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Easy Meal-Prep Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Banana Bread


Banana bread isn't often thought of as a healthy option for breakfast, but with this recipe you can enjoy a tasty and filling addition to your morning routine. Bananas themselves are a great source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and other nutrients which can help provide you with the energy to take on your morning. With far less sugar and way more fiber and protein than your average banana bread, this recipe provides all the flavor and none of the 'guilt' of many other breakfast options. Additional tip - add some walnuts for a little extra crunch, and even more nutrients!

Make this recipe ahead of time and slice it throughout the week to optimize freshness. Simply wrap a piece and take it to go!

Recipe Here: Skinny Breakfast Banana Bread

Egg Muffins


These egg-based breakfast muffins are not only incredibly easy to make, but also absolutely delicious! The high protein content in eggs will have you feeling full and satisfied all morning long. This recipe includes bacon and spinach, but feel free to substitute broccoli, diced peppers, mozzarella cheese, or more! The possibilities are endless, and adding some variety will keep this recipe exciting and appetizing week after week.

Recipe Here: On-The-Go Breakfast Egg Muffins

Breakfast Smoothie Packs

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This one requires a little extra time, but the payoff will be totally worth it. Make-ahead smoothies are a great way to pack a ton of nutritious ingredients into a simple, quick and portable way to enjoy breakfast on-the-go.

The preparation is fairly simple itself - simply sort the ingredients into separate freezer bags, however many you'll need, and store in your freezer until you're ready to blend. The added bonus of this make-ahead meal is that they'll last much longer, even if you don't make them all right away!

Once you're ready, just pour out the freezer bag into your blender until everything is combined, and pour into your favorite motivational to-go container so you can enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast throughout your busy morning. Adding additional ingredients like protein powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, and kale can help provide a ton of extra fiber to help you feel fuller for longer as well.

Recipes Here: Make-Ahead Breakfast Smoothies

Healthy Breakfast Casseroles


These are not your grandma's casseroles! Breakfast casseroles can be a great way to serve hearty, tasty and healthy breakfast options that can be prepped the night before, and ready to go in the morning. Additionally, many variations can be cooked completely in advance. After the casserole has been completely cooked and allowed to cool a bit, simply seal the dish tightly with cling wrap and refrigerate leftovers for up to 5 days! Just divide out the amount you'd like each morning, and take it to go. Leftovers can easily be heated in the microwave without losing out on any flavor or nutrition.

These egg-based casseroles are also full of protein and fiber to keep you feeling satisfied without feeling sluggish. Adding additional veggies can also help you get in extra vitamins and nutrients right from the start. Feel free to try any of these combinations, or make up your own!

Recipes Here:10 Healthy Breakfast Casseroles Under 300 Calories

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