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Easy Microwave Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Easy Microwave Chocolate Fudge Recipe.

Easy Microwave Chocolate Fudge Recipe.


If you're looking for a quick and easy microwave chocolate fudge recipe, then this one's sure to please. This quick microwave fudge leaves your kitchen clean and tastes divine. Everybody knows that making fudge must take ages, so your friends and family will be very impressed when you simply present them with chocolate fudge and the words "Oh, it was nothing - go on, dig in".

Two Step Process

In this recipe, it takes just a few minutes to make the fudge - the time element comes from the cooked fudge being left to cool - and that is why it looks like a long time. 10 minutes to make it, but I'd say 2+ hours for it to cool.

Is this like the Krissy Allori 5 minute microwave fudge recipe that "shot to fame" in 2017?

No. The Krissy Allori old family recipe uses icing sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla, walnuts, unsalted butter and milk.

This microwave fudge recipe uses caster sugar (not icing sugar), condensed milk (which is thicker than regular milk), chocolate chips instead of cocoa.

Both are worth trying!

Cook Time

Cook timeReady inYields

10 min

10 min

Serves 8-12


  • 1.75 cups Condensed Milk, (One large tin, 400 ml)
  • 1 stick butter, (125 grams)
  • 2.25 cups caster sugar/superfine sugar, (500 grams)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, (5 ml)
  • 1.25 cups chocolate chips, (340 grams, 12oz)
  1. Combine all the ingredients EXCEPT the chocolate chips and pour the mix into your bowl.
  2. Microwave the chocolate fudge mix on HIGH, checking and stirring it well every 2 minutes. Do this for 8-9 minutes. As microwaves are different it is important to keep watching, checking and stirring the mix until it's the right consistency. An older/less powerful microwave might take 10-12 minutes to cook this mix.
  3. Remove the bowl from the microwave and stir in your chocolate chips.
  4. Pour the mixture into a shallow tray or dish and put to one side to cool. You may place it in the refrigerator once it's cooled down enough.


Cooking anything for the first time is always a little "hit and miss". Based on your experience you might choose to cook it a little more, or less, next time. Or maybe your bowl was too big, or too small.

Easy Microwave Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Easy Microwave Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Variations on This Easy Microwave Chocolate Fudge Recipe:

  • Instead of chocolate chips,you can use any other chocolate, either broken up or grated.
  • Try putting half the chocolate in with the original mix, adding the second half at the end.
  • Try mixing up different chocolate (white, dark, milk) for a slightly different effect
  • By using half white chocolate and half dark chocolate pieces, set the white pieces aside, then melt them before pouring the white chocolate into the fudge mix and stirring a little bit to create swirly patterns.
  • Hold back a few chocolate chips, or shavings, and sprinkle them across the top once your mix has been poured out for cooling.
  • Roll your chocolate fudge into balls (I use two teaspoons as it is sticky)
  • Use individual shaped silicone molds - you get shaped fudge pieces that simply press out of these easy to use, flexible molds.

What if Fudge Doesn't Set

If you don't get the ingredients mixed in the right proportions, it is possible that your fudge won't set. There are a couple of things you can try to "fix" this:

  • Cheat - stick your fudge in the freezer for 15-30 minutes, then serve/eat quickly.
  • Warm it up and use it as a thick chocolate pouring sauce over ice-cream - who can resist fudge sauce!

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Dedicated Content Curator (author) from United Kingdom on June 12, 2013:

Thanks for pointing that out! In America it's superfine sugar. Caster sugar/superfine sugar is simply regular/granulated sugar ground down a little finer, so if you don't have any of this type you can either just use regular sugar, or grind it up in a coffee grinder/food processor for a few seconds.

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As my parents always said: "It all goes down the same way", so sometimes there's no need to be exact.



Beth37 on June 12, 2013:

I would have, had I known what caster sugar was. lol

Dedicated Content Curator (author) from United Kingdom on June 12, 2013:

Google Translate Beth ...... :)

I know you're already in your kitchen making this great microwave fudge.....

Beth37 on June 12, 2013:

Your recipes are written in English! How'mi sposed to read them? lol

Making-Jewellery from United Kingdom on May 03, 2013:

A great recipe, I love fudge. Thanks for this.

I never knew you could make microwave chocolate fudge before. I've bookmarked this.

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on May 03, 2013:

I love chocolate very much. My friend, you have simple recipe here. It sound delicious as well. Thanks for sharing with us. Voted up!


Dil Vil from India on May 03, 2013:

Your pics is making my mouth water, i love chocolate. Thank you for the recipe...

cornwall_UK from Cornwall, UK on May 03, 2013:

Just off to the shops, so printed this out to pick up the ingredients! It sounds easy! This will be great food to take to my neighbour's BarBQ this weekend.

Voted up.

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