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Dunkin' Donuts Sucks


"We're Out"

There is not a fast food restaurant out there that I despise more than Dunkin' Donuts. It absolutely sucks. The customer service right up to the way each franchise is managed is horrendous. Even their slogan is misleading. "America Runs on Dunkins'" my ass. Once you leave New England, you won't find more than a scattered few DD's. America does NOT run on Dunkins', New England does.

I cannot even keep track of how many times I have gone through the drive-thru just to find out that this particular location does not have what I am ordering. It literally happens 4 out of 5 times. In one case, I drove up to the menu and asked for a bagel. I was promptly told that they were out of bagels! Mind you, this was no later than 11am. I then decided a muffin would suffice so that is what I ordered. "Sorry, we're out of muffins too." Close enough to lunch-time, I figured a flat-bread sandwich would be good too, so again, that is what I ordered. "We don't have those either. All we have right now are croissants."

Are you fricken kidding me!? Dunkin' Donuts only function is to be able to serve the foods that they have on their menu, and they denied me each and every item I ordered. Needless to say, I did not purchase anything.


"We Screwed Up"

Dunkin' Donuts screws the pooch on my orders the majority of the time. If I order a Southwest Chicken flatbread sandwich, I get a Ham and Cheese flatbread sandwich. If I order a Supreme Omelet on a croissant, I get a regular bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel. The screw-ups are endless, and by the time I dig into my food, I'm already halfway down the highway, and it is too late to return.

I understand that Dunkin' Donut employees are probably getting paid minimum wage, but as a giant corporation, these employees should be trained to not screw up like that! I don't care how expensive it may be to train people, it is necessary for any company to keep business coming back.

"That's Been Discontinued"

This is one of my I pull up to the menu, I have a general idea of what I want. In this case, I want a small vanilla chai. I want a small because, I just need it to warm me up, and the medium is too much sugar for me. BUT..."The vanilla chai doesn't come in small." Wait a second...

Forget the fact that a small vanilla chai was listed on the menu, with a price and everything, but how is it not possible to fill a small cup of vanilla chai and hand it to me? I know they have the cups (well actually I shouldn't assume that...there is a good chance they are out). It just doesn't make any sense that they would serve other hot liquids in a small size, but not this one. I didn't say anything about it and ordered the was cold out.

Just the other day, I pulled into Dunkin' Donuts and ordered a Southwest Chicken flatbread sandwich. It was one of four giant pictures on it's own menu board. With a price as the sandwich alone, and the price as a meal with a little picture of an appetizing iced tea to go with it. "The Southwest Chicken was discontinued." COME ON!

I was so pissed this time, "You should take it off the menu then." As if it was this lady's fault or responsibility.

"Oh, I thought it was taken down." She said. "What else do you want?" Nothing...I wanted nothing. I said my piece to her and drove away, still hungry, and now annoyed.

Not only does Dunkin' Donuts discontinue foods that remain on their menus, not all of them offer the same options! I cannot tell you how hard it is to find a chocolate cream filled donut. It's like a treasure hunt. I understand the way franchises work, and it should be a corporate requirement that all locations offer the exact same menu items.

What To Do About It

After a while, it began to piss me off so bad that I had to do something about it. I'm not really a picky person, and try not to stir up any trouble, but this was becoming outrageous. I took down the little customer service number on the drive-thru window, and called. Of course it was an automated system leading me directly to a voicemail where I was to leave my name and number, and letting me know that someone would get back to me.

They didn't. It took about five messages before I finally received a return phone call. I explained my problem to this guy who was all ears and agreed with every word I said. Shocking, as it was probably his overall responsibility to make sure these locations were up to par. He finally offered me a $10 gift card for my troubles. Good enough I guess, but it nowhere near made up for the aggravation that Dunkin' Donuts had caused me. Ironically, the very first time I went to use the gift card, Dunkin' Donuts screwed my order up again!

Most of you are probably wondering why I keep going back. Well, these incidents were all very spread out over time, and sometimes it was the only option available, especially for breakfast.

My main beef with Dunkin' Donuts is the lack of quality management. As a good manager, your location should NEVER be out of anything that you serve. More importantly, your location should never be out of some of your main menu items. It should be embarrassing for you! I once went to McDonalds and asked for a packet of ketchup for my fries. Would you believe that McDonalds was OUT OF KETCHUP!!?? Imbeciles.

If you, as a restaurant manager, fail to ensure that your customer is provided with a main food item, or compliment to a food item, then you should be fired. You clearly cannot do your job.


Dan on July 21, 2020:

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I work at a Dunkin and can confirm ALL of this lmao

frank on October 18, 2018:

Dunkin Donunts is in leagues with Lucifer!!!

jk on December 03, 2013:

I love dd, thr always pleasant, and there coffee is hot, and filled to the rim, there products are fresh and amazingly great. You are wrong, there everywhere in pa, and infact i have family in okc and i got them hooked on it. Its your opinion, cause if they were as bad as you claim than they wouldn't be in business.

K on May 22, 2013:

The chai comes from a single serve packet, which is why it's only available in one size.

bill chambers on April 06, 2013:

forget about the food that they serve there coffee is garbage and has been since the 80s.when i was a kid in the 70s the coffe was fresh and strog.also the donuts wer made every 4 hours.never more than 4 hours and you would walk in and they would say if you wait 2 minutes we are bringing fresh donuts out and everyone never said no to that.i could care less about the custermore service .i don't pay attention or care who serves me as long as there quick period.that's why its called fast food i belive?i wouldn't ever eat there donuts again or there sandwiches.over priced junk.highly over egg and some cheese on a english miffin cost about.30 cents to make and they charge what 2 bucks and change?people are fools for giving them money for that garbage.did nyou know that the coffe is sub par when you break down quality coffe?people are just used to drinking it over the years so they think its up quality coffee around the world and you will find maxwell house and folgers and dunkin donuts are the lowest quality of anywhere and other countries would never except there toilet watered was explained to me this should be an experice when you drink it,it should feel tingly from your head to your toes a stimulating sensation every time.and you should only have to consume about 4 ounces for this experience.middle eastern coffe and europian coffee is the best quality as well as brazillian.its more expensive but you need less ,even if your a hardcore coffee drinker like an american i have sen everything watered down over the years because the original owners of franchises have made there millions and sold out for retirment and the new owners had to pay through the nose for the guareenteed success.understandable but you pay for the difference in quality.just like ice cream any other what i do ,buy a nice thermos and make it at home and take it with you.been doing that since the 80s because im not waiting in a line to drink piss watered coffee.try some real coffee and you will never go back.good luck if ya want to know any more(bill chambers?

Shane on December 19, 2012:

I have about had it with F@:-Ed - Up Doughnuts myself! I would estimate that 7 out of 10 times, they screw up my order as well. For example, today, me & my wife went inside and ordered a glazed stick with a bottle of water and I ordered a black coffee with 4 Splenda and a bagel with cream cheese. Well, guess what, they had no water and my coffee was loaded with cream. It appears that 50 percent of that order was screwed up.

If you add up all of the wrong orders that we, as consumers pay for, I'm sure Dunkin Doughnuts is making millions from their screw ups, And, this will not get any better until we start returning the screwed up orders and getting refunds, OR, we need to stop giving our money to an organization that does not give two Sh@$'s about customer satisfaction. We can only blame ourselves if we accept what they give us and we continue to pay for it.

Ash on July 17, 2012:

Very much agreed. Dunkin Donuts is disgusting. Their donuts are always dried out and nasty, and they can't even make a simple hot chocolate right. Definitely a New England phenomena. One word of advice, don't bother wasting your money there.

marco on April 24, 2012:

I hate dunkin in plattsburgh. they fired my girlfriend starr because she caught the assistant manager chris and the manager mike fooling around at work. The asst was married to a man who had just came out of the hospital after a long time, cancer or something. They made up a lie to fire her so she wouldn't say anything. Didn't know until she met the husband through a friend who knew the whole thing. They set her up to shut her up. Now they are living together. To bad for her husband and my girl got fired from it. Nothin right with that.

Marc Fintz on April 18, 2012:

Kate on April 17, 2012:

LOL, I work at dunkin donuts for the generally large (college student large pay) that they give out. I might make about $7.50 but I walk out with like 10-20 in tips everyday making it close to 9.50 per hour. I also get a good solid 40 hours a week. Some of us are not idiot college drop outs. I've tried to find other fulltime jobs while i'm in school deciding what I want to do. I've found odd jobs that don't promise more than 20 hours a week. Heck I even got a job at starbucks and the manager flat out lied to me and scheduled me with about 25 hours weekly. Not to mention their break policy was not really any better and I was FORCED to clock out for a half hour to get my break thus losing pay.

I do however agree they need to be a bit more selective in their hiring process. (basic english would be nice. I have worked with people who can't even speak english and just smile and nod) Overall with the tips it really is not a horrible job.

I don't think you understand that sometimes running out of an item happens. You cannot predict what is going to sell out. As a manager it is your job to do your best to try to make sure that everything is available but shortages happen. I think you need to look at shortages as a whole in a particular store rather than say dunkin is always out of this. Are you going back to the SAME store or spread out? I frequently made trips for starbucks to transfer if we were out or it was missing in shipment.

McDonalds managers are not "imbeciles" for running out of ketchup. You can easily go to a grocery store and buy your own ketchup. I can understand if every week they ran out of ketchup then it is neglectful on the manager's part for not up'ing their order.

It is people like you that make the restaurant business more stressful that it has to be. Can I have this item? Oh you're out? Okay, thanks anyway. Oh hey, this was suppose to have no cheese do you mind making a new one? Okay, thanks.

Easy right? For some people manners are as foreign as trying to learn a dead language.

Moron on April 16, 2012:

Wow! I think DD sucks too but go easy on the DD workers. I once worked in food service and it's true you deal with difficult people (senior discount entitleists). But it is a cool job learning to deal with cool customers and awful attitudes all while serving shitty food we serve even though the five second rule is more like the greasy floor, dog crap on my shoe, serve it anyway rule. So I still chance it with DD and find the donuts absolutely suck ass!

Midyin on April 14, 2012:

Here's a video of a friend of mine and myself trying to get served at one of Dunkin Donuts famous "24 hour Drive thrus"..

Apparently the neon sign they have out front lied...

Kevin on April 08, 2012:

I love DD and never had a problem...

WalkAMileinMyShoes on March 31, 2012:

People like you are why I fought my way out of the food-service industry. Seriously, quit complaining your fat entitled arse off all the time and just STOP GOING to these restaurants. Pack a lunch, get a life, and kindly go to Hell. The people who work at these places are NOT the ones responsible for the damn signs outside, they aren't even allowed to TOUCH them over half the time. Re-ordering stock, training, and blahblahfreakin'blah is usually the responsibility of someone in general management. SOMETIMES there also just so happens to be an unexpected surge in sales that causes certain items to sell out before the new shipment comes in. You think you're frustrated? Just try living one day without your vehicle, your profound sense of entitlement, and open your eyes to what it must be like for those less fortunate than you. I sincerely hope they spit in your coffee, you lousy PIG.

Sm on March 31, 2012:

PJ, you're awesome and completely correct. The problem is nobody ever realizes they may be to blame. If you point that out, the defense goes up. But really, there are always two sides. And I don't care what side you're on. There is NO EXCUSE for pitching a fit or blowing up at someone for things like this. If you do this, you obviously have bigger problems.

David on March 27, 2012:

I had a long paragraph typed up but I realized that it just comes down to the fact that some people are just jerks. Try to be rude to someone who makes $8 an hour and see how they react to you. On the other hand, you could be nice and see how they react. If they're still being rude to you and/or messing up your orders, its time to stop going there. No need to be a crybaby on the internet.

Tedodog on March 25, 2012:

Well here in NY they train you for two weeks, tell you that you will be paid for training then have you work and keep making up reasons why you didn't get paid then they change managers and say you didn't work for me. So I worked for over a month without pay and I am finding out I am not the only one.

Jane on March 23, 2012:

But on a more positive note, most customers are perfectly fine and a good percentage of my work related frustrations have to do with coworkers being gossipy pieces of shit and corporate being cheap jerks who can't manage a store. I very much appreciate everyone who uses basic manners, is understanding when it's busy/I'm running around doing five things at once, and treats me like a human being.

But lastly I must say that NEVER in my life have I found it acceptable to be rude to a worker for reasons that I know or even suspect MIGHT be out of their control. Treat others how you wish to be treated and peace to you all :) (Except you, senior discount grumpy asshole from work today) ;)

Jane on March 23, 2012:

Another Dunkins' employee checking into the debate!

First off, the poor kid running the register is NOT the one who decides prices/inventory/combo prices/whatever the fuck you're whining about so don't treat them like crap because you're a self obsessed asshole. Truth is, we all hate this company and how it's run as much as you do. And gee whiz, do you think maybe we do things like repeat your order, give you a receipt, and ask you to donate to our dipshit charity of the week because WE HAVE TO IN ORDER TO KEEP OUR JOBS?

If you can't deal with a store being out of a certain type of donut without flying off the handle then how do you deal with, ya know...REAL problems, such as stressful work situations (Like the ones you create for us, funny how that works) and arguments with your spouse?

Should we, the workers, be respectful, polite, and helpful? Damn straight buddy! Should you, the customer, be understanding and polite? HELL YES. It's called BEING A DECENT HUMAN BEING which is apparently way over some people's heads, workers and customers alike.

It sucks really, really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad to get paid $7.50 with no breaks (No, the break thing isn't legal. How they get around it I don't know. I guess we're all too beaten down to sue their greedy asses over it.) and genuinely try (Though I do acknowledge that some workers could not care less, which isn't right either) only to have a customer freak out at me because I politely informed him that the franchise owner doesn't let us give senior discounts. Lovely people in this world we live in, huh?

Willy on March 20, 2012:

Hey bro come to the dunkin donuts i work at in michigan and ill change your mind.

david1523 on February 27, 2012:

you should come to the sebring florida store...where the coffee rolls are smaller than the glazed donuts. they did a major fix up of the store and i guess they downsized the help..they only hire tattooed pierced freaks who never made it from elementry school..still the coffee is good but everything else suks big time..

MArCy Kafua on February 25, 2012:

dunkins is nasty cheap pigs and are lazy the management sucks its a joke AMerican should laugh at dunkin. Grosssssss

Slinky on January 31, 2012:

Who says that the entire world drinks coffee? For those of us who are not and never have been coffee drinkers, we feel as if we are being discriminated against by Dunkin Donuts simply because we can never take advantage of any of the combos since coffee cannot be substituted by hot chocolate. How unfair is that!! Also, I don't know very many young people(i.e. children and young adults) who drink coffee. Therefore, we are being penalized by Dunkin Donuts and are charged a la carte prices. Then the final tally is ridiculously high. Besides, as a healthcare worker myself, coffee is one of the worst beverages anyone can incorporate into their system. I hope that your company will see the light and give us hot chocolate lovers a chance. We ALSO enjoy donuts with a hot chocolate, NOT coffee.

keri on January 29, 2012:

I used to work there. The wrong orders are about 50% employees fault and 50% customers fault. I know they say the customer is always right, but no...they aren't. Example, "I want a large caramel coffee". Cashier, "So that's a large caramel coffee. Can I get you anything else?" "No, that's all." Coffee maker makes coffee and hands it to them. "OH! I meant for this to be an ICED coffee. Can you remake it so your supervisor will walk through right at this moment and yell at you for making me EXACTLY what I ordered?" "SURE! I love to get yelled at by someone who has no clue what's going on!" Also I love how they would make some random type of donut that is never made and everyone that comes through loves it then comes back the next day expecting us to have it when in reality we will probably never have it again. Then the employees get yelled at for not having it. Most crap that goes on like that - running out of stuff- is 100% NOT the employees' fault. It is the manager and owner's fault. Most of the time when a customer files a complaint, the employees are made to look bad when it is about 99% the manager or owners fault. But does the owner see it this way? HELL NO! They just look for any reason to get rid of us because they are dumb asses that can't run a business. That's why I haven't been back since I got laid off. I could go on and on about how sucky the are but I think you get the picture.

Sophie on January 22, 2012:

I used to LOVE DD's as a kid now they carry such a itty bitty selection of doughnuts. What sort of doughnut shop doesn't carry a Boston creme pie, a cruller, or a vanilla kreme doughnut? I have been to all 6 located in like a three block radius (I live in New England) and NONE of them carry these. I miss the days when they actually made the doughnuts in the shop. Now they just suck.

Ken on December 31, 2011:

A few of the posters here should try working at a fast food place and see how they like trying to survive on the money that they take home and to have to put up with peoples attitudes as a bonus . I'm sure most of these prima donnas would commit suicide before the first week was up . It's the same old story , some asshole got a job where his biggest problem is trying to figure out when he is going to play golf with some other asshole on company time and he gets pissed when one of the worker ants makes a mistake on his food order so he drives off in his new BMW cursing and not even leaving the change for a tip . Yea , some of these people should be made to work at DD just to see how easy it all is !

Average joe drinker on December 20, 2011:

Dd Coffee is terrible and comes boiling. Who the hell wants to drink brown water that will give you third degree burns? What customers like coffee that hot? You can't drink it...

Tara on November 05, 2011:

I have worked at a DD in a small town for few months and I agree with both sides of this argument. On the customers side it is very frustrating to find out that what they wanted has run out, has been discontinued, or does not exist at that particular store. When going to any store, restaurant, or fast food joint there are expectations that you will receive and enjoy what you paid for.

On the managers/employees side DD is a difficult place to work, not because the job is particularly difficult but because of corporate, the pay is low the hours are long and because of their decisions to discontinue popular menu items our customers are often already disappointed. I consider myself a good employee, I work hard, I'm friendly and I want people to have a good experience, messing up orders has not been an issue for me. I don't control ordering, sign-age or any other managerial duty, but because I am out front I get lashed out at. It does get frustrating for me to be blamed for things that are out of my control all day.

these nuts on November 02, 2011:

you guys are lame.......... looooosers

jhadjalkd on September 05, 2011:

Once I tried their coffee i realized id never being going back. I feel bad for you and do not understand why you kept going. If you live in New England you have to learn how to live without coffee. Dunkin Donuts are everywhere and they are terrible.

Lisa on July 12, 2011:

Dunkin' Donuts never pays the new people during training. They train the new crew members for 15 days even a month without a single cent! The training is 4 hours per day. FYI, these people hire only INDIAN PEOPLE.

Steve on July 08, 2011:

I used to love Dunkin Doughnuts to the point of even once substituting them for my birthday cake one year. The place where I work used to purchase many boxes of them to utilize on a breakfast buffet. One morning the driver brought in the doughnuts as usual and the staff was placing them on trays and as some of the boxes were opened live roaches come crawling out-I have never been back to a Dunkin Doughnuts since and will never forget the image.The doughnuts were tossed and never ordered again.

victorra on May 26, 2011:

Ooh shut up bitch , dunkin donuts takes up a lot of responsiblities . Let me see you stand there allday and take orders and make coffees & not screw up . The only reason why a store would run out of things because other stores borrow items from them without returning ....

supervedo on March 21, 2011:

I agree that DD is absolutely horrible. I currently live in Columbus GA. I moved from California where the mom and pop donut-shops rain supreme. You can't find a DD or Krispy Cream where I come from. Most donut shops are family owned and operated and the donuts are amazing. When I first came to GA I heard that DD was the place to go for good donuts.. DEAD WRONG!!! They aren't fluffy, don't melt in your mouth and the frosting tastes gineric and disgusting. DD sucks!!!

guppypants on March 16, 2011:

I agree that DD sucks, but the nature of this writer's complaint is that DD always screws up all the non-donut stuff that they sell. The truth is, that DD's donuts suck too. Every time I had one in the last ten years, it was stale. Ironically for this writer, DD's donuts became lousy when they started selling all the non-donut crap that this writer likes. DD are failing because they are trying to be all things to all people, instead of just making frigging great donuts. That's because all their franchisees come from countries which barely have food at all, let alone great donuts. What do they know?

Brittany on March 13, 2011:

I have worked at dd for 2 1/2 years now and it is such a poorly run company that I really wonder how people return and how they stay in business. I totally agree with this article about being out of product and discontinuing items. It is a ridiculous business practice to quit carrying a good selling item after a month. And I know the location I work at is always out of something we use constantly, like cream, how does a coffee shop run out of cream? It comes down to poor management. This job is just holding me over until I finish school, believe me I do not work here by choice, I do not even like the products they serve (not just because I work here I didn't like it before I did) and would not recommen it to my worst enemy!

Molly on February 28, 2011:

I've just started working at a Dunkin Donuts in Florida. They train very poorly and treat employees terribly. The turn over rate is outrageous! That means that the employees are either new a or their soul has been raped too long to care anymore. So clearly it's not a place to go for good customer service. The donuts come into the store stale and they are stingy on toppings and fillings. After my brief employment at DD I will not be coming back.

lisa on January 20, 2011:

i have been working at dunkin donuts for about a month and its the worst job i've ever had. i've never felt more disrespected by people in my life (manager, coworkers, customers). It isn't the employee's fault if we're out of the donuts you want. I suppose they have this idea in their head that we have a donut factory in the back where the stock is and we have someone making them all day, but we get ours from another store. I have never in my life treated an employee at a fast food place like shit because they messed up my order, or because i didn't like how my order was made. WHY?? because i'm not hateful, spoiled, and greedy like 80 percent of the US. If you don't like your coffee, sandwich, or donuts, DON'T COME BACK! and what the HELL is up with those people that say, oh, this is too much cream, can you pour half of this out and put more coffee in? I PUT THE AMOUNT THAT YOU ASKED ME TO PUT. so lets waste time and let the line of people grow so your spoiled ass can have your perfect amount of cream in your coffee. Is it that big of a deal to treat people like shit over fast food that you CHOSE to order, and then people have the nerve to complain about how long they've been waiting in line after they decided to buy three dozen donuts and two boxes of joe. and of course the boxes of joe use up a lot of our coffee, so we have to wait for more to brew and let the line grow longer and then we have more angry customers waiting on coffee. and in the meantime, we're running out of donuts because everyone gets their dunkin donuts coupons in the mail for 1 dollar off a dozen. we're also getting barked at about sandwiches at the same time, "oh, is that my sandwich? i didn't want cheese on that, do i get a refund if you take the cheese off?" wtf seriously?? why didn't you specify that when you ordered the damn sandwich??? and at the same time we're trying to get cups and lids stocked because everyone wants coffee. we're burning our hands on your damn muffins and cheddar cheese bagel twists (which in our store we aren't even supposed to warm up the muffins but we do it because we're nice) and also at the same time our manager expects everything to be clean when she gets there in the next five minutes even though she sees everything that is taking place. we get barked at by the manager in front of customers about this and that, humiliated, barked at by customers at the same time and humiliated even more...and honestly i plan to quit because its definitely not worth the money. and then theres those selfish ass thieves that see how busy and scatterbrained you are with the 9 orders you're trying to make..they poke their head over the counter and say, "where's my bagel? i ordered a bagel with cream cheese!" and then you remember that you just saw them at the register and never recall them ordering that, so you tell them that it isn't on their receipt but if they want it you can charge them for it and make it, and they get pissed. so at the end of the day, i feel degraded, disrespected, my hands are burnt from making so many hot sandwiches in the oven for three hours straight during the busy morning hours, my hands are dry from cleaning and sanitizing all day, and i'm completely fed up with feeling like shit every morning that i wake up for only 7 bucks an hour. I AM DONE WITH THIS BS DUNKIN DONUTS JOB

Jim on December 17, 2010:

Customer service seems to have gotten worse at a lot of places over time, but these comments have opened my eyes to the need for us customers to do our part in ensuring good service. I think by figuring out what we want before entering the line, providing ALL the necessary information when we order, and then waiting to see if the order taker has any questions before we drive up we might be surprised at how much better customer service we receive and how much more accurate our orders are. And hell, if we toss in the occasional please and thank you, we might even notice a marked improvement in the attitudes of customer service workers.

I hate getting bad service as bad as the next guy, but this thread has made me realize I may sometimes actually be contributing to the poor service I received in ways I never imagined. I'm going to try to remember some of the things I read here and see if they make a difference.

Rachel on December 17, 2010:

I am a dunkin donuts employee, and i just wanted to add my input. Now, i get why some people get frustrated by the orders getting messed up, i under stand COMPLETELY! and believe me, whenever a customer comes up to me and tells me i did something wrong, i do whatever i can to make it right. Mistakes happen, and you don't EVER have the right to purposely make someone feel like an asshole just because you didn't get the right donut.

I blame the poor organizational system of the store for most of our problems.

For example: The front counter register has no delete button, so whenever a customer decides to change their mind, i have to overring the ENTIRE order and put it in again. Is this the customers fault? not necessarily, but when i am getting freaked out on because i forgot to put in their fifth order of hashbrowns, yeah, it makes me mad.

Another example: When working nights, or some afternoons, there are times when we only have 2 people in the store. Now, when you come through, order 5 sandwiches (for which we only have 1 oven to make them all in) and then get angry when you don't get them out in less than two minutes, you're too preoccupied with your own self interest to think about the fact that we ALSO have to deal with drive thru and front counter customers. And when it comes to drive thru, there are 3 aspects to be responsible for : taking orders, preparation of food, and cashing out and delivery of food to the customer. That is hard to do with one person, when you happen to have customer after customer pulling onto the ordering pad.

I definitely think that, if you are paying with your own money, you should get what you asked for. But what gives you the right to act like a complete douchebag to the employee because they made a mistake?

And for the vanilla chai comment, the chai comes in a little packet, that is premeasured, so if you asked for a large vanilla chai, we would have no PHYSICAL WAY TO GIVE YOU A LARGE without wasting another packet. And if you want a small, hell, ill give you a small, but you're going to have to pay for a medium, because in our cash registers we don't even HAVE a button for a small vanilla chai!!!!

I don't love dunkin donuts. I don't even have respect for the place. It's a greedy overpriced unorganized corporation like every other fast food place. Im just a seventeen year old trying to pay for a car with a crappy minimum wage job, but if people like you guys could just stop being such ignorant rude jerks, it would make working with the public so much less horrible.

Seriously, next time you get frustrated with a little sixteen year old girl for forgetting your sons apple pie, think before you begin to freak out on them. Because all of that satisfaction you get for "asserting yourself" is doing nothing more than adding more fuel to your anger, and making a serious ass of yourself not only to the person serving you, but the other customers in the store too.

2010andrew on October 23, 2010:

How come everything bad happens to you, yet you boast how for a year there were 0 complaints at your theater?Obviously you are biased just because of that 1 bakery and boasting it on the internet, that makes you one of the biggest idiots in the world. You said you got a degree? Well I'm still a teen, go to school, work, and people would agree that I know better. Are you stupid or something? You're just showing the world how dumb you are - seriously. I bet more than half of the nasty comments came from the same user. Tsk tsk tsk to the poster!

AbiLyn on October 10, 2010:

I have been to DD so many times and none of this has ever happened to me. I see them all over the place no matter where I go. I live in VA, not New England. Even on my vacations I see them every where. Not once have I been told they don't have something. You know those chocolate filled donuts you want? Yeah, I've seen them at every DD I went to. I think you made most of this up because OBVIOUSLY this didn't happen, dumb-ass.

blondemuffin on October 03, 2010:

hey you know that competition dd and starbuck is having well starbucks is looking better everytime they mess up...

blondemuffin on September 26, 2010:

My manager sucks, she asked me last week what i wanted for hours and then i told her what i wanted and gave me 1 day for the whole u think shes trying to tell me that she wants me to quit? get this she gives all my hours to the kid that she complained about...does that even make any sense?

blondemuffin on September 26, 2010:

hows this for a kicker they don't wanna spend money on two people i work right next door to a bar and they only leave me there at night bymyself in a place where at 2am the drunks get out and harass you i have to call the cops every other night you think the manager cares nope nice place to work not

blondemuffin on September 26, 2010:

i work at a dunkin donuts in lowell mass and ill tell you it sucks my manager is a duche it is the worst place ever to work i asked for a day off and woulnt you know i have one day this week

dslicis on September 02, 2010:

What's the deal with airplane food? What's up with thaaaat?

PDann on September 02, 2010:

Im an employee. When were out, hey were out sorry. it takes 45mins to make muffins - 35 for croissants. On a busy morning it is hard to find sum1 to prepare, bake, finish, and display products. We only order a PAR amount of specific doughnuts a day. Yes ik. designate a baker. apparantly corporate thinks we don't need one. but need ovens? They also believe we need 2 bodies less on the floor then usual. I could sure as hell use another body at sandwiches - making that 8 sandwich order for that one dude while 4 bagel w/ butter orders are behind him. not to mention the ignorant lists of food ppl want through drivethru. All of which require hash browns. don't worry we always got ketchup.

As for the messed up orders. people make mistakes yes but it should not happen as frequently as it does to you. Its usually how serious the employee is with his or her job/mood that day. Would you be happy to wake at 4:30 am to know you will not receive any tips for putting up with bullshit. wheres the incentive? yes, yes its in that envelope with that min. wage paid check. So instead of any sort of pay raise/incentive our owners (not manager)decides to allow charity buckets for your loose change. which in turn gives our owners tax write offs and subsidies for being "super helpful" allowing a monopoly. No mom n pops in New England. juss sayin.

"Dicontinued"? that's because our dimwitted owners (not managers) put out a new product only for its beginning profits. Southwest chicken for ex. was THE BOMB its first month, then hey wouldn't ya know - no one liked em 2 weeks later. loss in sales = lost product = lost money. its business. and no not all DD's should require to have the same menu board as others as some products do NOT sell in certain locations. find your choc. filled elsewhere / but buy up cuz they'll be gone in a few weeks!

Management. oh my where do i begin. I ask myself sometimes how they put up with it all. 5am - 6pm to finish a days work of paperwork, money stuff, computers, scheduling, complaints, drawer over rings, phone calls, making sure people are actually working, keeping up with all safety/sanitation requirements, and store standards etc. etc. etc. no tips for them either remember. and not an extra penny for overtime.

pay raise - forgetboutit

day off? don't think so

your sick? yeh me too. get into work "well see how you are". doctors note required for dental apps.

I hope Fox news reads this shit - Loren and Wally too.

Megan on August 11, 2010:

I don't work for DD nor do I eat/drink there. However, in there defense and working customer service for 8 years at a MUCH bigger corporation YOU people who complain about SERVICE, and running out of product-should take whatever DONUT they have left/offer you and shove it up your a$$! If some of the customers didn't already have a piss-poor attitude when ordering their food/drink then maybe the service would be better. The only reason that you guys are ticked off about them running out of supplies is because ur fat, lazy @$$ couldn't get your "creamy, 700 cal donut to clog your arteries". Customer service is definitely important in business, especially if you would like to be a successful one. However, the bit(hing, and belittleing of people YOU don't know just because your food didn't get put in your MOUTH when you demanded it, is totally uncalled for and unnecessary! If half of you people are unhappy with DD-then go to Mcdonalds, or Starbucks...(ohh but that's right there too expensive) DD is convenient and I highly doubt it's as bad as you illiterates make it seem. Lets play a came, all those who talk negative about a company, or about their service-inform us of your present job/career?? Do you sit in your office all day, reading magazines or catching up with the latest gossip on FB?? If you guys are that miserable in life that you get upset about a "mix-up" or a "out of stock item" I feel more then sorry for you. There are more important things in life to worry about other then "the wrong cream-filled donut"-damn, where the hell are YOUR priorities?? =)

Much love donut lovers =)

Mike on July 09, 2010:

If you feel so strongly about a fast food restaurant in which you need to rant about it via the internet, it may be time to stop eating fast food all together.

Chris on July 07, 2010:

By the way, I have never gone into a DD where the waitress/counterperson didn't weigh 400 pounds...there's where the donuts and profits are going!

Chris on July 07, 2010:

Forget what the "Managers" tell you. They hire the first person in the door, pay them shit, and don't train them...then the "Managers" leave them alone. They dont make the donuts...they order them. The donuts are made at controlled facilities. All they have to do is know enough to order enough. As far as profit...4.25 for a cup of ice and watermelon flavoring and you cant make money? They are losers. The customer service sucks, the management sucks and the facilities are dirty. Maybe try not putting up a DD every 10 feet and you can make some money. DUNKIN DONUTS SUCK!

Jeff on July 06, 2010:

To Dylain from 12 months ago: Did you really type that you are a manager of a Dunkin Donuts and typed in a frustrated way that you can't predict the actual donut needs per day and tell customers that they can go elsewhere to get donuts? REALLY? Hey Mr. Business Degree, have you checked the name of the franchise? And you managers wonder why the masses of people are fed up with the lowest of customer service at Dunks? It's nothing more than your attitude and that of your employees that barely understand the order because they barely speak the native language which at this time I'm having trouble remembering what that is.

Someone raise their hand if in the past two months someone from Dunks asked them to repeat the order THREE times and STILL effed it up?

THAT is why they masses are pissed, not because you can't predict how many chocolate covered you should make.

Do us all a favor and quit your day job and finish school. In the end, it will all work out better for all of us.

July on July 05, 2010:

Should just stop going to fast food places -_-..

mad as hell on April 11, 2010:

hahahaha this is so f*cking bullshit there is no way in hell there was no muffins, no bagels or no flat breads. maybe the specific type u wanted wasn't available. but there is no such thing as absolutely no bagels, muffins or flat breads. there are SO many muffins & bagels thrown away at night after close. i would know this cuz i work there & i have to count how many there are. there is no way there were no flat breads cuz those get ordered in boxes & they never run out.

jevic72 on April 03, 2010:

More times than not a customer's attitude is what causes them to be given an attitude. If you bark your order at the DT without giving me important details - like cream and sugar amounts - do you expect to get your coffee made right?

Believe it or not, sometimes I won't be able to take your order right away. This is when I get a "Hello....." screamed in my ear. You can expect an attitude immediately for that.

The crew isn't responsible for being out of stuff. That would be the manager's fault and that's because they usually cut the order to get their bonus. That's how it works for our stores anyway. Nice to know, isn't it? It's also a reason we'll have two people working on a busy afternoon.

If you insist on being lazy and order a huge amount of food and drinks through the DT don't expect to get it quick. Not only do I take your order but I also make your drinks, cook your food and take your money. Just because there's a drive thru it doesn't mean you can drive your lazy ass to the menu board and order the whole store. Park your car and walk in the store. It's a lot to ask, I know.

Also, can you people get the f*** off your phone long enough to place your order instead of telling me to hold on while you gab? That's beyond rude. Yet, when I finally tell you I need your order, I'm the one being rude. Go figure.

Stop ordering Chai - it's a pain in the ass to make. Yeah, it only comes in medium but that's because it's from a packet and has to be made with steamed skim milk. If it's too foamy - tough.

Kilgore Trout on March 25, 2010:

The newer stores have something called "just baked" donuts. They come in FROZEN and then they dump them out on a rack to thaw for about an hour. Then, they thrown them in an oven for anywhere between 45 secs. to 1.5 minutes. Then, they put the icing on them or fill them. You can make about 400 dozen in eight hours with a staff of three people that know what they are doing. FYI>

John on March 24, 2010:

I know Dunkin is looking into baking donuts but as of now they are still fryed. Bagels, muffins, crossants, cookies are baked. The newer stores will now have ovens to bake thses products as needed but donuts will still be fryed. Some stores were making donuts 1 time a day but they haven't made any improvments to make the shelf life last longer. Most pruduce product 2 times a day.I do agree that they are cutting down on production and it does not make the store look good when the shelves are almost empty and you know that that last donut is probably not fresh

Dunks Sucks big time! on March 03, 2010:

Today is the last day that I will ever purchase anything from Dunkin Donuts ever again! I would often say I'm never going back but would out of convenience. Now, I can't afford to keep going and getting cold bagel sandwiches or still half frozen english muffins or the worst thing of all is when I get a coffee and it's room temperature! Disscusting..... I also try to look in the bag right away to catch their mistakes before driving away and 9 out of 10 times they forget the cream cheese or give the wrong order all together. Whenever this happens they get annoyed with me for checking and give me an attitude for them getting it wrong. It's not just one thing about DD, it's everything. Employees are rude, they are constantly out of items, orders get screwed up and coffee is so inconsistant at all DD's. I now go to Honey Dew and just love that they are the complete oposite of DD's. I don't know why managers and employees are so offended about these comments . They have earned them and will continue to until something is done to turn this sad company around.

Disgruntled employee on February 11, 2010:

Let me tell you all...DD's, in certain states, does not give their employees their breaks and lunches. They also make min wage. I know because I am working there while going to college. My one manager has already been fired for her poor customer service and is relentless to make any of us look like a stupid person, in front of a customer. There are some idiots, but there are idiots everywhere. But, employees are ppl, too. Just to let you know...You can always order a black coffee and put your own stuff in it. You can also try knowing exactly what you want before you start to order. AND...we are on a "run time" that if you sit in our drive thru to answer your cell phone or check you date book, it screws our production time and then we get fired! So, save the phonecall until after the coffee run b/c we don't care if your best friend is not feeling well. We just want to serve you and you get the heck out of our job! AND I know my IQ is alot higher than many ppl who walk through that front door, ordering that donut that they just don't need!

Mike on February 08, 2010:

Please, if you're going to attack the company, don't attack the employees. I can tell you from experience that working at Dunkin' Donuts can be very stressful at times.

For example, there's the duties of the evening crew (aka you and one other person). You must fulfill a list of duties to maintain the restaurant, portion food, clean and refill various machines and bottles, and restock ice cream (that is, if you work at a DD/BR31 like myself) while trying to take care of both Dunkin' and Baskin' customers AND a drive-thru.

Some customers are absolutely obnoxious. When there's a sign that says, "Please, customer, only one coupon at a time" right in front of their faces, they'll literally pull out 5 coupons, use gift cards with 42 cents on them, and then proceed to pay you in dimes and nickels while they're waiting for their large orders (that either I or my co-worker must take care of WHILE taking care of other customers and drive-thru).

The thing that ruins Dunkin' Donuts for a lot of people are the customers that treat it like a grocery store. They'll buy dozens of donuts, bagels, and muffins as if it's Wal-Mart and there's more in the back. The fact of the matter is, there isn't. They can only afford to employ so many bakers (at mine, 3). I believe they come in twice everyday of the week and work for a few hours at a time to crank out donuts. If someone comes in and orders 4 dozen Boston Kreme's, it will take them a good few hours to make more.

Oh, what's even worse is that half the time you can't hear very well because you must have a headset on (only for drive-thru). It makes it harder to memorize all the food. :/

dead fred the baker on January 27, 2010:

This is a hoot to read!! Are there some dunkin's poorly run? Absolutely! Are there some pain in the ass customers? For sure! Do they still bake donuts twice a day? No way Jose'! I've been in the biz for years - the chain has changed from Mom and Pop stores baking donuts all day (actually frying) to large corp's owning a lot of stores baking once a day (actually baking, not frying) just to cut costs. Time to make the donuts? About 6pm till 2am, then again at 6pm.

Taylor on January 10, 2010:

As an old employee of Dunkin' Donuts. I have to honestly, agree with EVERYTHING being said, from both sides... And the donuts ARE baked.

PJ on December 07, 2009:

I've found reading this string very interesting. I work at a Dunkin' in southern RI. In my experiences its one of the best I've been to, at least in the customer service aspect. We have a staff with a very positive attitude and a very large number of regular customers who we are on a first name basis with.

I'd have to say I agree and disagree with both sides of this silly little debate. As far as the "anti-dunkin" side goes, obviously you're right to expect courteous, efficient and correct service. I don't think there is ever an excuse to mistreat customers. I've had my fair share of unpleasant experiences with customers but I never ever give them a poor attitude. Like many of you said the object of the game is to gain repeat business and of all the things that can go wrong, the one thing that's sure to deter people from coming back is poor attitude.

I work with a few people that get very high strung at work and I don't see the point in that at all. Our store gets busier than any other in the area but as an employee you have to take in in stride. Just because its really, stupidly busy doesn't mean that customers deserve less positivity.


There are also several incidents per day where I deal with a customer who was apparently all ready mad at me before they arrived. Its almost as if they assume I'm going give them attitude and screw up their order so they pre-emptively talk down to me. It's dumb.

Obviously the job isn't rocket science however, as TOM said higher on the page many, many people go through the drive through and spew out their order in one breath and then drive up without giving you a chance to order. With hundreds of orders in a shift its very easy to get mixed up with each specific order. Probably only half the orders are simple (and I'm talking about a Regular Coffee and one food item). The other half have specific tastes, which is obviously going to happen, but please remember that most people lack the ability to instantly memorize a string of orders. Please, customers, treat the employees like you want to be treated. If you want them to get your order right, be patient and allow them time to take note of what you'd like otherwise you're just setting yourself up.

Also, I don't know if this is true of all stores, but at mine, unless you go during peak time (which is between 7am-11/12) there isn't one person who is strictly taking orders. After 12 its guaranteed that the person taking your order is all ready making someone else's order. And do you want to wait for them to finish serving someone who isn't you? Probably not.

The franchise situation is tough. It does take a long time to prepare more food and I know at my store we have pretty limited space. We just don't have any place to store enough product to keep every single customer happy for entire day of consistent orders. Not to mention the limited budget you're allowed for staff and product/supply orders. Really all you can do is balance everything you can and hope for the best. There are people who come in the store several times in a row and order products that my store doesn't carry (like chocolate kreme filled, which are delicious, and blueberry bagels), we tell them that we don't carry those things; not that we are out or that we don't have them, but that we don't CARRY them, and they piss and moan and leave and come back the next day. Well... we're not going to order them just for you. Sorry, it just doesn't make sense. And please, if you read this, guys, don't get mad at me for getting a little defensive. I'm not attacking anybody on this board I'm just saying in general. It doesn't make much sense for all dunkin stores to carry the exact same product because not all demographics are the same.

In conclusion, I think that the customers and the employees of Dunkin' all just need to chill out and take a breathe. In general I think Dunkin' employees have pretty piss poor attitudes but... working for dunkin and talking with the manager you have to consider: you just have to take what you can get. Fact is very few people work at Dunkin' for a life career and those that end up doing it for a long, long time don't get higher than shift supervisor or store manager(which still isn't much), little more work at Dunkin' because they're in transitional phases of life (college, unemployed, stuff like that), but most are part-time wage workers who just don't care that much about what they're doing or about you as a customer. Yes, as employees you should have pride in your job and do it to the best of your ability, but most of them don't. As a manager if 85-90% of your hiring pool are dumb kids looking for part-time jobs, there's only so much you can do to improve. Just keep firing and hiring new people to evolve your staff in a positive direction as best you can.

Seriously, though, on both sides (customers and employees), my theory is: if you don't like their attitude, kill them with kindness. Whether your a customer or an employee the best thing you can do is be as nice as possible and make them feel like an asshole. If you give them a poor attitude its just going to justify and encourage that behavior.

Anonymous on November 26, 2009:

The donuts are gross, they put basically no icing on top of them, and I think that they're all baked, taste like shit.

somekid on November 23, 2009:


Midasfx on November 17, 2009:

Classic tale of " early bird gets the worm" lol

Dunkin Donuts has its ups and downs. They have the best coffee and donuts. starbucks can kiss my A**. only ninnies shop their, think they are getting something great becuz they are paying more. I saw this adorable little breakfast meal they had, it was a piece of cheese with 2 apple slices and some nuts or something it was $6.99 WTF if you pay that, ....haha.

anyways, DD they typically do hire some weirdos typically highschool students that cant tell their head from their A**. However evertime they screw up my order, I ask for the manager and I get exactly what i wanted and then some, everytime. i can handle that, sometimes i hope they mess up so i can get more.

Now for people complaining about their supply of products. DUH! America runs on dunkin, they open at 5-6 for the commuters, and day laborers, you know the people who actually work hard for a living. so if your lazy and get up at 9-10 or 12 yea, your SOL ( Sh*t out of Luck) no fault but your own. common sense hear people, there is a reason why people don't go to a lunch buffet at 3pm. becuz the food has been sitting there for HOURS. If you go into DD's and see that later in the day and there is one donut left in the basket, yea its prolly old. duh. or hey! brilliant idea, ask what is freshest? if they lie you get refund or bonus, and if its the truth you get what you wanted. win/win

Also, bad decisions buy dunkin donuts to put crap on their menu like pizza. but shame on you people who fall for it. dumb impulse buyers! get a grip, and stop bitch'n

why the heck would you order a flat bread sandwich or some kind of ninnie meal at DD's. if you didn't notice its DUNKIN DONUTS. hmmm. COFFEE and DONUTS? or is it pizza? idk

ordering anything beside coffee and donuts at DD's is like going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering an Italian grinder. you just don't do it.

And to poor mandy Harfst, ( a previous poster ) if you can't handle DD's then you should never work at any customer service job ever. its not hard to serve a coffee and donut, i did it for my freshman year during high school. and if someone yelled at me there was a reason, like i screwed up their order.

all fun and games, just my 2 cents. I live in Cali, no DD's out here, only Starbucks on every corner. I have to make my own DD's from the grocery store.

Tom on November 01, 2009:

Dunkin Donuts are all almost indepedently owned and it is the owners choice what donuts and products to sell. We are only required to carry what is called the express dozen in donuts (chocolate glazed, regular glazed, old fashioned, Jelly, Boston Kreme, Chocolate Frosted and any LTO donuts) also muffins that are required are Blueberry, Reduced Fat BlueBerry, Coffee Cake, and LTO muffins) As far as bagels are concerned Multigrain, Plain, Cinnamon Raisin, and Wheat ae all that are required. Dunkin Donuts also splits areas into different regions and each region is required to have a different product. For example The store I run is a mile away from another store and we are different regions so they have products I do not and I have product that they do not. This is not the store managers fault, it is Dunkins fault, but who do you people get mad and yell at but the employees and then you wonder why the minimum wage employee has an attitude. As far as stores being out of product well that is partially the managers fault and partially the owners fault with the customer being the ones hurt. Managers are given a budget to purchase all their product from the delivery company but that budget is based off of sales. If weather is bad and your sales tank for a week so do your product levels because now you have a lower budget to order for the coming week. Dunkin is not brain surgery but it is not an easy job either. I have seen employees from all walks of life and some will make it and others will not. I have had employees that have a college degree and worked for fortune 500 companies but could not cut it in a dunkin donuts. I would like to see some of the people that complain try to do the job that dunkin employees do especially in drive thru. Imagine trying to punch in and make an order that a customer rambles off in one breath and then pulls away without giving full details (cream/sugar type of bagel etc..) and then when you ask them at the window they scream at you like you should be a mind reader and know that they want skim and splenda. P.S. it would also help if people knew what they wanted when they pull into a drive thru and knew what the product actually is. Nothing beats all you stupid people that only have things because they are on sale but have no idea what it is. My favorite is a latte with extra milk the whole cup is milk with a 2oz. esspresso shot how much more milk can you want? Dunkin is like any other business it is run to make a profit so your employees are paid as little as possible, you spend as little as possible stocking the store, and you try to pull as much profit as possible. I am not defending Dunkin but this applies to any fast food resturant minimum wage, minimum expense, maximum profit and people that all think that this is an easy fun job. Oh and for the people that complain that there all foreign people working at Dunkin when was the last time you put in an application to work in a fast food resturant? Most people will not even consider working in fast food they would rather sit on unemployement then get a job at dunkin or McD's and that is the reason that we are slowly becoming the new Mexico because Americans are fat and lazy and think that fast food is beneath them. Walk in the other persons shoes before you jump down their throat because I would be willing to bet that most of the people that bitch and complain would not make an hour in the middle of a morning rush.

Mandy Harfst on October 29, 2009:

I hate dunkin donuts and everything about it. I have worked there since april and I'm sick of being treated like shit by customers. I'm already depressed and I have customers scream at me every day for stupid shit. Come on people. Is coffee really worth making someone feel like shit?

Laura L Scotty from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 22, 2009:

While I am not a devotee of Dunkin Donuts I have eaten their breakfast sandwiches. I find that DD is not as good as it was before they closed almost every store in the Pittsburgh area. Since they are back they do not have the quality product that they used to carry.

somekid. on October 18, 2009:

I work at Dunkin Donuts and it's not the worst job I've had but it's OK for now because I'm in college.

I can really understand how frustrating it is to be expecting something and then not receiving it.

Some of the DD's are located in gas stations and are very small. The donuts and other baked goods get brought in in the morning and once again, it is hard to predict how many of each will be sold. I hate being the one to refuse customers the new "Pumpkin muffin" because it sells out in the first 4 hours of business, but again, it's not the end of the world.

As for the breakfast sandwiches, they're gross. don't buy them anymore if you do they're over priced and low quality. Go to mcdonalds.

We don't have flat bread sandwiches at the one I work at, they're not even on the menu and people always ask for them. I always tell them to go to the one down the street and appologize for the inconvenience.

Customers aren't "jackasses" for coming in and ordering a lot of food either. I'm surprised a manager would say something like that. I'm not on anyones side either I'm just thinking, it's laziness that would make you say that someone is a jackass for ordering something. If they order a ton of food in the drive thru, that's another story. On days when it's super busy and someone asks for a chai tea, because believe it or not, it's actually not the quickest drink to prepare(anyone that works there knows its actually a pain in the ass when it's really busy, also messy) , we tell them we're all out. Simply because the timer is going. when the time starts to get into 3-4 minute range everyone gets in trouble, so we try to keep the orders and transactions short and sweet. Which is the wrong way to do it, I know.

In the morning, it's a stressfull job.

I had grown woman throw a sandwhich at me this morning while I was on drive through because her sandwich had bacon, not sausage in it. Did I take the order? no. Did I make the sandwich? no. I was very sweet and polite to her and appologized but there are some really ignorant rude mean people out there I guess. Needless to say she got the right sandwich within It's chaotic.seconds, because I was handed the wrong bag to give to her. I again, appoligized, like it was my fault. She said nothing, I think she was embarrased for acting like a child.

The manager (my boss) hired me on the spot, I did not receive training. It's all basically common sense (if you have it)

I'm not trying to say that it's wrong to expect great customer service everywhere you go because it's definitely not.

It's expecting it at the wrong places.

Dunkin donuts is not a five star restaurant.

It's not even really a restaurant. Just get your coffee and leave.

A lot of time the bad customer service is just a reciprocation of rude customers.

Lets walk through a common order at dunks shall we

(BEEEP!on the headset, means someone is in drive through)

Employee:Welcome to dunkin donuts what can I get for you this morning?

Customer: Large cream 2 sugars

Employee: (repeats order)ok, would you like anything else today?

Customer: No.

Employee:Ok thank you drive up.

How could this have been done differently you may ask??

Lets start with two magic words that I know somebodys mother didn't teach them.


now lets try this again...

Employee: Welcome to dunkin donuts what can I get for you this morning?

Customer: HI I WOULD LIKE A Large cream 2 sugars, PLEASE

Employee: (repeats order)ok, anything else today?

Customer: No. THANK YOU.

Employee:Ok thank you drive up.

I love it when people say please and thank you. Theres nothing better to me. It makes me sooo happy. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

just venting.

Janie on October 17, 2009:

I want to know what's up with the iced coffee these days. I'm not the biggest fan of DD, but I've been on the road lately and have been getting their iced coffee. All of a sudden they have turned into the worst coffee I've ever had in my life - and this is at multiple stores. Very strong, bitter, disgusting. What gives?

lillie on October 12, 2009:

I agree 100 %. I will NEVER EVER drive up to a dunkin donuts again. They always get your order wrong, the donuts are ALWAYS stale and their coffee, which is what they are known for, is always bitter and tastes like it has been sitting on a burner all day. The last time I had DD coffee, I had a horrible taste all day which I could not get rid of. The franchises never have a clue about what specials their commercials are offering. A flatbread sandwich, "What is that?" They are clueless. My last visit I drove off without my order because the guy at the drive-thru window looked like he had been dunked in a dumpster and then placed at the window to disgust people. I was literally afraid to hand him my money, I was afraid he may have touched me with his greasy meaty hands and filthy fingernails. Bleh. NEVER AGAIN!

dizzy on September 18, 2009:

i went to dd and was refuse bagel because if i was served they'll run out and i should come in the morning because they have to keep some for their mystery customer that will come later and was told buy the associate that he hated my race. DD what do you make of that i sent an email report online i hope i get a response!!

Chuck on September 01, 2009:

I laughed at this article and remembered a story that happened when my wife and I went to the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence for a hockey game. There was a big sign outside saying "try our new delicious panini sandwiches available now" so my wife said that they looked good and that she was going to order one. When we got inside the arena we found the Dunkin counter and she asked what type of panini sandwiches they had. The woman told her that Dunkin didn't sell panini sandwiches. To my knowledge they never came out with these sandwiches (at least not around where I live), so why the big ad saying they were now available (but obviously not at the arena that they sponsor)? I usually go to McDonalds now because their sausage, egg and cheese on a plain bagel kicks butt on the DD version.

Kevin on August 05, 2009:

I work for Dunkin Donuts in Ohio. I can vogue with everything you say. In the past 2 months I have worked there we have discontinued blueberry bagels, supreme omelets, and lemon tea. I can also tell you though that DD corporate discontinues items, not the individual store. Also, when a DD is out of a baked good item (muffins, bagels, etc.) no more can be made. The baked that comes in everyday at 2am leaves at 9am so if we have a busy morning and it is now 11am and there aren't any bagels left we can't do anything about it. I will say though that those BADLY butchered orders are no excuse. The worst I have ever done to an order was ringing up a Sausage Omelet on a Croissant as a Sausage Egg on a Croissant. That flat bread thing is BS. As for things not being in stock, if your local DD is a single store with no other DD around it owned by the same person and they run out of something (like ketchup), they don't get any more until the once a week shipment comes in. If we don't order enough of something and run out 2 days before the truck comes we're sh*t out of luck. We've been out of ketchup for like 4 days. Oh and by the way there are like 100 Dunkin' Donuts in Northeast Ohio. McyD's has this area cornered on the morning coffee market though.

mrtibs on July 29, 2009:

I went to a Dunkin Donuts in Beverly, MA on the way to work. I ordered an iced coffee and a coffee roll. When I got to the the window I was informed "No Coffee rolls". I proceeded to ask for a Boston Cream. Because I know better from past experiences I looked in the bag to check before leaving. What I found was the chocolate icing smeared over the inside of the bag and no napkin provided. I did not drive away this time. She opened the window to give out the next order and was surprised to see me waiting there. I asked her if she was executing the official Dunkin Donuts "No Napkin" policy. Without an answer she tossed me a napkin and a dirty look and closed the window. I LOVE the great customer service you can always expect at your local Dunkin Donust shop. At least I did not find a dead mouse in the bottom of the coffee ... but then my expectations are always low when I go to one of these dumps. Why can't I learn that even with a free gift card you need to just drive on by!!!

Jamie on July 19, 2009:

I've been working for Dunkin Donuts for 4 years now and think they suck. For the first time in those 4 years, i've had pretty good hours up till last week. My boss calls me and says, your working Sunday and that's it. I'm like what! You've gotta be kidding me. And no other stores needed help?

I get that's it's summer vacation and the kids are working more but seriously. I've got 2 young boys that I provide for and bills that have to be paid, how the hell am I gonna do all that with a 7 hour paycheck? I say, stop giving the teenie boppers all the damn hours and give them to people who have responsabilities and children. Now i'm on week 2 with the same problem. I was hopeing this wasn't going to be a repeat of last week but I guess I was wrong. I've got a week's paid vacation coming up next week and if I don't see a better schedule for myself then it's time to quit. I'm so sick of the bull shit here.

C.Ferreira (author) from Rutland, VT on July 10, 2009:


You are the only jackass here. Nobody insulted you directly, nor did I say all DD managers suck. Its amazing that you can call me stupid without knowing me at all, especially for an opinion on a stupid restaurant. You are telling me that there is not one establishment that you have problems with!?

I don't think so.

And to call me fat and wish a heart attack on me is just ridiculous. I would feel comfortable saying that I weigh far less than you and have a far less chance of having a heart attack than you do, what with-all the shit you eat on a daily basis working at DD's.

This has nothing to do with anyone losing their job. I never once said that people sucked for working there. I understand that people have bills to pay and mouths to feed. The problem is the service that they give WHILE working there. There is a level of accountability for the managers to hold their employees to a higher standard of customer service that I just don't get at a Dunkin Donuts.

Perhaps you are a good manager, however I would find that dificult to believe seeing as how you are a jackass on here, and don't even have to see me face to face.

I fully understand the overhead costs, variable costs, fixed costs, and other expenses that are involved with running a business. I ran an entire movie theater for a year and know the problems that may arise. I can tell you one thing for certain...with all of the problems that can occur, you can bet your ass that I never heard a customer service complaint, nor did we lose any money.

And yes, America is all about maximizing profits. That is why we are in such a giant mess right now. Its because of selfish behavior and poor decision making that people are losing their homes and cannot afford to eat. Perhaps if DD's set an example or even just followed the very minute number of businesses that are out to do good and still make a profit, this country would begin to see a turn around. When the salaries of the higher level management are in the millions and people can't even afford to feed their children for a week, there is a problem and it can be fixed. It takes some generosity and a new attitude, which you CLEARLY don't have.

I could go through and rebut everythign else you said, but I don't have the time and frankly, you're not worth it. You are just another dumb shmuck that doesn't take the time to think before you write.

Oh...and if making donuts is costly and timely, it seems to me that you need to learn how to project a little better. If you can't figure out what you need on a daily basis, you are not doing your job.

Dylain on July 10, 2009:

I apologize I did not read your entire post. I was very annoyed by the comments about customer servicee that my friend has shown me.

You have made great points about Dunkin' Donuts. It's true that this business is very disorganized right now. You have to think about it on the business side. The ecomony is tough, Dunkin' Donut is going through many changes. No one wants to spend their money on DONUTS, they want items they can survive with. They are not going to make money by selling product that do NOT SELL very well, thus why there is items being discontinued. Plus, businesses are trying to slim down in food cost, so running out of product for about 45 minutes is helping our store stay open.

I took your comments about managers, that is including me, very personal. I try my best to give the customers what they want. You were the last straw.

I saw your profile and saw that you have a degree relating to business and I'm very surprised on how stupid you are. Obviously, if you were the CEO of Dunkin' Donuts or any other business, you would drive the business to the ground.

Dylain on July 10, 2009:

Oh yeah. SORRY but this is the MOST MOST MOST SELFISH thing I have every heard.

"What kills me is when McDonalds tells me to pull forward and wait at the window, and then they say its going to be a few minutes so pull into a parking space and someone will bring it out to me!" - C.Ferreira

Are you kidding me?? Seriously, they pulled you over because whatever you got took a long time to cook. They ASK YOU to pull to the side so that they can serve other customers who are waiting on YOUR FAT ASS. Seriously, eat more McDonalds and have a heart attack. I can't belive you..

Dylain on July 10, 2009:

I am also a manager at Dunkin' Donut and I am currently working on having a degree in business. Some businesses, including mine, has to run the store with only one person because there is not enough money made to pay to have two employees. Now, we are talking about just paying to have employees in the store. There is also fixed costs that our business has to pay such as having running clean water, electricity, property taxes, and not to forget our franchise has to pay Dunkin' Donuts corporate a large franchise fee for running a Dunkin' Donuts store. So, I agree that we are trying to maximize profits but isn't that what America is all about? Making money? How do we go home and pay for our house bills if we do not make enough money. Right now, I'm trying to pay for college and I would take making more money than serving assholes such as you.

Now, I have been working there for about 2 years. I have given the best customer service I can give and I have held many jobs before working here and I never had this much complaints about EVERYTHING before. (Plus I still work here because no where else pays more than here)

Also, Cameron is right about the donuts because they take about 2 hours to get ready. It very hard to predict if we are going to have a very slow day or a very busy day. You have to take into account of food cost, we LOSE more money by throwing out donuts than a customer not having a donut. I have told many customers that they can simply go to a grocery store and pick up donuts there. Donuts are everywhere and it isn't the end of the world! This isn't like McDonalds and you can just pop a burger into a mircowave. It takes time to make donuts! We shouldn't even be call a fast food because making donuts is not efficent enough to be consider FAST food.

Finally, I would like to ask where do you guys work? I would love to see one day that SOMEHOW you lose your job and you have to support your family. I would LOVE to see you had no choice but to work at a fast food restaurant and see what it is like it like to be harrassed by customers, like YOU, DAILY!

You are probably that person who goes into a restaurant and complains that their steak wasn't prepared right and you ask them to make another. I would not be surprised that your food was not messed with.

Cheers to you guys and I hope you enjoy life by being a complete jackass.

me on July 07, 2009:

I work at Honey Dew! :D. My boss tells us ALL the time customer service is number 1 bla bla bla, and he hires people who are good with people so I think that's why its a nicer place to go to. I personally like Dunkin Donuts better though! But yeah, their customer service is HORRENDOUS. Like absolutely awful.

pgrundy on June 28, 2009:

Exactly. I'm old enough to remember when McDonad's started fast food. The idea that you could walk up to the counter (or drive thru) and get a hamburger right that minute was what they were selling. That was the product: instant food. Now, maybe you get that, maybe you don't, who cares?

I met my sweetie at McD's Friday for lunch. He's a truck driver, so we often meet on Friday's so we can occasionally actually see each other during the week. Both of us were charged wrong and got the wrong stuff, and it was SLOW. He got charged for two drinks and no food even though he bought a meal. I got charged for a salad and didn't get my drink so the person serving the food, who was not the same person taking the order, finally gave up and just gave me a drink cup. They couldn' figure out how to fix my order and add a drink after I'd already paid. That was too complicated for everyone in the whole place to figure out. No wonder the economy is a mess.

C.Ferreira (author) from Rutland, VT on June 28, 2009:

Exactly Pgrundy! All they want is to maximize profit. They could give a rats ass about its customers.

What kills me is when McDonalds tells me to pull forward and wait at the window, and then they say its going to be a few minutes so pull into a parking space and someone will bring it out to me!

pgrundy on June 28, 2009:

I once stopped at a Lee's Chicken on the way home from work to pick up an 8-piece meal because I was dog tired and didn't feel like cooking. I guess no one else in town felt like cooking either because they DIDN'T HAVE 8 PIECES OF CHICKEN. They had five and those five were cobbed together from three different varieties--crispy, not crispy, total garbage--I don't know.

I said, "How can you be out of chicken? All you SELL is chicken!" No one was in the store and it was dinner time. I don't go to fast food restaurants much for this reason--they're horrible. Even McDonald's asks you to "pull forward" and wait at the drive-thru half the time. It's barely food so if it isn't fast, what good is it?

The reason this happens though is that corporations are in this 'extract maximum profit for minimum return' feedback loop right now that is so top heavy it results in businesses that forget to actually do the thing they are in business for (supposedly). It's happening all over the place. Hey you gave me a hub idea...

C.Ferreira (author) from Rutland, VT on June 28, 2009:

First of call Cameron, I'm approving this comment only to show other people what a douche you are. I understand the difficulties of supply and demand as well as the fluctuating amount of customers on a daily basis.

HOWEVER, a "jackass" coming in to order 12 dozen donuts is most definitely a rare occurrence so that is a pisspoor excuse as to why you are out of donuts. If I stop by for some food, and get get a muffin, a donut, a bagel, or any kind of sandwich....there is something wrong and it is the MANAGER'S fault.

And with all of the advertising and business that DD's does...the only reason a manager is ever left alone to do all the work is because of corporate greed, which makes DD's SUCK. You can definitely afford to have a person there at all times to help, and if you can't, your service suffers and everyone ends up hating your business.

Like me and most of the people who have responded to this post. Thank you for commenting, but next time, don't be a d-bag about it.

DS on June 24, 2009:

Thank you for posting this! New England does love Dunkin' and I think they are horrible. A REAL donut shop actually has a selection of donuts, not 8 or 9. The employees are miserable. I would love to put them out of business.

John D on May 28, 2009:

I agree. i work there as a delivery driver. We are treated so horrible. No benefits, no raises, no nothing. It is by far the worst company I have ever worked for. The economy is so bad in this area that other jobs are hard to come by. I can't wait until the day comes when I tell these corporate greedy idiots to pack it!!!!

Cris A from Manila, Philippines on May 21, 2009:

LOL Sorry I had to let that one out BUT I'm not deriving pleasure from your misery. I sure hope DD management have read or will be able to read this. Or or OR there's a conspiracy and their mission is to get your goat everytime! Thanks for sharing :D1

C.Ferreira (author) from Rutland, VT on May 21, 2009:

Thanks John! Yeah...I really have had very few good experiences with DD's. I have only been to a HoneyDew once, but it can't possibly be worse than DD's.

It does not surprise me that they screwed up again. Just when you think you have stayed away long enough and maybe you should give them another chance...they dick it up again! Idiots.

John King on May 21, 2009:

Dunkin Donuts truly blows!! Any one of them you go to in Worcester, Massachusetts, particularly the two on Grafton Street, you are guaranteed to not get what you ordered. I couldn't take it anymore, so I now go to Honey Dew donuts down the street. What a pleasant surprise. The people there are so nice and polite and really get to know there regular customers.

Unfortunately I went to Dunkin' Donuts this morning, as I was ordering several coffees for other people who prefer their coffee. I was the only one in the store and I told the fool behind the counter that I was ordering four coffees, so he should write them down. He asked for the order and as I mentioned each one he entered it in the cash register. Good idea I thought. Guess what? The idiot still screwed the order up. These people are the most incompetent fools on the face of the earth with an attitude to boot. I wish for the day they'd close their doors, which will probably never happen.

frank on May 04, 2009:

Agreed, the coffee is dirty water disguised as coffee

barrierps from The Rant on May 03, 2009:

LOL, I have never been to a DD. My hubby loves it, but I have never lived anywhere that had one near by. I will take your word on it! :)

J. Kumm from Washington on May 02, 2009:

This is hilariously funny. I've only been to DD a few times and did find it sort of weird how sparse the actual donut collection was. But then, I had been spoiled by the fresh and magic wonder of Krispy Kreme.

By the way, donuts are sorta gross, man.

Andria on May 02, 2009:

Never been to Dunkin' Donuts. Not even seen one. Strangely, I always wondered about them because I simply love doughnuts.

Thanks for your point of view ;)

Dan on April 30, 2009:

haha, agreed... you should try going to a DD out in the South West... if you can even find one, they are guarenteed not to have MOST of their posted menue in stock

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