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Easy Oreo Cheesecake Cups Recipe


Xeng is a researcher at the University of the Philippines where she is working on a dissertation for her Masters in Communication.


What is life without cheesecake?

There are different kinds of cheesecake to suit everyone's tastes. So far, I've tried blueberry, strawberry, orange, oreo, chocolate, and the classic cheesecakes. I've liked them all but I found the oreo cheesecake to be my favorite. Probably because it's easier to find oreos than berries here in the Philippines. One time I was craving really bad for cheesecake that I decided to try to make my own. Here's the recipe I used. Check it out below. :)

Sink your teeth in oreo cheese cups without leaving the comforts of your home

Sink your teeth in oreo cheese cups without leaving the comforts of your home

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

30 min

20 min

50 min

25 cups


  • 1 pack cream cheese, softened
  • 1 350 ml can condensed milk
  • half pack 20 oz. pack (25 pcs) oreo cookies, crushed/coarsely chopped
  • half pack 20 oz. pack (26 pcs) oreo cookies, crush it if you want the cheesecake base crushed (I personally prefer the whole cookie as my base)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 250g pack margarine, (only if you want the base crushed)
  • 3 large eggs


  1. For the base: Prepare cupcake tray by placing the cupcake baking cups with one oreo cookie per cup. Each cookie will serve as your base.
  2. When doing the crushed version, grind the oreo cookies using a mortar and pestle. When finely ground, place in a bowl and add margarine to make it sticky instead of powdery. Press the sticky base to the bottom of each baking cup.
  3. For the batter: In a large bowl, mix cream cheese, eggs, and condensed milk.
  4. Add one teaspoon vanilla extract and coarsely chopped oreo cookies. Continue to mix until smooth.
  5. Pour into baking cups, taking care not to fill them to the brim as the batter might spill while baking (heat makes the batter expand, even without yeast or baking powder. it goes back to it's actual size after cooling down).
  6. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 350 degrees farenheit or until no batter sticks to a toothpick or fork when you try poking it.
Made some classic cheesecake cups for the new year! Hello weight gain!

Made some classic cheesecake cups for the new year! Hello weight gain!

Cheesecake is probably my favorite out of all my favorite cakes. After all, it has cream and it has cheese! What more can I wish for, right? I've got to tone down though, because since I've started baking my own cheesecake, I also started gaining weight. LOL. I still can't resist this creamy cheesy goodness though. Gaaaah!

I have to tell you though that this recipe can help you make a really nice cheesecake. I made my friend a cheesecake for her birthday and she told me it's better that what most cafes offer.

Check out this cheesecake cups tower I made for the new year! FATNESSS!

So, do you have your own easy breezy pastry and/or dessert recipes? Why not share them with us? I'd love to feature them on this hub. Hear from you soon!




luisj305 from Florida on August 22, 2015:

Wow...just ..yummm...delicious.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on December 04, 2014:

so sad, i wish i could buy cheese. my hubby disallow cheese in our house

Xeng (author) from Philippines on May 28, 2014:

Freeze instead of baking you mean? I'm not sure. I haven't tried that yet but I don't think that's a good idea because this recipe has eggs in it. You don't want to catch the salmonella virus.

PotterFan on March 19, 2014:

Is it possible to freeze these instead?

Xeng (author) from Philippines on September 14, 2013:

hi. i use kraft philadelphia cream cheese. the 8 oz pack. :)

jo on September 13, 2013:

hi there! just many ounces is 1 pack of cream cheese?

Xeng (author) from Philippines on July 24, 2013:

The batter should be quite thick to be able to hold the cookie at the bottom. :)

shehnaaz on July 22, 2013:

My oreos rose to the top?? How do i prevent this. And what consistency ahould the batter be??

Xeng (author) from Philippines on July 02, 2013:

Oohhh. Yeah. Sorry, I forgot that. It should be about 350 d Fahrenheit. :) Thanks for pointing it out. :)

Hope on June 29, 2013:

It doesn't say at what temperature to bake at...

Xeng (author) from Philippines on June 22, 2013:

I'm sure they will. My niece and younger cousins really love this recipe. :)

Brenda from Springfield, MO on June 22, 2013:

I think my kids will go crazy for these, and they look like something they can help me make. Thanks for sharing, i will be giving them a try soon.

Xeng (author) from Philippines on May 23, 2013:

I knowwww. Oreos are just, hhhhhmmmmm.....

Holly from Boise, ID on May 23, 2013:

Oh my goodness, this looks insanely GOOD. I never buy Oreos (because I'd end up eating the entire bag), but I might have to now.

Xeng (author) from Philippines on May 21, 2013:

maybe because they're in cupcake form. I was actually just improvising because we didn't have the springform pan needed when making cheesecake. :))) but we had cupcake pans and voila! cheesecake cups. :) let me know how it turned out, ok? :)

agapsikap from Philippines on May 21, 2013:

I used to make cupcakes for my kids on their birthdays. I think I have to try this one very soon. Tell me I'm ignorant but I haven't tasted this one before. Voted up and sharing.

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