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Doughlicious and the Rise of Cookie Dough

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There are always gaps in the market for the sweet-toothed and the rise of cookie dough has been one of the standout tastes in the last few years for those looking for ways to make taste count within a ticking schedule. After all, the notion that you have to finish dinner before starting on the dessert does not always stand for busy professionals or consumers, whether they are stay at home or roaming.

If you reverse your mind to just over 12 months ago, a Japanese-inspired brand gained traction on TikTok with its bite-sized balls of gelato in a layer of soft mochi dough. The scene is set for another outbreak of gooey ice cream love from an American founder who knows all about the rise of the dough globally. Meet Doughlicious.

Doughlicious is the Natural Ingredient Gourmet Dessert Dough

Kathryn Bricken set up her London company Doughlicious in 2014 having spent formative years making gooey American-style cookie dough across the Atlantic. This proved so popular with her friends when she came to London that the approach could surely be refined to making this premium product within minutes in the comfort of your own home.. Fast lives mean less time in the kitchen. Despite the continued popularity of programmes like Masterchef and the popularity of cooking, most mortals do not have the time and space to fuss with all the ingredients.

As well as being totally gluten-free, Doughlicious offers dairy-free, organic and vegan flavour options, all made from an eco-friendly factory in London powered by renewable energy. Just as luxury gourmet chocolate makers are increasingly aware of promoting ethical fair trade and the very best premium ingredients, the West London company commits to making gourmet food in the right way with love rather than ticking boxes to look the part. As Bricken says, she is health-conscious but not obsessed. There’s nothing remotely uptight about the joy of enticement with the finished product. It’s moreish without the guilt.

Dough Chi is the Summer Freeze That Will Chill You Out

Doughlicious’s summer sunshine comes in the form of Dough Chi which comprises of six flavoured bite-sized balls in decadent thick, creamy ice cream and enveloped by delicious cookie dough.

They are ready-to-eat from frozen and certainly present a taste that is an upgrade to standard rice flour-coated ice cream balls. The ravishing list of flavours incorporates Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt, decadent Chocolate Truffle, Coconut Dream, Birthday Cake, Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Chip.

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Cookie dough is also a standalone joy even without the ice cream. The deliveries of this “straight” gourmet cookie dough come with ice bags to keep them cool and can be stored away in the fridge or freezer until ready to bake for only 15 minutes. The dough is portioned carefully so that there is no waste and no mess. Ultimately, taste is king and the range of flavours are wide enough to draw consumers in, from the chocoholics to the tart Cranberry Oatmeal and the Raspberry and White Chocolate. There’s light and shade here.

In the 1980s, America fell in love with gourmet ice cream brands like Ben & Jerry’s and who can forget their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The nostalgia is the here and now and Doughlicious is in the vanguard for the gourmet journey back to the future. It can be done without the mess of the bowl and without all the time in the world.


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