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Ever Tire of Mistreating Egg Shells?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Ahhh, these eggs look so lovely.

Ahhh, these eggs look so lovely.

Compare The Egg Shells Against The Golden Gate Bridge

and now you are stunned enough, (not with a Stun Gun either) to even ask a question such as this one. It's fine. No worries, or those I don't know about, but I did ask a fitting question in this day of things that are celebrated, then given their own TV special with Luke Bryan or Matthew Perry . . .hosting the two-hour event. But let's give Perry a break. He is now unemployed, but not without a "can you spare a dime, sir?" If he watches his endless-scratch, he will live to a very old guy.

And in all fairness, Bryan is still employed on the Big Stage, selling-out arena's, stadiums, and recording studios, so he ain't hurting. Oh, let's not forget the "I'm With Luke Bryan," tee's sold in the concession area for no less than $45.00 each, plus tax. Country Music, if we had one, would be a great place for raw talent. This is all I want to say.

But what about eggs? What can we really say about eggs? Besides being one of the most-versatile food items, they can go shell-in-shell with any dinner entree. Meat-loaf;, Prime Rib Roast, Steaks, well, eggs were created for more than eye dressing. They were created for their wonderful protein shots that they possess.
I will confess that in my drinking days far ago, there has been more than a few hang-overs that a couple of raw eggs and some tobasco sauce put me back in the pink. No joke. Of course, I give credit to God for "making everything that was made," John, Chapter 1.I should have seeking my Eternal God on nights where I just couldn't drink like my five buddies, so I did what any good drinker does . . he drinks until he goes to sleep. But thanks too for the eggs and did I eat the shells you wonder? Guess! Because I really don't know.

Back to my sub-head, which is more important, egg shells or the Golden Gate Bidge? I'm going to take egg shells for the simple reason of if eggs had not helped the thousands of workers who built this mammoth bridge, then the opening date would have been several weeks, maybe months to go. Ahh, the good old egg. America's food staff. Sing a song of fresh eggs and we will all go to sleep.

In Reality There ARE Egg-Eating Contests.

What Can You Make From Eggs:

you ask? There you again asking simple questions, but I do not frown on your curiosity. In fact I love it when I ask things to myself and then there are the times that what I ask about a certain thing, then I panic because I did not know my answer. Guess that I need to eat a lot more eggs that I have been eating, eh?

With eggs, good old eggs, one can make: Meat loaf; Cake frosting; Fried eggs; Boiled eggs; Poached eggs; Painted Easter eggs; Eggs in biscuits; Potato salad (with mustard, yes!); Egg-Fu-Young; Eggs - sunny-side up; on toast; Scrambled; and the lengthy list could not be written here. My point. Eggs are not afraid of any food, domestic or foreign. Eggs can take-on all comers and win without gloating. I believe that good ole eggs need to be nominated as the Nation's Favorite Food. But what about mom's apple pie? Well, I've never thought about an egg going with apple pie or not, so I guess the good old eggs could be America's Second-Favorite Food.

And if there is something that goes wrong and mom's apple pie cannot hold the position that it has held for years, then the egg, the good ole egg is more than able to step-up and save our nation from shame and ridicule.

As for how or if eggs would find success in the field of sports, I can only find one: Curling. Instead of gently-pushing the 42-pound stone down the ice, a raw, unbroken egg would do great. The guy who wants to make points will be able to push the egg a bit more gentle and the stress value will be less for him. But the two guys who use brooms to clean the ice rolling down the egg, had better pay attention for the possibility of the egg being brushed from the ice. Now. If this succeeds, should this change from stone to egg, be "Egging?" What about "Shelling?" It could work.

The sports where eggs would not do well are: Football; Baseball (especially baseball); Egg toss (not Javelin throw); Shooting Clay Targets is a definiely train-wreck. Eggs never claimed to be eveyrone's love interest on a hot July night riding in a '56 Ford Crown Vic convertible sipping beer with "Johnny Chunk," the main bully of the local high school. No. Eggs do have a reputation to guard.

"I do not think that (I) know a lot, but there is one thing that I do know . ..and that is sometimes a short hub makes the best reading."

— Kenneth Avery

Now tell me that eggs with these side-items are not delicious.

Now tell me that eggs with these side-items are not delicious.

The Absolute Worst Use for Eggs

could be and this item was produced wita heap of thinking (e.g. Buddy Ebsen aka/"Jed Clampett). Let us pretend that Old St. Nick is making his yearly-visits to deliver gifts world-wide. Then he visits this one home where one kid lives with his parents, who have spoiled him to the bone.

"Little Smucky Smuckins," seven, runs from his bed screaming Get up! It's Christmas. But then, he sees a big Christmas stocking "which were hung by the chimney with care," (Clement Clarke Moore), and speeds to see what Santa has left for him. Then tragedy strikes. Smucky reaches into his big stocking only to find is one white egg. Not two. Not a dozen, but one egg. That's it. He cries so loud that he wakes every neighbor in the community and some summon the cops for disturbing our holiday nap.

Like a master play-wright, this next few seconds happen like clockwork. Smucky takes his one egg and stops to make a choice of two things: to smash the egg against the wall of the lavish living room or just stomp it with his (big) stocking feet. A dilemma for sure. Until now, no one even to 2021, can find the answer.

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A classic case of which came first, the egg or the wall? Uhhh, the floor?

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Kenneth Avery (author) from Hamilton, Alabama on April 24, 2021:

Hello, Brenda,

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. It's been a few hubs since I have talked to you.

Hope that you are doing okay.

Yes, I am the egg shell.

I agree with Apple Pie as No 1, but dear heart, I am not allowed to vote. Thanks again and come back soon.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 20, 2021:

What can I say about this article?

It grabbed my attention.

I can't believe you ate the shell.

I vote the egg went on the floor.

Oh..and Apple pie is still number 1

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