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Easy Beef Rump or Tip Roast Cooked in an Instant Pot-Easy Filling Dinner

Mike has always loved to cook. His mother made sure he could cook when he was a child. These recipes or menus are old family favorites.

Easy Tip or Rump Roast Cooked in an Instant Pot

Lately, even in these times of high priced meat, our local store has had lots of rump and tip roasts on sale for about a dollar less a pound than hamburger. While this method is fairly quick, it produces a good meal, especially when paired with a vegetable or two.

Instant Cooker Rump Roast

Instant Pot Rump Roast

Instant Pot Rump Roast

The Roast

I realize a lot of people think of rump roast as a roast served rare to medium rare. This one will be different, since we are cooking with pressure to get it tender if will be close to falling apart.

First things first. You want 2-4 lbs of meat to cook. Obviously a smaller piece will need less time, and a larger one will take more.

I use a 6qt Instant pot and it accommodates 2-4 pounds of roast just fine. If the roasts are smaller I just put 2 in the pot at a time.

I put the trivet in the bottom of the pot and then the meat on top of that. I then add 2 cups of liquid(You can use broth, juice or water or any liquid for that matter, never leave the bottom of the pot dry. A dry pot will lead to burning and the unit will never come up to pressure.

This Recipe Is Easy and Forgiving

As long as you have the liquid and the meat in the instant pot pressure cooker, you will likely end up with something good.

One thing I like to add to my meat is Instant Onion Soup Mix, whether it is Lipton's or store brand, it doesn't seem to matter. If you don't have it, nothing is ruined. You can add onion powder or garlic powder to flavor. You can also add salt and pepper. I usually try not to lean too hard on the salt till the meat is cooked.

Once your roast is in the pot, the liquid added then set the lid to sealed. Plug in the instant pot, and set it for roast or manual cook for 1hour 30 minutes. It will start the countdown when the pot is up to pressure.

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Prepping Your Veggies

While this is cooking, you can select and prep the veggies for your meal. You can peel potatoes, or just cut them to size if you prefer them with skin on. I add a bag of baby carrots to the mix or you can peel and cut carrots into uniform pieces. You can peel and quarter onions if you like.

To make your gravy extra tasty, you can purchase au jus mix or brown gravy makings at the store. When your countdown hits zero on the cooker, use safe techniques to release pressure. This means wear mitts and preferably use a utensil of some kind to move the knob to vent. And do not put your face down near the pressure vent. We like you just as you are.

Once the pressure has vented, and the lock on the lid has released, put your veggies in to cook. Depending on their size, you want to go as little as 5 minutes to 10, The bigger the potato, the longer the cook. Go too far and you will have mashed potatoes in your gravy. Add the Au Jus packet or liquid brown gravy flavor

While The Veggies Cook


While your veggies are cooking, take a quarter cup of cold water and make a paste with two tablespoons of Wondra flour or cornstarch. Either will work, but you have to make sure the flour cooks as it thickens.

When the veggies are cooked, let the pressure naturally release till -15:00 shows on the timer. Then release pressure and again remove the lid safely.

Making The Gravy

Hit cancel on the controls, then select saute. Add your slurry to the juices and stir continuously. I like to use a whisk for this but a spoon works okay too. After the gravy bubbles good your gravy will start to thicken. Unplug the pot and your gravy will continue to thicken. Serve

What To Do With The Leftovers?

One thing I like to do with the leftovers is to make something similar to an open face Roast Beef Sandwich with it. If I don't have potatoes left over, I might either make some whipped potatoes to serve with the Roast Beef and Gravy, or just ladle on gravy over the Roast Beef and bread. Both to me are pretty good.

My mother used to take the roast and cut it into small bite sized pieces and fry it up with potatoes to make a roast beef hash.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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