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Easy Thai Coconut Ice Cream Recipe. How to Make Thai Style Ice Cream!


Thai Style Ice Cream Seller!


Thai coconut ice cream – an easy to make refreshing treat

Thais know a thing or two about surviving the tropical heat. You won't catch them walking very far in the heat of the sun, umbrellas serve dual function as both rain and sun protection – and the familiar jingle of the ice cream bike is often heard – And since an ice cream treat only costs about 25 cents – it a great everyday indulgence!

Coconut milk ice cream, served in a cup, bowl or as a true ice cream sandwich, with a slice of bread folded around a scoop of ice cream. It's cheap and it's very tasty and it's an incredibly simple thing to recreate at home. There are only, in fact, 3 ingredients!

How to make Thai Coconut Ice Cream

  1. 3 cups of coconut milk*
  2. ½ cup of sugar
  3. ¾ cup of water

Ice Cream Making Instructions

  1. In a pot, combine the sugar and the water, and bring to a boil. Stir the solution until the sugar has dissolved and then turn off the heat.
  2. Let the sugar water cool, and when at room temperature, mix about ¾ of the syrup with the coconut milk.
  3. Taste for sweetness and add more sugar syrup if desired. Remember though, that as things cool, their perceived sweetness lessens - so you want the coconut milk to taste just a little bit too sweet prior to processing it for freezing, - so it will taste just perfect as it comes out of the freezer.
  4. Process the mixture in your ice cream maker, and enjoy!

A quick note on coconut milk

Coconut liquids are sold in three basic ways, as:

  1. Coconut water
  2. Coconut milk
  3. Coconut cream
  1. Coconut water is simply the sweet and clear juice contained within a young coconut – and although a refreshing drink, it is not normally used for cooking.
  2. Coconut milk is the liquid that remains after the white flesh of the coconut, the coconut meat, has been pressed. To further complicate things, this is also sometimes known as coconut cream! The first pressing of the meat results in thicker milk with a higher fat content (cream, or thick milk) the second pressing results in thinner milk. Coconut milk that is sold in cartons in supermarkets is generally a mixture of these two pressings – and this is what you want.
  3. Coconut cream, as sold in supermarkets, is usually something like a "Coco Lopez" type of thing, which is a processed mixture of coconut cream and sugar. This is not suitable for making Thai coconut ice cream.

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Grace D. from Missouri on October 07, 2012:

Made some last night, it was delicious. Couldn't be more simple to make. Great post.

yessi on July 20, 2012:


From Thailand on October 18, 2011:

It's very yummy and I love it!!

enjoy your coconut ice cream. :)

kerlynb from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^ on August 16, 2011:

It sure looks easy. Will give it a try. I'm from the Philippines and people from my country love cold desserts :)

mabmiles on August 07, 2011:

WOW. I love ice cream wherever or what country it may come.

Albert Cantrell on March 31, 2011:

Oh! Thailand is so amazing

Graid on March 21, 2011:

This recipe worked great for me, it is an extremely delicious and strangely thirst quenching ice cream. It made the prefect amount to fit in my ice cream maker as well.

aw on July 29, 2010:

frozen Vita Coco pops are the best!!

Regina on July 07, 2010:

Thank you for this delicious recipe! I wanted to let you know that the Thai Trade Center, an organization that is working to promote Thai products in the US, posted a link to your recipe on its blog. You can check it out at http://www.thaitradeusa.com/home/?cat=143, under the blog entry titled, "Bring more of Thai summer to the USA!" Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us with any questions or suggestions!

John D Lee (author) on June 15, 2010:

Hi Jeff,

Thank you very much for posting your ice cream making experience here!

Jeff San Diego on May 28, 2010:

An edit on the above comment: I needed to use 5 cups of coconut milk, not 4 cups.

Jeff San Diego on May 28, 2010:

Just tried this recipe out and it worked perfectly!

I needed to use 4 cups coconut milk so I just did the math with the water and sugar and came up with: 2/3 cup sugar, 1 cup water. I also added three fresh limes' juice and steeped two guayaki empowermint tea bags in the sugar water syrup for 7 1/2 minutes while waiting for it to cool down.

Other than those slight variations I followed everything else just as described and came out with a wonderful texture and it tastes so great, the most wonderful limey coconut with the tiniest suggestion of mint. Thank you so much for this vegan recipe. Jeff

Aree_36 from Georgia on May 16, 2010:

Great recipe! I love coconut ice scream, I have to try your recipe some time. Thank you for sharing great recipe!

Betty Reid from Texas on November 28, 2009:

My vegan friends eat coconut ice cream. It is really good, the coconut flavor is not too strong. You can mix other ingredients in like chocolate or strawberry.

Irma Heyward on April 27, 2009:

I will trae the coconut ice cream,thanks I love Ice cream!

C. C. Riter on March 08, 2009:

I've heard of this. haven't tried it yet. BTW i did pork chops the other night sous-vide style, thanks to you. Oh my how wonderful they were. thanks

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