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Don't Slip up and Toss Your Banana Peel Before Using it

Abby Slutsky was surprised to learn all the unique ways to use banana peels, and she tested them.

Not the Bright Yellow You Were Expecting

My banana peels are looking ugly, but they were effective for several tasks. I used yellow ones for my teeth.

My banana peels are looking ugly, but they were effective for several tasks. I used yellow ones for my teeth.

Banana Peels Aren't Just a Protective Covering for Bananas

When you think of a banana peel, you probably think of a protective covering for the fruit. The peel keeps the fruit from being touched until you actually eat it. However, most people discard the peel immediately. Surprisingly, there are many uses for a banana peel that go beyond our imagination of slipping on it.

After reading this, you may not want to throw those banana peels in the garbage disposal quite as quickly as you have been. At least, you should consider trying some of these ways to use a banana peel. Since I actually tried the suggested ways to use banana peels, this article took a few weeks to write. For any frugal minded readers, experimenting with banana peels might be a fun way to use your trash productively.

Will a Banana Peel Really Shine Your Shoes?

I did not think the banana peel actually cleaned them, but if you run the inside of a banana peel on clean shoes, it will add shine. A few pieces of inner peel did stick to the shoes, so it is a good idea to use a slightly damp cloth to buff out the shoes when you are finished shining them. However, it did work better than I expected. Not surprisingly, shoe polish usually contains potassium.

Will a Banana Peel Brighten Tarnished Silver?

I found a recipe online for a paste made with ground banana peel and water. I used it on a piece of tarnished silver, and then compared it to cleaning the silver with just the banana peel. In my opinion, using the banana peel by itself is less work and more effective. Rub the flesh side of the banana peel on the tarnished silver. Follow the procedure with a slightly damp towel to get rid of any banana remnants.

The item will begin to sparkle and the silver color will shine through. (However, I was not convinced it worked better than silver polish.) The potassium in the peel serves as a cleaning agent. The banana peel seems to do the best job on smooth, tarnished silver that does not have intricate patterns and crevices. I did not notice a big difference whether I used a brown or yellow banana peel.

Can a Banana Peel Improve Your Soil?

The nutrition in banana peels (magnesium, calcium, potassium and other vitamins) are beneficial to plants. Put pieces of the peel in your soil to help plants grow. Remember to place your banana peel pieces near the roots of the plants you want them to benefit. I have added banana to soil for years.

Yellow Banana Peels

I couldn't try those ugly, brown ones on my teeth.

I couldn't try those ugly, brown ones on my teeth.

Can a Banana Peel Whiten Your Teeth?

I read numerous articles that touted rubbing a banana peel on your teeth to make them whiter. I tried it for two weeks, but I really could not see any significant difference.

Can a Frozen Banana Peel Provide Headache Relief?

After trying this one, the answer is I am not sure. Yes, it does provide relief, but cold compresses can provide headache relief too. I personally was not sure that the banana peel was more beneficial than a cold compress, but it does not hurt if you prefer to apply soothing relief with a cold banana peel instead of a compress.

Can a Banana Peel Effectively Seal in Moisture When You Cook Meat?

I have been to restaurants that use banana peels for cooking. If you place a banana peel on top of chicken or beef, or even in the same pan, the steam from the banana peel will help retain moisture. Meat did seem juicier when I tried it.

Watch the Ink Vanish

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Can a Banana Peel Get Rid of Ink Stains on Your Skin?

Surprisingly, the inner side of a banana peel was very effective for removing ink on my hand. I did have to scrub the ink stains a bit, but you can see the process worked. I am not sure how effective it would be for large amounts of ink, but it is worth a try. I did not use soap or any other agent except for the banana peel.

Watch a Banana Peel Clean a Faucet

Can a Banana Peel Shine Stainless Steel?

I honestly did not find any information recommending this, but I decided to try it. I put a banana peel on a paper towel and ran it over my stainless sink nozzle. I buffed it with a second paper towel, and it came out gleaming. It was a lot cheaper than the stainless steel cleaner I have been using. I did not try it on any large appliances, but it was perfect for a bathroom or small surface.

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Abby Slutsky (author) from America on August 02, 2020:

Yes, I was the most impressed with the ink trial, but the faucet worked. I tried everything and was surprised by some of the results.

Liza from USA on August 01, 2020:

I have heard about the usage of banana peels but, never put it into a test. I've seen your video so, it works! I guess I should try it to clean my bathroom faucet. Thank you for sharing the tips, Abby.

Abby Slutsky (author) from America on July 31, 2020:

Thank you.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 31, 2020:

I knew banana peels coud do some things but not nearly all of the things. you listed. I have only used the peels in the soil before now. I don't get many headches, but I might try them for some of the other things you listed. This is a very good article, Abby.

Danny from India on July 31, 2020:

Amazing uses of banana peel Abby. I have heard about the peels of banana shining shoes and metals.

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