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Easy Recipes: Favorite Filipino Summer Desserts

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Spring is here! And as much as I am excited about the flowers blooming and the colorful trees, I don't like the thought of dealing with the hot weather. Yes it is spring, but to me, it feels as if summer had already started.

And speaking of hot weather coming, people would be starting digging into summer desserts and cold beverages as a way of cooling off. And that includes me. Whenever the hot days are around, expect me in the kitchen, thinking what ice-made dessert I could make according to what is available in the kitchen. And when hotter days arrive, I always make it possible to have fruits like strawberries, honeydew and cantaloupe to be available at home so I can have fruit ingredients whenever the "dessert making mood" strikes in. And I also grab canned mixed fruits.

And I'm already looking forward again into making my favorite desserts anytime soon as the weather is getting hot. But what desserts I crave for? Here's 5 Filipino desserts that are easy to make and is hard to resist.


Fruit Salad

Easy and quick which is why fruit salad is one of my favorites as this only takes few minutes of my time to prepare. Of course you can use whatever fresh fruits you have available if you have the time to spend cutting fruits, but if you want it easy and quick, that's where the canned fruits are for.

For this easy fruit salad dessert, you will need:

* fruit cocktails ( 2 or 3 cans will do)

* 8 oz. table cream

* 14 oz. condensed milk

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, and adjust the flavor according to your taste. Mix well and chill in your fridge.

I know some people like it sweet and follows through with all the ingredients but for some who's not into too much sweetness, just the table cream alone will do. Yes table cream alone works perfectly fine, I've been doing it just like that.

If you want more ingredients in this Filipino style fruit salad, you can add shredded coconut, nata de coco, and with my little experiment last year, I also added tapioca pearls. (If you want it quick and easy I suggest skipping the tapioca pearl and just stick with the fruits as boiling the tapioca pearl will take some time).



The famous Filipino favorite dessert. The name literally means mixing ( the word halo means to mix or mix). Halo-halo refers to the ingredients being all mixed together.

If you want to try this delicious Filipino dessert, you can do it at home specially if you already have the needed items available in your home.

To make halo-halo at home you will need an ice shaver and the halo-halo bottled ingredients. The bottled ingredients are nata de coco, shredded coconut, palm fruits, mung beans, jackfruit, gelatin, sweet corn, pounded dried rice (pinipig), evaporated milk and your favorite ice cream for topping. These ingredients can be found on Philippine / Filipino stores. If you are in the US, try going to Filipino store such as the Seafood City supermarket.

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Ice Candy

The Filipino ice pops. Ice candy is easy to make and actually one that I grew up with. During the hot days in the Philippines, expect ice candies being on sale on markets, stores, and even at home. I had some neighbors who make ice candies and sell them from home.

Ice candy comes in many flavors. The few flavors I enjoy are ube, mango and coconut. Ice candies always managed to stop me to buy some to battle the scorching days of summer.

Ice candy

Ice candy

  • Ice Candy recipe (Young Coconut Ice Candy)
    Here is a step by step on how to make ice candy. Of course you can choose what flavor you want, and this website has also various ice candy recipe to choose from and with photos which makes it easier to follow.

Saba Con Yelo

Saba con yelo literally means saba banana and shaved ice or yelo. With this, you will only need shaved ice and sweetened saba banana. An easy recipe to cool the heat off during summer given that you have the kind of banana needed.

Saba con yelo doesn't need much effort to make. All this recipe asks for is ripe and sweetened saba banana, shaved ice, sugar and evaporated milk. Here is a video recipe for saba con yelo, but since it is in Filipino, I will just explain the procedure for non-speakers. But watching this video could help a lot too on the process specially for visual persons like me.

Saba con yelo

Saba con yelo

Ingredients for Saba Con Yelo

You will need a cup of brown sugar, evaporated milk and 4 to 5 saba banana. Also just adding that the Filipino word saging means banana.

Boil some water and put the brown sugar and mix. When it is boiling, put the peeled saba banana. In this video the bananas are put whole but it is better if it is already cut crosswise so the sweetness of the sugar can be absorb more. Once the bananas appear brownish and cooked, set it aside. You may want to let the bananas cool off for a bit before adding the shaved ice or this will just dissolved the shaved ice the instance you add it. Add the evaporated milk and enjoy your saba con yelo.

Mais (Corn) Con Yelo

Not having the kind of banana the previous recipe is asking for isn't a problem with this easy Filipino dessert recipe. Mais con yelo is corn or mais and shaved ice. Just substitute saba banana with corn, add shaved ice and evaporated milk and you're all set to enjoy this easy to make dessert to help cool you off this summer.

This is an easy, quick dessert to make that our family enjoy with a ready to use frozen corn that only needs to be warmed up in the microwave.

What I do with corn and ice (mais con yelo) is take a cup of frozen sweet corn and heat it in the microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes until the corn is ready. Set it aside to let it cool off. Then I would shaved some ice and put it on a bowl. A sundae glass can be used, whichever you prefer of course. Put the corn on top of the shaved ice and add the evaporated milk and a tablespoon of sugar. Mix well and adjust taste, add more sugar according to taste. I used Lactaid milk with mine instead of evaporated milk then add sugar as I am more into the lesser sweet side of desserts.

Mais con yelo (corn and shaved ice)

Mais con yelo (corn and shaved ice)


precy anza (author) from USA on March 12, 2012:

Thanks for dropping by. :) I just love ice-made desserts ^.^' Those are common desserts on my home country, hot weather in there.

SandyMcCollum on March 12, 2012:

Interesting taste ideas!

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