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Espresso vs. Coffee- What Are the Main Differences?

Coffee vs Espresso


Espresso vs. Coffee

If you are not a regular coffee drinker, you will probably need clarification when you hear some drinks are made with coffee, and others are made with Espresso. These two ingredients share many similarities, but they also have their differences. The following are what you should know about these two great ingredients.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is a type of coffee prepared with an espresso machine. This device forces hot water through some closely-packed coffee beans, resulting in a small amount of extracted coffee with a strong flavor. This type is made from the same beans used for other types of coffee, but its preparation method leaves more caffeine in the drink than in other types. Espresso is generally served in smaller sizes. If you want more caffeine in your hot drink, you should go for this coffee.

What is Coffee?

This is a special drink made from ground, roasted coffee beans. The ground beans are placed in a hot water filter to extract a coffee with less caffeine than Espresso.

There are many ways to brew your coffee. Cold brew is used to brew ground beans at average room temperature or cold water. You can also opt for the drip brew, where the brewing machine allows hot water to drip through a filter packed with ground coffee. You may also choose the pour-over, siphon brewing, or French press options. Each option will give a slightly different flavor and caffeine concentration to your drink.

What are the Differences Between Espresso and Coffee?

The first noticeable difference between Espresso and Coffee is the size of the ground coffee bean. Grind coffee size is more significant in coffee than in Espresso.

The method of brewing is another significant difference here. Though both will filter water through the ground coffee beans, an espresso machine will make your drink more concentrated; hence it is thicker and has more flavor than regular coffee. Espresso is a type of coffee and not the other way around.

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The amount of caffeine in these two drinks also differs. The beans’ size and brewing methods are key factors that may also determine how much caffeine you find in these drinks. At the same serving size, Espresso will contain more caffeine. 1oz. of Espresso, for instance, may contain up to 63 mg of caffeine compared to 14mg found in coffee.

Since Espresso is often served in smaller portions, mixing it with milk may contain less caffeine than coffee of the same size.

What are the Variations of Drinks You Can Make with Espresso?

You can create three different drinks with Espresso depending on other things you add. You can make a Latte by combining Espresso with skimmed milk to create a frothy coffee. You may also add flavor syrups to add a unique flavor.

Cappuccino is another variation of Espresso you can make. It is similar to a latte, made with skimmed milk and foam. What makes the difference is that this option combines its ingredients in equal amounts, thus making it denser with a more robust flavor.

Macchiato is a type of Espresso with a stronger flavor. It comes with a shot of Espresso plus a dash of foamed milk. Due to its strong flavor, Macchiato tastes best when made from the best quality coffee.

Like Espresso, you can make different kinds of coffee. Iced coffee, for instance, can be made by combining several ounces of coffee with ice. This variation may also come with syrups or sweeteners to add flavor. Iced coffee is quite popular during the summer days.

Café Au Lait is another coffee variation called “French Coffee.” It combines warm milk with freshly brewed coffee in a French press. Sweeteners can be added because of their intense flavor.

“Double double” is a coffee drink considered one of the most popular in places like Canada. It involves mixing freshly brewed coffee with two cups of milk and two sugar crystals.


Espresso and coffee can be used to create many other drinks, depending on your versatility and taste. These drinks are widely popular all over the world today because of their ability to transform into different drinks when brewed under different conditions and with the addition of other ingredients. It is also possible today to find some espresso and coffee with some addition of herbs and cannabis oils, and these additives offer more therapeutic effects for users.

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