all postings, awesome piece of work. The words are catchy and

speech is attractive. I really appreciate your efforts. Keep it up.

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