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Fine Dining Post Pandemic

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Chef Rajesh Gupta Chef instructor Culinary Academy Of india

A sophisticated, unique, formal and an expensive affair, style of eating that usually takes place in the restaurant will definitely change post-covid-19 lockdown with new norms and safety measures in place to keep guest and personnel health first in mind, although the experience is never going to be the same the quality of food and service will take up a new shape. Safe food contactless preparation of food with service the same will be seen following the social distancing and using personal protective gear by the server. Safe food would be a priority rather than sophisticated plate presentation, online ordering of food can be the bigger option for customers and hence will capture a large segment of the food business and become a more important segment. All standard operating procedures will change to a new norm to give a safe and hygienic experience starting from receiving to escorting the guests to their table and finally giving them confidence.


Movement of organic supply of food will speed up as most of the food businesses will do their own organic farming and healthy eating will be in practice. Coronavirus epidemic has changed everything about food, the hotel industry is also likely to see a similar transformation. A growing trend a few years back was observed inclined towards plant-based food as people are much aware of numerous health hazards consuming meat in their diet, with the same flow our industry has shown a lot of interest in meat alternatives too which provide the same nutritional value to our body. Due to this pandemic, people have already thought about their diet, and this “thinking” helps them to know more about how their food is sourced, made, and finally delivered. Dietary patterns may alter in a narrow range but the world saw a transition from industrial animal production for consumption to more sustainable, animal welfare forms of agriculture, as well as a reduction in animal raised food which actually pushed the Vegan food industry as a trend of the current time. After much anticipation, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention published guidelines for how restaurants can safely reopen, including socially distant tables and masks. The states that have begun to ease their lockdown restrictions are pulling back the curtain on what the future of dining out might look like.

Food demand in poorer countries is more linked to income and loss of income-earning opportunity can impact on consumption. One can see the rapid change in life style, a shift in how people buy and consume food- lower restaurant traffic, increase home deliveries which in turn raise interest in eating at home.


“Restaurant JaisaKhana”: With the safety at the topmost priority in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for fine dining restaurant food is not going to go away but freelancer professional chefs at home concept will develop to maintain the food quality at a very reasonable cost. In the restaurant, customers can scan the QR code with their mobile phone to find the menu options and order what they like. It is more important to restoring customer confidence by maintaining social distancing and proper hand hygiene protocol. With this the outbreak, people are scared to step out of their houses and the impact will likely be seen even when the food joints reopen but the eagerness of socializing, people will only enter if proper social distancing and hygiene protocol would take place.

In response to the 2020 pandemic all segments of the industry are struggling, trying to make do with limited take-out and home delivery. Unfortunately, neither appears to be enough to ensure survival for the majority of restaurants just staying afloat. New regulations about social distancing, on-premise seating capacity and safe work environments will be all but impossible to meet for most traditional restaurants. Those that will be hurt the most are: self-serve buffets; large high volume/high-energy full-service restaurants; banquet halls, and clubs, bars, and cocktail lounges.

Unlike other businesses like an automobile shop or a gift store or to an extent many more such commercial takes, where the basic intention is to make money and run and support your house and family..... Fine dine restaurants thrive on something called Passion. It’s not just merely the Chef-owner but everyone in the team is equally involved and passionate about giving a wonderful experience to the customer. And this is the biggest thing attributed to this wonderful profession. A lot many Restaurants will probably close down during this pandemic but there will be a lot more which will also open up once we set sail. Human beings are social animals and we all will thrive for that great food and meal experience.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Sumit keshav Naidu on January 07, 2021:

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Brilliant article Chef.

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Very brilliant article chef.

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Great chef proud to be have a mentor like you in my growing career thank you for support during this pandemic

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